I am an electronic musician who just happens to be female. I have found that over the years of releasing music I wasn’t really aware of the great female electronic artists out in the world. Yes, I had heard of the pioneers such as Pauline Oliveros, Wendy Carlos, Laurie Spiegel et al and some of the new pioneers such as Bjork and Holly Herndon but I had a feeling that there were others like me quietly creating music, soundscapes and sonic art, beavering away using a huge plethora of electronic means to create music, a sound, installations and a voice for themselves.

After being included on an all female electronic artist podcast (Sequences Electronic Music #30 – Mixcloud) I found there were a lot more women creating Ambient / Space / Electronic music out in the aether than I had realised and was shocked by the lack of perceived visibility on my part. Spurred on by this and an increasing sense of isolation, I set up Feminatronic as a Facebook page, to link with artists from my genre but this quickly evolved into covering as much electronic music, sound art and installations created by those identifying as women that I came across.

In essence my personal journey in sound aims to highlight the long history and diversity of artists.

To do this Feminatronic is on several platforms –

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Despite all the creativity, that I have finally begun to uncover, only a fraction of female electronic artists ever get their heads above the parapet and get huge coverage, or even some coverage. Since beginning this site in 2013, I have found so much talent and much of it is well under the radar. In essence, Feminatronic is a small cog in the movement to shed light on artists who create music via electronic processes, who just happen to be women and who deserve to be seen and heard.

Feminatronic is just one site that aims to raise the profile of female artists and increase visibility. Here are some other sites you may be interested in, who have similar aims 

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There are also many other sites that help raise awareness of female artists and creators on the Links – Connections Page.

My aim is to try to cover as much sound and music as possible and therefore this project is a never-ending work in progress, perennially under construction.





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