An Album a Day pt3

For the past couple of years I’m Gary (@noyokono) on twitter has a challenge for February – MWE
“Music Writer Exercise: Each day in February, listen to 1 full album you’ve never heard, from start to finish. Write one tweet about it. #MWE
Ok, I’m no writer and although I listen to a lot of music everyday, this does spur me to listen to new discoveries. I did this last year and I’m attempting it again and here are next 9 albums –


MWE#13 – How Dance should be –  Hypnotic rhythmic earworms of wonderful noise – Plus Instruments – Trancesonics by Truus


MWE#14 – Disorientating the listener with destructive sound manipulation – Facies by Bella –


MWE#15 – Soundtrack to dense sonic nightmares – The Sleep in Opera by Ocean Viva Silver


MWE#16 – Like the weather it’s changeable with many layers of light + shade. Remain Calm – Mica Levi & Oliver Coates

MWE#17 – Defies easy categorisation but disparate elements combine into an avant garde delight. Headphone listening  –  Canned Fit – cucharas de arena (pyr139)
Canned Fit.jpg

MWE#18 – Europop meets dark ambient and where anthemic joyous mixes belie a very serious subject. Arms / Remixed by Mary Ocher.

MWE#19 – Real Spacemusic which is a feast for the ears – Lunar by Madeleine Cocolas

MWE#20 – The sound equivalent of a flickering TV as you channel jump incessantly – ces by florconvenas 

MWE#21 – Sparse fragile static and radio conjure images of windswept shorelines – at waters edge by Lyn Goeringer

Friday Focus – Audible Women


Audible Women is an online directory for women who make some kind of art that can be listened to. It is open to women who make sound, sound art, noise and music (acoustic or electronic) with a bit of an experimental and exploratory bent—interpret that as you will.

Review Reblog – Sound Impression: Lunar by Madeleine Cocolas [Self Center Records]

A feast for the ears…

Stationary Travels

Last year, classically-trained composer, musician, and sound designer Madeleine Cocolas released her debut album entitled Cascadia, but it was no nascent work.  Rather it was a stunning distillation of sounds and ideas drawn from a project where she created new music weekly over the course of a year. Prior to that she composed a new live score for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film The Birdsand worked on a variety of multidisciplinary projects with numerous choreographers, musicians, and visual artists as well as being a music supervisor for a number of award-winning Australian television programs. That is a lot of creative momentum and it continues unabated with her exciting new EP Lunar about to be released by Seattle-based Self  Center Records.

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Today’s Discovery – Mica Levi and Oliver Coates, “Remain Calm”



“Remain Calm” is steeped in classical music, yet keen enough to blend contemporary styles—like grime, techno and drone.

via Album of the Day: Mica Levi and Oliver Coates, “Remain Calm” — Bandcamp Daily

Album of the Day: Mica Levi and Oliver Coates, “Remain Calm”

Like the weather,it’s changeable with a multitude of layers of light and shade.

Bandcamp Daily

The role of classical instruments in electronic music is shifting, and Mica Levi and Oliver Coates are at the forefront of that movement. For years now, the instrumentalists have explored a possible marriage between classical and new electronic forms, pushing deeper into unexplored territory with each release. Oliver’s Upstepping at times veered into cello-driven dance music, while Mica Levi’s Under The Skin soundtrack went the other way—into creepy, visceral and atmospheric territory. On their new collaborative album Remain Calm, Levi and Coates unite, and blend cellos with various electronic elements, samples and instrumentals, creating 13 nuanced snippets with their specific sound.

At times, Remain Calm nods to contemporary genres like grime, drone, and techno, but the musicians do a masterful job of blending the live instruments into the mix, weaving esoteric twists throughout the album. The cello is the project’s main focus, and on songs like “Pre-Barok,” “Dolphins Climb…

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An Album a Day pt2

For the past couple of years I’m Gary (@noyokono) on twitter has a challenge for February – MWE
“Music Writer Exercise: Each day in February, listen to 1 full album you’ve never heard, from start to finish. Write one tweet about it. #MWE
Ok, I’m no writer but I did this last year and I’ attempting it again and here are next 6 albums –

MWE#7 –  Fire-Toolz / Even the Files won’t touch you –

A Halloween carnival ride of twisted electronic alt reality

MWE#8 – Treeborhood – Boreal Network

Soundtrack to an 80’s film I wished I’d seen…

MWE#9 – The bitter tears of Petra von Kant/ Reiner Werner Fassbinder . OST – Nalyssa Green

A meld of two sonic worlds, ancient and modern

MWE#10 – Dreamscapes by Barton McLean

Sound pictures that fill the senses from an electronic music pioneer

MWE#11 – Pink Waves – Female Focussed Sounds – Urban Arts Berlin

A showcase of intriguing contrasts

MWE#12 – Ore – darwinsbitch (Marielle V Jakobsons)

A cosmic and terrestrial soundscape of foreboding



ARTICLE REBLOG REVISITED – Tonga Anthem… in remix

This track from DJ Kwe appeared on the Soundcloud stream and had immediate impact. It gains more meaning when you actually read this article.


DJ Kwe writes about her contribution and motivation of her music:

“Our Native community is resilient; we have overcome slavery, displacement and documented genocide. It is in our blood to share our stories and oral tradition through audio. That is why it’s very important to introduce digital audio storytelling as another method to preserve our traditional stories and oral traditions. As we rebuild our family structures and heal from the generations of abuse, we are reconnecting through the use of modern tools. It is my goal to repair the hearts of my community through my music and writing. This is a motivational movement through electronica to reach for the stars, regardless of race.”

radio continental drift


“…The River is for the Tonga people.

The river has fish and crocodiles…  

Our ancestors are ‘crying’…”

The above lines came via a quick text message from Michito Veronika, Zubo Trust’s communications officer, currently in the Netherlands, completing her MA dissertation. I had sent her the link to a recording asking whether the song following the Zimbabwe National Anthem was perhaps a kind of Tonga Anthem. “…oooh very nice. you have just made me miss home…,” Michito wrote and added the lines above in translation.

Listen to the recording here:

Award ceremony at Damba Primary School 2012

“The Tonga lost their land with the coming of Kariba but they have managed to retain much of their rich cultural heritage…”

Keith Goddardwrites in his article “one man one note” (2005)

The recording of the Tonga Anthem was made in 2012, when I accompanied members of Basilwizi Trust  to an award ceremony at Damba Primary…

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