Todays Discovery – Sonic Environment Waves (July 2016) — MAKING WAVES

This month we’re delighted to have Dr. Leah Barclay, Co-Chair of Sonic Environments, and President of the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology , guest-curate this playlist: Sonic Environment Waves. About the playlist, Leah writes: This playlist features composers who are working in innovative ways with place, environmental sound and new technologies. It has been curated to […]

via Sonic Environment Waves (July 2016) — MAKING WAVES


“Making Waves is a monthly series of curated playlists streaming one hour of quality, new composed music. Founded in 2015, Making Waves shines a spotlight on the music of Australian composers. Fresh playlists are released on the first day of each month and older playlists are made available all year round via our archives; perfect for those with just a few minutes to explore one track or for hours perusing a myriad of diverse sound-worlds.”

Not solely electronic. Much is Classical music and / electroacoustic but increasingly there are electronic elements in the compositions and a great introduction to Australian composers. Really recommend listening to the beautifully presented playlists.




Interview Reblog – Pauline Oliveros

Always eloquent and interesting….

Interview courtesy of SpacecraftProject


Pauline Oliveros (1932) has influenced American music extensively in her career spanning more than 60 years as a composer, performer, author and philosopher. She pioneered the concept of Deep Liste…

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Review Reblog – Katie Gately ~ Colors

Really recommend Katie Gately – Intelligent electro pop with an experimental edge.

a closer listen

tri038_frontColor is a glorious explosion of dance beats, percussive samples, and vocal layers, close to overload, threatening to topple like a Jenga tower.  And yet, by her meticulous control and sheer force of will, Katie Gately holds it all together.  One of the decade’s most creative artists, she’s managed to translate her avant-garde visions, formerly on display in quarter-hour works, to something even the masses may appreciate.

Let’s face it: pop music is in need of an overhaul, and experimental music can be wonderful, but all too often goes unheard.  One thing that holds pop music back is the desire for a hit; one thing that holds experimental music back is the desire not to cross over.  Gately exists somewhere in the middle, simply making the music she likes.  A lifelong collector of sounds, her former work as a sound editor led her to the reorganization and presentation of sonic…

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Review Reblog – Murcof x Wagner – Statea (Infiné)



“This is where electronic and acoustic music find the perfect balance – which is precisely what Statea represents.” – Headphone Commute

Yes. Here’s the review…

So I guess the Infiné label wasn’t just teasing us when it promised its fans a full-length album, following the announcement of the EP01 release it has put out earlier this year (April, 2016)…

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“I am a woman in electronic music”


1st October 2016

Just the tip of the iceberg.

A few of the women I have linked with in Electronic Music.

Feminatronic is following 822 on SoundCloud alone and it’s growing everyday.

Todays Discovery – Pioneering Canadian Women In Electronic Music


Pioneering Canadian Women In Electronic Music

“Recent lists of pioneering women in electronic music have bolstered the fact that women were right there making significant work during the nascence of electronic music, from the late ’50s to ’70s, on a quest for sounds and sequences never heard before. Yet most of the women who helped pioneer electronic music in Canada don’t pop up in those lists….”

September 29, 2016

This article aims to rectify this.

Review Reblog – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – EARS

Sometimes a reviewer hits the nail on the head and this review just seems to put into words the overall feeling of this release.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
title: EARS
keyword: experimental

this album starts like a young baby bird that is kindly being pushed out of its homely nest . It opens its tiny little wings and realizes that is had captured the miraculous ability to fly in the great sky. It is so happy that the bird starts to sing with wide wakened eyes along with a euphoric feeling of success. Within its little feathered body it realizes that the whole world is at its tiny feet!

Then the album moves on with its audio appreciative wings all over an intriguing scene of the wetlands. This is the place in which frogs & toads gather and fishes stick their heads out of the water to see and hear what this wonderful music is all about. It’s Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s music and she brings it all out to give the soggy landscape a…

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