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Reblog – The Mirror by People Like Us — The Future of Music One Record at a Time – ToneShift

People Like Us | The MirrorDiscrepant (LP/DL) People Like Us (Vicki Bennett) has most definitely left her indelible mark on the world of experimental sound since the early 90’s, now and forever. Released on vinyl by Discrepant these eleven tracks on The Mirror were previously out on CD last year (Cutting Hedge). Bennett’s signature brand […]

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People Like Us ( Vicki Bennett) is a true master of the dark arts of plunderphonics.

“Since 1992, she has developed an immediately recognisable aesthetic repurposing pre-existing footage to craft audio and video collages with an equally dark and witty take on popular culture”.

You get to my age and it’s spot the song from my past but it’s done with such seemless magic that something so familiar becomes wholly new and shiny.



Vicki Bennett reflects on The Mirror, unlocking the archives and a curious cease and desist order

The Wire – May 2018

Vicki Bennett




Reblog – Ka Baird’s Transcendent Experimentalism — Bandcamp Daily

The Spires That In The Sunset Rise member considers the negotiations between bodies and environments, time and space.

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I have known of Ka Baird’s music since starting this journey and I always felt that here was an artist who was wonderfully creative and expressive in her art.

This was proved to me when I watched her performance at Tusk Festival here in the UK via the livestream. Her presence on the stage was sheer “ecstatic energy and a cathartic experience”  and her vocal manipulations and electronic processing of her flute was a joy to watch and listen.

But hey, don’t listen to me, make your own minds up –

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” +/- is a two-track 30-minute lush synth exploration by the Kiev-based artist. Dramatic tempo shifts, devilish arpeggios and bittersweet synth sounds are at the core of this gem of an album.”

Electronic, ambient electronic, progressive, synth

Don’t be lulled into a false state of quietness…..

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Dominique Vaccaro: field recordings, tape manipulation, stereo looper

Experimental, abstract, field recordings, free form, improvisation, minimalist, reel to reel, tape loops, tape manipulation, tape music, texture.


Thanks to Toneshift for leading me to tonight’s listening. Read the review here –


ICYMI – Hidden Gems: Various Artists, “Rien Ni Personne—A French Compilation” — Bandcamp Daily

An overwhelming, glorious survey of the French experimental underground.

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Reblog – Apophenia by Ale Hop





The Future of Music One Record at a Time

Ale Hop | Apophenia
Buh Records (LP/DL)

Ale Hop (Alejandra Cardenas) is a Peruvian composer, based in Berlin and Apophenia (her sophomore effort after 2017’s Bodiless) is my second-look introduction to her work. Much of what Cardenas brings to the table are intriguing a/v eye of the mind processed through video and performance. What comes through as strictly audio should, in fact, be the soundtrack (or motto) for what we always strive to capture at Toneshift, a pure experimental spirit that abridges many genres and by-passes many more, in temporal vignettes that are 100% exploratory and fearless.

There are gentle, fleeting passages to Augury (as seen above) which starts these eight tracks with a heck of a moody ground. The percussion is sparse and spacey at times, the springing, bending effects play atop a near black backdrop, like counting stars. This is not a drone record, but manages to…

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