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Black Gate
by Kali Malone

electronic, experimental, dungeon synth, minimalism, modern classical


Today I came across a discussion of how the history of electronic music often omits the women who had a major role in it’s development technically, as well as sonically.

I am putting together a few thoughts on this for a future post as it’s not so clear cut and to be honest, there aren’t many now, who haven’t come across the names Daphne Oram or Delia Derbyshire, via their social media platforms.

Not denying their importance at all but I do feel there is a pedestal effect which is often western centrist and white. With this in mind and back to my original morning read, I came across a discussion that sought to question, rightly, this western view, with a few suggestions of women from around the world AND a great mixcloud playlist.

“This episode is curated by theorist, collector and artist Cedrik Fermont.
Cedrik writes: “This mix took inspiration from Sisters with Transistors, a film that raises awareness about female pioneers in electronic/electro-acoustic music who have often been ignored or whose role has been minimized but unfortunately the film fails to include non-Westerners who were also active from the 1950s onward… I understand that one cannot include every single pioneer but failing to include non-Westerners is comparable to when male’s narrative excludes women. This is not the first time I notice this kind of behavior and my guess is that it is not only about gender, but ethnicity and sometimes class too. This criticism doesn’t mean that it’s a bad film, nevertheless it is incomplete”.

REBLOG – Cheryl E. Leonard ~ Schism — a closer listen

Thanks again to A Closer Listen for pointing me towards this weeks longlisten and as always a very eloquent review for a very immersive listen.

“If your home were on fire, what item would you rescue first?”  In 2019, the top answer was the laptop. During the pandemic, we became even more attached to our electronic devices.  It’s hard to imagine getting through our lockdowns without them.  Like many of us, Cheryl E. Leonard spent a lot of time online over the past […]

Cheryl E. Leonard ~ Schism — a closer listen


The thing about Feminatronic is it’s not just a blog.

It’s set up in a specific way. It’s run by one person for nearly 10 years and the whole purpose was and still is, to literally expose the world to as much female identifying artists creating electronic music and in as many genres as possible and everyday. That is…flood the airwaves with what’s out there so no one can say “Where are all the women electronic artists…there aren’t any…”

It also tries to be as diverse as possible and covers as many continents as it can and gives credence to all the smaller artists out there not just the big names. Feminatronic remains an all inclusive personal journey that luckily quite a few people ‘get’. A little slow here at the moment but there are bigger things to concern us.
Thank you for sticking with me on my journey. Hope you’ve found some great listening . There’s loads out there 😊 and here are some more…

by Jacqueline George

electronic, experimental, sound art, essay, introspection, political, sound art, spiritual

Loop Bell
by Yullippe

electronic, industrial, industrial techno, new wave, noise, ambient, techno vocal

Speculative Resonances
by Martyna Poznańska

experimental, drone, improv, musique concrete, noise

Symbolic Use Of Light


鬼島 Ghost Island
by Meuko! Meuko!

experimental, club, danse noire


Things are slow….but keeping up with this…


experimental, electroacoustic, hydrophones, hydroponics, waterbowls

Drama Drama
by Ola Saad

experimental, electronic, sound art,

self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music
by various artists

experimental, ambient, ambient electronic, drone, experimental electronic, techno and variations

Guilt of Man
by Morher

experimental, ambient, dark ambient, noise, occult, vocal noise

Bogan Atmosphere
by Strange Stains

experimental, drone, electro, goth, synth

Loop Over Latitudes
by dalot

electronic, ambient, electronic, post-rock


Oceanic Space
by Lucette Bourdin

ambient, atmospheric, electronic ambient, new age


I have a huge pile of paper scraps with hundreds of names scribbled on them. I literally just stick a pin in and select a few at random for my throwback tracks for the week. Nothing scientific and no preferences , in case you were wondering…Makes for eclectic listening

by Ryoko Akama/Anne-F Jacques

contemporary, drone, electronic, experimental, minimal, modern, sound art

by Bonnie Jones

experimental, electronic music, improvised, experimental poetry and music

by Lyn Goeringer

diy, experimental, ambient, analog synth, analog synthesizer, composition, electroacoustic, glitch, noise, post-industrial, space

Fake Synthetic Music
by Stine Janvin

experimental, experimental loop, vocal

by Bardo:Basho

experimental, ambient, drone, experimental electronic, noise, techno


Les Chants de Milarepa
by Éliane Radigue
Songs of Milarepa (1983), 139’24

experimental, acousmatic, electroacoustic, electronic experimental, musique concrète

Éliane Radigue (1932-)

Éliane Radigue was born in Paris. She studied Musique Concrète techniques at the “Studio d’Essai” of the RTF under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry (1956-57). She was married to the painter and sculptor Arman and devoted ten years to their three children. She then worked with Pierre Henry, as his assistant at the Studio APSOME (1967-68). She was in residence at the New York University School of Arts (1970-71), the University of Iowa and the California Institute of the Arts (1973) and Mills College (1998). She has created sound environments using looped tapes of various durations, gradually desynchronising. Her works have been featured in numerous galleries and museums since the late 60s and from 1970, she has been associated to the ARP 2500 Synthesizer and tape through many compositions from “Chry-ptus” (1971) up to “L’Île re-sonante” (2000). These include: “Biogenesis”, “Arthesis”, “Ψ 847”, “Adnos I, II and III” (70s), “Les Chants de Milarepa” and “Jetsun Mila” (80s) and the three pieces constituting the Trilogie de la Mort (1988-91-93). Since 2002, she has been composing mostly acoustic works for performers and instruments. Her music has been featured in major international festivals. Her extremely sober, almost ascetic concerts, are made of a continuous, ever-changing yet extremely slow stream of sound, whose transformation occurs within the sonic material itself.


Soul Exchange
by Xelomen and This Liquid Sky

ambient, chillambient, downtempo, chillout, electronica

by Klara Lewis


New Series Framework #18 Infinitesimal
by Bérangère Maximin

alternative, caraibo, electronics,

Marginal Virgin
by CAO

abstract, electronic, ritual-electronics, ecstatic, minimal, industrial, telluric-synth


ambient, electornica, electronic, experimental, idm, ambient

Diary of a Woman
by Wilted Woman


REBLOG – Inclusives, Fair_Play & Tsuku Boshi — Tsuku Boshi Records

INCLUSIVES Tsuku Boshi & Fair_Play Digital Album 21.05.2021 > Deezer , Spotify , Boomkat, iTunes… Avec des matières sonores de / With sounds byZineb SOULAIMANI, Laryssa KIM, Carol ROBINSON, Sage Pbbbt Avec les compositions de / With compostions by Violaine LOCHU, Vendula GUHOVA, Trihn LO, Sophie ROSE, Sage Pbbbt, Radio Continental Drift, PLYANCI, Nour SOKHON, Méryll […]

Inclusives, Fair_Play & Tsuku Boshi — Tsuku Boshi Records

With contributions from 32 artists –
Violaine LOCHU, Vendula GUHOVA, Trihn LO, Sophie ROSE, Sage Pbbbt, Radio Continental Drift, PLYANCI, Nour SOKHON, Méryll AMPE, MAYCEC, Margaux KINTSUGI, Liew NIYOMKARN, Laure BOER, Laryssa KIM, Katherine WEBSTER, Isa STRAGLIATI, Great Statue, FLEUR, eves, Elise DABROWSKI, Dong ZHOU, CHRA, Chloe SOBEK, Céline MULLER, Cecilia CASTRO, CATENATION, Catherine ROBIN, Carol ROBINSON, Camille LACROIX, Aviva ENDEAN, APOTEK, Aline CLAIR, ++juanitaa++

Celebrating the eclecticism of Electronic Artists who identify as female

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