#Throwback 14 /01/2021

Here are last weeks throwback releases and again very different from each other.

by Lara Sarkissian

Ambient, armenian, dance, electronic, experimental, techno

by Audrey Chen

Experimental, electronic, folk, improvisation, new music, noise

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Reblog – Martina Bertoni ~ Music for Empty Flats — a closer listen

Lush is the word and a beautiful Sunday ambience…

Music for Empty Flats may have been recorded before the pandemic, but the conditions of its genesis are so fitting that the album now seems prescient.  While alone in an undecorated flat in Reykjavik, Martina Bertoni spent a good amount of time listening to her favorite music while watching the snow through the window.  To the outside world, […]

Martina Bertoni ~ Music for Empty Flats — a closer listen

Sunday Ambience

Hildegard Westerkamp – Kits Beach Soundwalk (1989)

by itta

ambient, deep listening, drone, healing music, new age

#throwback 10/1/20

Catching up…

Trickling Light
by Anda Volley

alternative, ambient, electronic, new age, dark ambient, dream pop, electro, gothic, indie rock

Pril Smiley
Pioneer of Electronic Music 2006

Daphne Oram
Electronic Sound Patterns
Remastered 2013

MNQ 116 Doris Norton – Nortoncomputerforpeace LP
by Doris Norton
Released 1983.
Re Released 2018

electronic, cold wave, ebm, electro minimal, synth, techno

by Compilation
Released 2018

electronic, african, ambient, asia, asian, drone, east, electroacoutsic, electronic, electronica, experimental, improv, industrial, mideast, noise

It Wouldn’t Be Christmas here without…

Finally, made it to Christmas eve and probably, like many, I feel that it’s been a hard slog of a year, more so for some, especially those working in the Entertainment and Hospitality sectors. If you are able, and I know it’s hard, try and buy someone’s’ music this Christmas. Many artists are struggling and a ka=ching, however small, could mean more than you will ever know.

I’m going to post a couple of usual suspects, an old playlist that’s still good, and also a crazy happy new release from Xylitol that made me smile : )

Signing off now for a few days. Wishing you ALL, whoever you are, wherever you are, hopefully, a Peaceful and Happy Christmas. O / Feminatronic

#Throwback 24/12/2020

Here are this weeks throwback tracks, icymi : )

m i a m b i e n t
by Dendera Bloodbath
experimental, darkwave, electronic music, harsh noise, industrial noise

The Great Panic
by Puce Mary
experimental, electroacoustic, industrial, noise, power electronics

Trickling Light
by Anda Volley
alternative, ambient, electronic, new age, dark ambient, dream pop, electro, gothic, indie rock


Phew…Just scraping the tip of the iceberg with these. As usual, no preferences, order, rank, whatever…

And finally…

Pauline Anna Strom

1946 – 2020

#Throwback 17/12/2020

Everything is so throw away nowadays and has to be new and shiny. Yes, that’s fine but don’t be afraid to listen to something a little older than a year released.

This weeks’ throwback releases are –

Sea Of Negligence
by Dorit Chrysler

electronic, experimental, ambient, experimental pop, soundtrack, synthpop, theremin, thereminmusic

Alle Sorgenti Delle Civiltà (The Sources Of Civilisation)
by Kema

library music, psychedelic

I Don’t Do Lists but…pt3

By now, I think you may have a good idea of my Christmas box for those of you who land here and browse. Hopefully, you will leave and give a few things a listen and what’s more, actually buy something as a gift to yourself and importantly, to keep some musicians heads above the water, so to speak. Every little counts : )

Here is the next instalment of #released2020 and as usual, there is no ranking, no preferences, no order.

Happy Listening.

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