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“The Women in Sound/Women on Sound network seeks to redress a growing knowledge gap concerning the impact women have in the field of sound studies.”


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Today’s Discovery – Diary#1 by Christine Webster

This week the playlist is a starting point for Artists beginning with the letter W.
Today’s Discovery is Diary#1 by Christine Webster – Experimental electroacoustic modular textures.

Artist statement –
“The content of Diary #1 is a selection of 12 patches/compositions carefully sorted among hours of recordings produced during 2015. They came out from the everyday exercising, following my mood on the creativ path. All the tracks are one takes, composed and performed in real time on my modular synth mixed with the Doepfer A 138, and recorded on Protools. No additional DAW mixing or editing. High resolution audio files 48/24.
Released February 5, 2017

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Friday Focus – Electronicgirls



Electronicgirls is a netlabel that produces and distributes works made by electronic and electroacoustic musicians. Solo projects and collective releases can be downloaded for free from the website –

“The label offers visibility, distribution, press office services for free: we believe in the freedom of culture.
We don’t believe in the contemporary music market’s rules.
Our releases are licensed under Creative Commons.
Electronicgirls was born in 2010 as an innovative hub
dedicated to the effort of women – from the past –
and contemporary artists in the field of electronic music.
Electronicgirls believe that music has no sex.

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Now Listening: Sue Ann Harkey via Many Many Women

Today’s listening via Many Many Women is….

Many Many Women

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Reblog – From the Vaults – Daphne Oram And Delia Derbyshire: The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Gallery — Binary Heap

The BBC Radiophonic Workshop, one of the sound effects units of the BBC, was created in 1958 to produce effects and new music for radio, and was closed in March 1998. Daphne Oram was a true pioneer of electronic music and this great gallery of photographs gives some great insight into the work being done at BBC. The BBC Radiophonic Workshop: %5B…%5D

via Daphne Oram And Delia Derbyshire: The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Gallery — Binary Heap

Revisiting Review Reblogs- Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart – Her Her Hers (None)

Revisiting some reviews that you may have missed over the next few weeks.

If you like deep immersive atmospheric soundscapes then this is for you. Also much of the music is Free Download.
Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for the reviews.


Yeah I Know It Sucks

Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart - Her Her Hers The artwork for Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart’s Her Her Hers is simple, basic, pure, refined, minimal, greyscale, typographic, elementary, opaque, lowercase, just to name a few adjectives that apply in a relative way.

Artists: Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart
Title: Her Her Hers
Label: Black Circle Records
Cat#: None
Keywords: Experimental, Computer Music, Drone, Electronica, Guitar Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Wanted to take a moment to thank those of our readers who lent their signatures to the petition to help Laetitia (Ars Sonor, iky iky) keep from being deported to Russia — something that would be a veritable death sentence, and surely is an institutionalized hate crime. For those of you haven’t had the chance to sign yet, that link will take you to the petition. The fight is not over, so I’m intending to write more reviews of Laetitia’s work…

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Reblog – Mary Ocher‘s Cockeyed, Political Art-Pop ”Questions Everything”

In-depth interview and recommend Mary Ocher’s music – never an outsider.

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+5-by-Klara-Johanna-Michel-600 Photos by Klara Johanna Michel

Mary Ocher has never been one to shy away from politics or personal slant. Born in Russia and raised in Israel, Ocher has consistently explored her heritage, life experiences and cultural observations in her music beginning with her 2008 album War Songs . Her latest, The West Against the People, is both a reflection on and dissection of the mammoth global superpower.

Musically, her outsider pop demonstrates an encyclopedic knowledge of genres and eras. She glides from defiant, punky new wave to prog-electro; she conjures ‘60s pop then howls over an unrelenting sitar; she raises her voice to a falsetto that recalls Kate Bush at her most eccentric, weaving in elements of classical music and opera before downshifting into psychedelia.

In advance of The West Against the People’s release, Ocher issued a compilation of remixes of her track “Arms” with proceeds going to…

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