Focus / Reblog – FACT mini-doc on my live approach — colleen

A very short post to let you know that FACT made a mini-documentary on my live approach while I was at Mutek in Montreal on 3 June, you can see the interview and live footage below and read the article here :-)

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Interesting short piece about the tech and processes used by Colleen in live concerts,  that combines the old with the new to  create new sounds and textures.


Reblog – PREMIERE: Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains (“87 Billion Suns” by Strië) — Stationary Travels

If there is one thing the eleven year history of Serein tells us, it is that the Welsh label does not put out a release unless it is something special – just consider records like Pine by Olan Mill, Retold by Nest or Charcoal by Brambles. That makes their first new material published this year a tantalizing […]

via PREMIERE: Orbital Planes & Passenger Trains (“87 Billion Suns” by Strië) — Stationary Travels

World Listening Day 2016

The World Listening Day 2016 theme is Sounds Lost and Found. All this week the focus will be on this theme and there will be a concentration on Field Recording.

World Listening Day 2016’s theme, “Sounds Lost and Found,” calls on reminiscing, listening and observing what changes in our soundscapes have occurred in recent decades—be it language, nature, technology, music or even silence itself.
Thinking about this, I have tried in this playlist to convey a theme of sounds associated with the colder parts of the world that are heating up rapidly due to Global Warming. These sounds are gradually being lost or will be, especially with the melting of ice caps. Ultimately, there is the shift from Ice and Snow to Water.
Artists on this playlist are – Nashim Gargari, Kate Carr, Karen Power, Bethan Parkes, Maile Colbert, Una Lee, Jana Winderen and A Rawlings.

The playlist is a loose interpretation of the melting of the ice caps and the transition of ice to water. Here Jana Winderen has sonically expressed this perfectly.

“Jana Winderen researches the hidden depths with the latest technology; her work reveals the complexity and strangeness of the unseen world beneath. The audio topography of the oceans and the depth of ice crevasses are brought to the surface.”

This Weeks Theme is – Minimalism doesn’t mean Nothing

Feminatronic #70 is a playlist of “minimalist” tracks but that does not mean they that have little going on sonically,(sound , noise or voice), you just have to listen for the nuances and there is a lot more going on under the surface. Possibly, you might like to listen with headphones to get the full effect.
Artists on this playlist are –
Hyaena Fierling, Patrizia Mattioli, Miniature Zebra, Queef, Ola Saad, Crys Cole, Rachel Lancaster and Christine Webster.

 Artist of the Week is Jo Thomas

“Jo Thomas is an award winning London based composer who choses to work through sculpting electronic sound into an aural tapestry of technological,biological and emotional states. Her work is based around human fallibility, she chooses to represent the human in sound with a discourse of delicate and detailed sonic failure using a sophisticated combination of micro sound, micro tonal and glitch material.

She creates organic complex and beautiful music’s which are written specifically for spaces and different formats of music release.Her works exist in the extreme of large scale and miniature, striving to work with momentary engagement and long listening continuums.”


Review Reblog – The Unfathomless Series: Flavien Gillié and Vanessa Rosetto

Vanessa Rosetto – “intense and fragile beauty”…
Courtesy to A Closer Listen for the reblog.

a closer listen

FlavienThe Unfathomless Series continues to be the best ongoing series in the field recording industry, as proven by new entries from  Flavien Gillié and Vanessa Rossetto.  The sounds are always intriguing and the unified presentation ~ featuring art by Daniel Crokaert ~ contributes a memorable visual identity.

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.  These lyrics, penned decades past, lamented the destruction of nature for commerce.  But what happened next?   Flavien Gillié attempts to answer this question with the single-track Nonante-neuf fragments harenois (roughly translated 99 fragments of sound from Haren).  This Brussels community became industrialized, but then the industry left: factories razed, airport deserted.  While walking through the ruins of this area, one can sense the sedimentary weight of history, which no longer seems like progress.  And yet its future is already written: a new “mega prison” will soon open, and the local gardens…

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Today’s Discovery – Miss Cutter

Looking through the myriad of reviews that I have to catch up on I came across Miss Cutter via YIKIS. The review of Four – Dimensional Dance Floor  intrigued me by the title and you can read the review here .I know very little about this artist except she is from Buenos Aires and a brief comment that poorly translates as –   I am not an artist,  I am only weeping.

I like to listen to other releases if I can and came across her lo fi Baroque album which is Todays Discovery, which retains the original source music but with added other worldliness.

Reblog – Feminatronic interview

Out of the blue, I was asked if I would talk about Feminatronic and a few thoughts on some very important issues. It ended up quite a long read (it could have been longer). It’s presented in the inimitable style of YIKIS but it’s turned out better than I hoped and it spreads the word : )

Thank you YIKIS for asking me to do this. Also, for supporting and highlighting some diverse and eclectic female artists on your site who I may never have come across and may never have been able to spotlight.

Yeah I Know It Sucks


Perhaps you have heard of Feminatronic, a website that is worth to be bookmarked as your eyes and ears will be receiving an almost unstoppable stream of interesting artists, music, articles and documentaries. To make it even more special; they all happen to be female. It’s in fact a celebration to them who make electronic music of all sorts, and for a music consumer it is also a celebration as the diversity and quality will always set you to discover one new thing after another.

1 ^ these childhood friends are discovering things

Some people might think but why only females? It’s a good and reasonable question perhaps as why not a mixed crowd of electronic music and sound artists of all kinds? I believe it has to do with that unfortunately there is tons of electronic artists out there, but it seems to be a very male dominated world…

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