Reblog – The Top Ten Sounding Out! Posts of 2017!

I don’t like lists but this is an exception – thoughtful and wide ranging .

Sounding Out!

For your January reading pleasure, here are the Top Ten Posts of 2017 (according to views as of 12/28/17). Visit this brilliance today–and often!–and know more fire is coming in 2018!


10). Unlearning Black Sound in Black Artistry: Examining the Quiet in Solange’s A Seat At the Table

Kimberly Williams

On May 18th, 2017, Solange Knowles took viewers on an expedition as she glided, danced and “agonized” in a “joyful praise break” on the floor of New York City’s Guggenheim museum. Drawing from the museum’s narrative of introspection and multi-sensory connection, Solange’s performance of “An Ode To. . .” prompted viewers to relearn and reorient the melodies of A Seat at the Table (2016). Solange’s performance in this setting hearkened listeners to new concepts and emotions in the record they didn’t catch before as they consumed it. This begs the question– what other sonic elements have we neglected to identify in A Seat…

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Review Reblog – Andrea Pensado + id m theft able – Andrea Pensado + id m theft able

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: Andrea Pensado + id m theft able
Title: Andrea Pensado + id m theft able
Keywords: experimental avant garde experimental noise portland maine sound poetry Portland

Everyone knows a Andrea, or at least they should know one. There are so many Andreas out there, if you haven’t met any you probably should go out more. If you are coincidentally a Andrea; try finding people who have never met you, as everyone for sure can use a Andrea in their lives. Simply because they bring so much excitement to the life that we are living, of course it wouldn’t be fair to strike all Andreas in one corner as if it was a a race, but it is true; by definition all Andreas are cool people, always bringing something to the party that people (the ones that aren’t named Andrea) never seem to bring!

The Andrea here on this excellent…

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Review Reblog – ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ ~ A Book of Memories

A thing of beauty…

a closer listen

St. Petersburg’s ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ label has been responsible for some lovely packaging over the years, and A Book of Memories is yet another charmer.  The embroidered box (designed by Mila Berestovaya & Tim Six) contains cassettes from Sunmoonstar, YlangYlang and Jum-Jum, together forming a Russian tapestry as warm and welcoming as a fire.  Each is also available separately in download or tape form.  The set draws on folklore, yet couches the presentation in modern skins; each has a backstory that sounds like a page from a wondrous collection of fairy tales.

Open the box, and the stories begin to unfold.  Sunmoonstar‘s Картины (Paintings) tells of “an old book that was itself a story,” its pages turned by “the crystal clear winter air.”  The tones fall as gently as snow, twinkling like frost on “озеро (lake)”.  This gentle album honors the winter solstice, marking the longest day with the sweetest sounds:…

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Reblog – The Women of Latin American Electronic Music — Bandcamp Daily


Seven artists changing the game within the predominantly male-dominated genre.

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ICYMI – Article Reblog – Speaker Dress by Pauchi Sasaki — Between Air and Electricity

Pauchi Sasaki wears her Speaker Dress (2014), containing 96 loudspeakers. Photo by Juan Pablo Aragon. © Pauchi SasakiOur clothes can be seen as a form of communication between ourselves and the outside world. They give a visual impression of who we are and how we would like to be seen by others. Pauchi Sasaki designs dresses…

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Recommended site – Between Air and Electricity  – Cathy van Eck



Today’s Discovery – Delayed – Marlo Eggplant

Just listen…

This was part of a noise community monthly trade series in 2017.
Released February 17, 2017

Experimental, Ambient, Electronic, Avant-garde, Drone, Noise.


Review Reblog – Marlo Eggplant – Delayed

I was listening to this, this morning as part of my twitter thread of 2017 releases ( which you can see via the twitter feed here) and here it is, Today’s Discovery…

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Marlo Eggplant
Title: Delayed
Keywords: experimental ambient electronic avant-garde drone noise Leeds
Label: orpus callosum distro

Delayed might be consisting of just two tracks, they are of such a allure that they might be the missing elements that you need in order to make your life complete. Maybe not, but let’s pretend just to make this write-up slightly more important. At first Delayed gives us the right crackle to give you a reason to shudder for a bit. It might give you the impression of a sweet hum and a attempt to growl quietly, but when the time is ready; you might raise a few neck-hairs when she plugs at specific places a few shockwaves of noise. With this the artist might warn you for what Delayed might give you on a later moment in time. But not too quick as Marlo Eggplant wants to trick her listeners into…

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