Todays Discovery – Binary Breath by Heejin Jang

This is the danger for me or a good thing for you, that one link leads to another. Looking at the discography from Heavy Mess, a discrete cassette label. currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah and where you can find Teasips’ album from an earlier post, I came across this intriguing release from Heejin Jang.

“Crafting field recordings and digital noise into a sonic sculpture that is as hypnotic as it is chaotic. A perfect dose of ambience and frenzy.

A statement from the artist:

“The four ambient pieces that comprise “Binary Breath” are about the transpositions that had taken over my mind and body, generating a code in cipher.”

News – ‘Reversal Of The Muse’ – femininity in creativity

laura zattra

downloadREVERSAL OF THE MUSE is a new blog curated by Laura Marling that explores femininity in creativity.

The first podcast presents an interview with Vanessa Parr, sound engineer at The Village Studios in LA for 10 years, close collaborator of Elton John, B.B. King, Coldplay and John Mayer amongst others, and now independent sound engineer.

I find very interesting Laura Marling’s chat with Vanessa Parr where Vanessa recalls how she broke into a male dominated field, where female engineers are few and far between (the actual interview begins at 2’27”).

This new blog has been shared on FB by the great mastering engineer Mandy Parnell.

Here is another video where Vanessa Parr discusses how she broke into the recording engineering field. It is no surprise that she states “I went to a number of studios where they say: ‘We don’t hire girls! We hire girls to be client-service-girls’ “.

<p><a href=”″>Women In Rock’s Vanessa…

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Interview Reblog -High Scores: How Laura Shigihara Created “Rakuen” and its Soundtrack

Bandcamp Daily

Two central characters from the video game Rakuen.
High Scores is a monthly column in which Bandcamp profiles a video game soundtrack composer. In the first installment, Casey Jarman talks to Laura Shigihara about her latest game soundtrack, “Rakuen.”

Laura Shigihara is a classic overachiever. She’s both a musician and game developer whose music has appeared on a far-flung range of soundtracks—from the addictive mobile-turned-platform mega-hit Plants Vs. Zombies to the generation-defining World of Warcraft and the notoriously tear-jerking indie To The Moon.

Perhaps more impressively, Shigihara is a D.I.Y. wiz: she’s a talented multi-instrumentalist who usually self-produces her music, and she’s a bona fide YouTube star with over 100,000 followers and millions of views to her name. The culmination of her talents can be seen in the forthcoming indie adventure game Rakuen, where Shigihara is both the primary force behind the game’s story and development, as well…

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Review Reblog – Teasips – A Closer Listen

Please allow me to introduce you to the cleansing, evocative music of Teasips (Angela Frances Wilson; she’s also one half of Electric Sound Bath). Enveloped in a sightless fog, these slow moving songs rise up and out of wide, cold lakes, at first bubbling to the surface and then leaving behind a line of gentle ripples, like […]

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Event – PoL # 27 Deep Listening — Points of Listening

With Ximena Alarcón Date: Thursday September 15, 2016 Time: 18:00 Venue: Southampton University, Building 19 room 3011, SO17 1BJ Free with limited capacity RSVP to: ‘You change my love You change my sound You sound my change You change my mind’ (Pauline Oliveros, in “The Roots of the Moment”, 1998) Composer, educator, humanitarian and […]

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Review Reblog – Elizabeth Veldon – Three songs for a stillborn youth — Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Elizabeth Veldon title:three songs for a stillborn youth keywords: experimental avant garde electronic noise United Kingdom Elizabeth Veldon brings with her ‘three songs for a stillborn youth’ two main instruments into the recording range: a piano and ‘silence’. The compositions features lots and lots of the ‘silence’ but also has the carefully timed piano […]

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Todays Discovery/ Review Reblog -Marielle V Jakobsons ~ Glass Canyon

Here’s my Todays Discovery – the artist Marielle V Jakobsons and I’m not going to add anything to this except listen…


…and read..



a closer listen

Quick – how many solo synth and violin artists can you name?  If you came up with more than three, we salute you.  We last encountered Marielle V Jakobsons as the “J” in EJS, whose album was included in our winter recommendations; but here she presents a new sound for a new season.  Glass Canyon is even different from her last solo outing, Ore (recorded as Darwinsbitch), in that her abstractions have grown more accessible.  This is not to say that these tracks are friendly, how-do-you-do handshakers, but that the album as a whole declares, “Your efforts to understand me will be rewarded within a reasonable span.”

The mood of these six pieces is reflective without being mournful; they betray a deep concentration, an attention to craft.  Synth and violin are not natural partners, but Jakobsons fits them together like soulmates on an internet dating site.  “From…

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