Todays Discovery – Jodie Lowther / Klepsydra

Written, produced & recorded by Jodie Lowther

In October 2013, Jodie released an album of sound snippets, most of them recorded for her Soundcloud sound blog project of 2013. The idea was to create a blog through sound only, each of the sounds put up were recorded quickly and spontaneously as snapshots of the day. They featured a mix of home recorded samples and found sounds, owls, vocal improvisations, makeshift percussion, electronic instruments, computer generated sounds, harmonies, and a ton of reverb. The album ‘Klepsydra’ features the majority of these sounds and also a few new recordings.

experimental ambient atmospheric dark electronic ethereal female vocals glossolalia haunting hauntology recordings sample vocal London


released October 28, 2013

Jodie Lowther
Soft Bodies Records

Review Reblog – Teasips – Proxemic Realms

So glad this release has been noticed : )

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Teasips
title: Proxemic Realms
keywords: ambient art electronic experimental noise outsider United States
label:heavy mess

If you need some fresh air & some nature in your life with melodic atmospheres, but do not really feel like going out and exploring such real life things, or perhaps are living in the middle of a dense city; this pretty easy going release (found through Feminatronics) might be something for you.

12′ introduces the beautiful ear-sights of a soft field recording with friendly night crickets, and a little fine fresh breeze among the leaves. These are the first sounds of a really nice evening, one without any urban disturbance; making it an instant home pleaser for the homely people who are equipped with a nice audio set.

The work will continue with 4′ which consists of a pleasantly played warm melody seemingly made out of glass, (not broken but smooth)…

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Reblog – the arandel ‎/ bog bog / electronic ladyland mixtape (one of the greatest assemblies of women’s avant-garde electronic music ever made)

Reblog – Album of the Day: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani, “Sunergy”

Couldn’t really pass this release and review…

Bandcamp Daily

When Suzanne Ciani moved to Bolinas, California, back in 1992, many of Silicon Valley’s billionaires still had babysitters and Al Gore was just starting to get attention for attacking the first Bush administration about global warming. The coastal artist community is still full of self-governed loners nearly 25 years later, but that doesn’t mean their way of life hasn’t felt threatened by climate change and the Bay Area’s status as a playground for the New Wolves of Wall Street.

Or as a New York Times headline once put it—and this was 16 years ago—“Welcome to Bolinas; Please Keep On Moving.” That story opened with water district president Vic Amoroso pushing back against the village’s popularity with “belligerent young males” by insisting “there is no reason to come to Bolinas. The beaches are dirty, the Fire Department is terrible, the natives are hostile and have a tendency towards cannibalism.”


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Review Reblog – Midori Hirano ~ Minor Planet

Courtesy to A Closer Listen for the reblog. Recommend and well worth you click through to the other releases mentioned.

a closer listen

minor-planetWe’ve always had a weakness for Sonic Pieces’ hand-stitched covers, shown below in an image borrowed from Sounds of a Tired City.  Minor Planet contains an circle on the cloth cover to represent its title, but we’re simply going to call this “the new red one.”

The iconoclastic Midori Hirano cheerfully changes her sound from album to album.  klo:yuri was an electronic album with stringed guests; the lovely Time Unbox, a collaboration with Ytamo released earlier this year, was an ambient/modern composition blend, wrapped in origami paper, containing occasional vocals.  Minor Planet travels into space, imagining galaxies and stars.  Electronics remain present, but are present more for adornment than tempo.  The one constant is Hirano’s piano, present on each album as a connective thread, or in this case like the tether between spaceship and astronaut.

sonic-pieces-collectionMore than anything, Minor Planet is an album of texture…

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Todays Discovery – Orlando and Tomaga

Over in Twitterland there’s been a conversation about the perceived lack of women artists on Tape releases. There are a few, which I will post here in time but this really caught my ear….

“For its second release, the Association for the Re-Alignment of Magnetic Dust presents a split release between Orlando and Tomaga of music for video games. Inspired by fictional worlds, imagined quests, and surreal dreams, they soundtrack your adventures in gameland.

Released March 25, 2015

Side A: All music by Orlando. Track 1 mixed by Dilip Harris.
Side B: All music by Tomaga

Event News – Mean Time



Up until the 1st of October 1916 Ireland was on Dublin Mean Time, which was 25 minutes and 21 seconds behind Greenwich Mean Time. On that day, when England put its clock back by an hour for Winter, Ireland put its clock back by 35 minutes and ended the historic time difference between the two countries.

Mean Time is a collaborative art project inspired by this event and in particular by Countess Markievicz’s opposition to what she saw as one more act of colonial oppression: the imposition of a foreign time on what should have been a sovereign people. 


The project is bringing ten professional female sound artists from Ireland and abroad to the historical location of Richmond Barracks in Dublin city, where 77 women were remanded after their involvement in the 1916 Rising- including Countess Markievicz herself. 


They will perform a unique improvisation based on especially commissioned pieces on the theme of these lost 25 minutes and 21 seconds, for the anniversary of the abolition of Dublin Mean Time. 

The event will combine contemporary music, performance art, radio art and electroacoustic composition, ‘clawing back’ time lost and imagining many possible future Irelands. The programme will be broadcast live on Nova, RTÉ Lyric FM. 

The participating artists are Daria Baiocchi | Fiona Hallinan | La Cosa Preziosa | Vicky Langan | Úna Lee | Olivia Louvel | Jenn Kirby | Claudia Molitor | Gráinne Mulvey | Rachel Ní Chuinn

In addition, a series of free sound art workshops for all the family will also take place on the grounds of Richmond Barracks on Saturday 1st October. For more info: meantime1916

Both performance and workshops are free but ticketed.  To book please email:

Mean Time is made possible thanks to the support of Dublin City Council and The Arts Council.