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INTERVIEW REBLOG – Step Right Up: Moon Ate the Dark

Earlier this week I reblogged a review about Moon Ate the Dark (Headphone Commute) and here is an in depth interview with them courtesy of Fractured Air.


Interview with Moon Ate the Dark.

“..there is always a surprise and it keeps the music alive, which is what I think we both strive for whilst playing together.”

— Anna Rose Carter

Words: Mark Carry


Moon Ate the Dark is the neo-classical-infused-drone collaborative project between Welsh pianist Anna Rose Carter and Canadian producer Christopher Brett Bailey. The London-based transplants’ two full-length releases – 2012’s self-titled debut and this year’s highly-anticipated follow-up, both released on the prestigious Berlin-based imprint Sonic Pieces – forges a deeply affecting experience for the heart and mind: the rich, dense textures of Bailey’s production is masterfully inter-woven with Carter’s stunningly beautiful piano-based compositions.

Delicate and hushed tones of Anna Carter’s piano serve the opening notes to Moon Ate the Dark’s latest sonic journey –the mesmerising sophomore record, ‘Moon Ate theDarkII’ – whose fragile beauty radiates like the first rays of sunlight…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Moon Ate the Dark – II (Sonic Pieces)

This is a lovely start to the week and thank you Headphone Commute for the review.

Headphone Commute

Moon Ate The Dark - II

Once in a while, comes an album that becomes an instant hit… But instead of telling you about this gem right away, I seem to selfishly sit upon this album for months, savoring its givings, as if it was made just for me. As if I alone was privileged enough to experience its beauty… as if its temporary permanence was only mine… There are times, however, that I do receive a promotional copy, way in advance of its street date, and so I use that excuse as the justification for my greedy ears – I want to share this treasure, but only when it’s ready to be yours as well… This is the case with the second release by Moon Ate the Dark, a preview of which I have received earlier in April, the worldwide release of which finally happened in July. It is now, that I feel is the perfect…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Dalot & M.Cadoo – Phantom Strains

This is how I hoped it would work for artists.
Reblog a couple of articles from Headphone Commute​ about the artist Dalot.
I then go an discover more for myself and find this release. After listening to it I made it my discovery for the day.
It is then listened to by Yeah I Know I Sucks, who write a great review of the release, which I am reblogging here and linking to Twitter and Facebook.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: Dalot & M.Cadoo
title: Phantom Strains
keywords: electronic, Greece, London, ambient, electronic, post-rock, United Kingdom

Thanks to a post on the wonderful blog named Feminatronic that is setup to celebrate the eclectic creativity of women in electronic music /an equal share of music information gets passed along. Today I followed their recommendation up and became hopelessly intrigued by a psychedelic work done by Dalot, aka sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki.

The music captured within the production of Dalot is one that comes across as if it’s alive and breathing electronic waves. Slowly the sound of this happening begins to open up, be more present as it becomes more clear and to the foreground. When it reaches the right volume it folds open like a flower of nature, showcasing a rustic field of electric calmness that has an effect on me as a listener that is of a visually pleasing and…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Dalot – Minutestatic (n5MD)

Here is the review of Minutestatic by Dalot..Thanks again to Headphone Commute for the review.

Headphone Commute

It’s been some time since I covered an n5MD release. Mike Cadoo’s Oakland based label has been a favorite for over a decade now. So it’s totally my fault for overseeing its releases in 2012. Here’s how it this usually happens. A promo copy from the label lands in my mailbox. I open the package and think, “Aha! Another n5MD CD! This is going to be fantastic! I need to do a label special soon!” Then I carefully place the disc along with other n5MD releases… and there it stays… for months… I suppose that is how I missed out on the latest from Light Out Asia, Crisopa, Asonat, Aerosol, Ex Confusion, DreisskEleventhfloorrecords, Mike Harris, and of course, Dalot.

Well, the good news is that I didn’t completely forget about any of the above, and that a label special is still in…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Interview with Dalot

Here are a couple of pieces courtesy of Headphone Commute shining a spotlight on the electroacoustic artist Dalot.

Headphone Commute

Hi Maria, what have you been up to lately?
I am still settling down to my new place/neighborhood since my move from NY to London during the summer.

How did you initially get signed to n5MD?
In 2009, I contacted n5MD to ask them if they would be interested in selling some copies of my EP via their mailorder website. They coincidentally liked it and they signed me.

What does your name Dalot mean and where does it come from?
Dalot is the french word for culvert. Back in the golden days of Myspace, I decided to open an account and I needed a username. Next to me there was a French Dictionary. I opened one of its pages by chance and Dalot was the first word I saw. I liked the look and sound of it and I kept it. Recently, I discovered that there are two areas that…

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HEADPHONE COMMUTE – Strië – Struktura (Serein)

I have posted previous reviews of the music of Strie but reading this review has led me to some great sonic discoveries which I will highlight .
Thanks to Headphone Commute for this review.

Headphone Commute

Strië - StrukturaIden Reinhart first appeared on the scene back in 2010, with her Sléptis debut on Soundscaping Records. I finally got a chance to properly cover Reinhart’s second release as Strië on Time Released Sounds back in 2012, and Õhtul was featured on Headphone Commute’s Best of 2012 list, Music For The Frosty Night When I Miss Your Warm Light. The third proper album from this somewhat mysterious artist is released courtesy of Serein records, and this time I must take a moment to allow the curtain of shadowy background remain, while I focus strictly on the music within.

The sound is immediately dear to my ears, with its lo-fi aesthetics, cinematic soundscapes, and noir-fi atmospheres. If the esoterically named hauntology style was indeed a real genre, Strië’s approach at production, composition, and sonic environment shall gain her a worldwide recognition among the purveyors of these moods. Shuffling textures, ringing telephones, somber pads, and, from what…

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Thanks to Headphone Commute and Femmecult for pointing me towards this great mix from Experimental Housewife

Interview with Dalot – Courtesy of Headphone Commute

Interview with Dalot.

Todays’ Discovery for me this interview with Dalot via Headphone Commute.