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This month, June, Feminatronic will be concentrating on artists whose names begin with D.

What better place than to start with a pioneer of electronic music – Delia Derbyshire.


Annette Vande Gorne –

This month’s rolemodel is an electroacoustic and acousmatic composer from Belgium, Annette Vande Gorne.

Exploring sonic and audio-visual practice

Annette Vande Gorne

electroacoustic, experimental, musique concrète

Elizabeth Anderson; An Interview with Annette Vande Gorne, Part One. Computer Music Journal 2012; 36 (1): 10–22. doi:

Elizabeth Anderson; An Interview with Annette Vande Gorne, Part 2. Computer Music Journal 2012; 36 (2): 10–22. doi:

electroacoustic, experimental, musique concrete

NEW RELEASES 16/05/2023

experimental, ambient, avant garde, dark-ambient, electronic experimental, experimental-vocals, industrial, industrial-ambient, noise


electronic, electro-industrial, experimental experimental electronic, fusion, new age, progressive

electronic, idm, bass, beats, electro

experimental, avant-garde, dadaism, dubstep, electronic, electronica, experimental electronic, musique-concrete, noise, psychedelic, sound art

contemporary, electronic, experimental, sound art, electronica, electronica experimental, granular, musique concrete, live performance, sound design


Something for everyone here –

experimental electronic, experimental, field recordings, microsound, minimalism, sound art

experimental, ambient, birds, dawn chorus, drone, experimental electronic, field recording, foley, foley art, modern classical, sound art

experimental, spoken word, acousmatic, ambient, sound art, soundscape, vocal, voice

electronic, hyperpop, bubblegum, bass, classical, dance, electronica, plunderphonics, pop

experimental, electronic experimental music, instrumental, piano, sonic art, sound art, soundscape, turntables, turntablism

alternative, electronic, rap, rnb, classical, vocal

electronic, experimental, minimalism, modern classical,

ambient, outer space, planetary,

electronic music, field recordings, minimalism, musique concrete, sound poetry,

electronic, experimental, ambient

experimental, collage, cut up, electronic, plunderphonic, pop

cinematic, club, electronic, experimental, techno

NEW RELEASES 29/3/2023

alternative, electronic punk, electronic, experimental, electronic experimental, hip-hop, noisecore


electronic, hypnagogic drift, instrumental, post-vaporwave, renoise, synth pop, vaporwave

experimental, broken transmission, sound collage, tape music

electronic, breakcore, footwork, vaporwave

ambient, drone, granular, modular synthesizer

electronic, electro experimental, techno

NEW RELEASES 07/03/2023

ambient, ambient drone, drone, drone ambient, electronic music, experimental, noise, sound art

dance, electronic, experimental, house, techno, film soundtrack, synth, ,synthpop

electronic, experimental, avant-garde, computer music, harsh, noise, industrial, microtonal, noise

experimental, ambient, avant-garde, classical, contemporary, electronic

electronic, avant garde, avant pop, chamber pop, experimental, film music

Reblog – Kate NV ~ WOW — a closer listen

Thanks to A Closer Listen for todays escape from a drab Tuesday : )

pop, electronica, synthpop

Ridiculously happy, relentlessly upbeat, WOW is a sonic sugar rush, a candy-coated confection topped with syrup and sprinkles.  Kate NV‘s energy never seems to flag, nor does her creativity ease.  Breaking with previous recordings, her voice is diced, chopped and splattered; her prior guise as singer-songwriter is almost completely obliterated.  Whenever her words are discernible, they […]

Kate NV ~ WOW — a closer listen

Reblog- Deborah Fialkiewicz – Daughters Of The Industrialists — Aural Aggravation

Thanks to Aural Aggravation for tonight’s reading and listening.

14th February 2023 Christopher Nosnibor Having first encountered Deborah performing as one half of dark ambient noise duo Spore, I’ve discovered she’s nothing if not prolific, and having hit the classical charts with one recent album and released not one, but two new albums in the last few weeks, it’s hard to keep up, not […]

Deborah Fialkiewicz – Daughters Of The Industrialists — Aural Aggravation

NEW RELEASES 28/02/2023

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experimental, digital music, post techno, sound art, sound poetry

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