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INTERVIEW REBLOG – Step Right Up: Moon Ate the Dark

Earlier this week I reblogged a review about Moon Ate the Dark (Headphone Commute) and here is an in depth interview with them courtesy of Fractured Air.


Interview with Moon Ate the Dark.

“..there is always a surprise and it keeps the music alive, which is what I think we both strive for whilst playing together.”

— Anna Rose Carter

Words: Mark Carry


Moon Ate the Dark is the neo-classical-infused-drone collaborative project between Welsh pianist Anna Rose Carter and Canadian producer Christopher Brett Bailey. The London-based transplants’ two full-length releases – 2012’s self-titled debut and this year’s highly-anticipated follow-up, both released on the prestigious Berlin-based imprint Sonic Pieces – forges a deeply affecting experience for the heart and mind: the rich, dense textures of Bailey’s production is masterfully inter-woven with Carter’s stunningly beautiful piano-based compositions.

Delicate and hushed tones of Anna Carter’s piano serve the opening notes to Moon Ate the Dark’s latest sonic journey –the mesmerising sophomore record, ‘Moon Ate theDarkII’ – whose fragile beauty radiates like the first rays of sunlight…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Moon Ate the Dark – II (Sonic Pieces)

This is a lovely start to the week and thank you Headphone Commute for the review.

Headphone Commute

Moon Ate The Dark - II

Once in a while, comes an album that becomes an instant hit… But instead of telling you about this gem right away, I seem to selfishly sit upon this album for months, savoring its givings, as if it was made just for me. As if I alone was privileged enough to experience its beauty… as if its temporary permanence was only mine… There are times, however, that I do receive a promotional copy, way in advance of its street date, and so I use that excuse as the justification for my greedy ears – I want to share this treasure, but only when it’s ready to be yours as well… This is the case with the second release by Moon Ate the Dark, a preview of which I have received earlier in April, the worldwide release of which finally happened in July. It is now, that I feel is the perfect…

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