Event – PoL # 27 Deep Listening — Points of Listening

With Ximena Alarcón Date: Thursday September 15, 2016 Time: 18:00 Venue: Southampton University, Building 19 room 3011, SO17 1BJ Free with limited capacity RSVP to: markpeterwright@gmail.com ‘You change my love You change my sound You sound my change You change my mind’ (Pauline Oliveros, in “The Roots of the Moment”, 1998) Composer, educator, humanitarian and […]

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Review Reblog – Elizabeth Veldon – Three songs for a stillborn youth — Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Elizabeth Veldon title:three songs for a stillborn youth keywords: experimental avant garde electronic noise United Kingdom Elizabeth Veldon brings with her ‘three songs for a stillborn youth’ two main instruments into the recording range: a piano and ‘silence’. The compositions features lots and lots of the ‘silence’ but also has the carefully timed piano […]

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Todays Discovery/ Review Reblog -Marielle V Jakobsons ~ Glass Canyon

Here’s my Todays Discovery – the artist Marielle V Jakobsons and I’m not going to add anything to this except listen…


…and read..



a closer listen

Quick – how many solo synth and violin artists can you name?  If you came up with more than three, we salute you.  We last encountered Marielle V Jakobsons as the “J” in EJS, whose album was included in our winter recommendations; but here she presents a new sound for a new season.  Glass Canyon is even different from her last solo outing, Ore (recorded as Darwinsbitch), in that her abstractions have grown more accessible.  This is not to say that these tracks are friendly, how-do-you-do handshakers, but that the album as a whole declares, “Your efforts to understand me will be rewarded within a reasonable span.”

The mood of these six pieces is reflective without being mournful; they betray a deep concentration, an attention to craft.  Synth and violin are not natural partners, but Jakobsons fits them together like soulmates on an internet dating site.  “From…

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Review Reblog – Various Artists – Sobre Cintas — Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: Various title: Sobre Cintas keywords: argentina experimental experiemental improvisation jazz and improvised music noise Argentine label: Adaptador Records “Sobre Cintas is an eclectic compilation of audio files where the only line that links each selected audio is the use of the magnetic recording as sound recording mode. // “ – I have no idea […]

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Last week the focus was Latin American artists, so this follows on . This is a diverse collection of electroacoustic, jazz, noise, tape and experimental utilising magnetic recording.

Here is a piece by Alma Laprida to demonstrate –

Vectors of Vektroid and Vaporwave

If you are interested in finding out more about Ramona Andra Xavier aka Vektroid this is a great article.

Bandcamp Daily


“The ideological and philosophical themes behind my work come from a personal place—kind of a quarantine zone in my brain that I don’t let people into.”—Ramona Andra Xavier

For many years, the development of musical genres was often tied to location: Seattle grunge, New Orleans’ jazz, Detroit soul and funk. Then came that great disrupter, The Internet, which removed geographical proximity as a requirement for the transmission of musical ideas from one person to another. Potential innovators now broadcast their music to the world without intermediaries, potentially becoming the sole vector and locus for an entire musical scene.

Aside from the recent emergence of PC Music, nowhere has this potential been more fully realized than by producer Ramona Andra Xavier. Better known as Vektroid (or Macintosh Plus, or New Dreams Ltd, or PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises, or Laserdisc Visions, dstnt, or 情報デスクVIRTUAL) she, more than any other producer, has been…

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Review Reblog -Album of the Day: Siddiq & Vektroid, “Midnight Run” — Bandcamp Daily

On the surface, rap and vaporwave make strange bedfellows. Dig deeper, though, and similarities start to emerge: both genres are concerned with image and illusion—often obscuring the uglier side of life behind a facade of materialism. That’s one of the primary concerns of the groundbreaking Midnight Run, the long-awaited collaboration between vaporwave-pioneer Vektroid and Houston […]

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Review Reblog – quoll noses: chrissie caulfield on furchick

Great to read one artists’ thoughts on another and the last paragraph sums up my feelings about Furchick – fun and pleasure…”half-familiar mangled into a wonderful world that is all her own, a surrealist painting in sound.”

radio free midwich

Furchick – Trouble with a capital T (download, dog park records)


Sorry for not having written anything for a while, lately I’ve been generally under-enthused by the experimental scene for all sorts of reasons. I have been searching for new music of course, but what I found was either too ‘mainstream’ for this blog or I didn’t really enjoy enough to write about it.

Then the opening track of Furchick’s album Trouble with a Capital T leapt out at me almost instantly as something I could engage with and that I think will interest you, our dear readers.

That opening track, ‘March of the feathered friends’, is built on the rhythms of some piece of machinery I’m not even going to guess the identity of. It’s alternately insistent and broken up and surrounded by drones that waver in and out. There is clanking and rattling aplenty here and I…

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