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Vase de Spagyrie
by Julia Hanadi AL ABED

experimental, acousmatic, acousmatique, electroacoustic, experimental electronic, musique concrete, musique électroacoustique

Julia Hanadi aLabed is a french composer in musique concrète who also plays live electronics.


Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes –
Sometimes tracks are just too long for the usual playlist I put together so I decided to put together bite sized playlists for longer tracks.
Bite sized in number of artists but not scrimping on the length and quality of the listening : )
Take some time and immerse in the sound waves.

As with all the playlists, they are jumping off points to discoveries. They are not meant to be definitive. Just let some of the tracks play onto the next….follow up on “sounds like”….see who’s following, many artists follow other artists….

Artists are Andrea Parkins, OR poiesis, Pom2B, Susana Lopez and Sabina Hyoju Ahn.


Starting to wind down a bit as I’m planning to take some time off in August to finally complete projects of my own and see to some life things finally 😁

In the meantime here’s an eclectic collection of throwback tracks worth listening to…

2018 – Experimental track using a 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator, PEG, Mutable instruments Clouds, Braids, Tides, Kinks. Frequency Central Ultrawave and Wave Runner LFOs, Fonitronik TH 555 VCO.

Mutliple layers of tracks recorded in Ableton. A bass track added using Abletons Analog synth,

Jana Winderen – Frozen Signal
from Spire Live in Berlin by Spire

classical, experimental, organ

by Allysse Riordan

field recordings

by Lydia Ang

experimental, electroacoustic

by tay_ploops

experimental, collage, curious, fragile, hiss, intuitive, journal, loops, lullabye, notes to shelf, sketchbook, sound art, ukulele, wyrd

My forest Is Deep

devotional, ambient, dark, dark ambient, drone, electro, experimental soundtrack, experimental electronic, gothic, melancholy, soundscape, soundtrack, theatrical


A little late but better late than never…

Norma Beecroft – String Quartet with Tape (1992)

by Marta De Pascalis


Alien Bog​/​Beautiful Soop
by Pauline Oliveros
1966/ 1967
re-released 1997

classical, avant-garde, contemporary, experimental, experimental electronic, tape music

Since it was Canada Day last Thursday I reposted this playlist for #throwbackthursday…

Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes –
“Recent lists of pioneering women in electronic music have bolstered the fact that women were right there making significant work during the nascence of electronic music, from the late ’50s to ’70s, on a quest for sounds and sequences never heard before. Yet most of the women who helped pioneer electronic music in Canada don’t pop up in those lists. On the surface, the early electronic era in Canada looks like a man’s game, yet looking a little deeper you’ll find Canadian women on the margins, surrounded by tape machines, computers and instruments of their own making.” – Red Bull Music Academy.
They still are at the forefront and this playlist is just a jumping off point….. Artists are –
Ann Southam, Hildegard Westerkamp, Marcelle Deschenes-Harvey, Shimmer Crush, Helena Krobath, Jessica Gabriel, ambient – sonic, Roxanne Turcotte and Rose Bolton.


Jez riley French remembers the musician, artist, recordist and researcher known as Embla Quickbeam

Stones that move and grow
by Embla Quickbeam

experimental, ambient, electroacoustic, electronic, field recordings, music concrete, psychedelic, tape music


by Rocio Cano Valiño

electronic, experimental, acousmatic, contemporary, electroacoustic, musique concrete

Vigilante Margarita
by Vigilante Margarita

experimental, pop experimental, punk femenino, rock, songs

Silvertone e il sentimento oceanico
by angelica castello


Atom Eye
Trilogy 120 – Seamless Version (28mins)

drone, field recording, experimental, soundtrack, longlisten

Reasons For Balloons
by Me, Claudius

experimental, drone, field recordings, noise, sound art, tape manipulation

Welcome, Electricians
by Anne-F Jacques

experimental, drone, field recordings, noise, sound art, tape manipulation

Trazar líneas rectas, curvas
by Eliana Rosales

experimental, electroacoustic, electronic, experimental noise


There’s something quite satisfying setting aside some time to immerse yourself in a deeply evolving longer play and Wednesday afternoon has become one of those times for me. Here are a few of my recent suggestions to sit down, sit back and escape into….

Realm of Perfume and Lights
by Anna Peaker

Experimental, drone

2H is Liz Helman and Steph Horak
Electronic, experimental, drone, processed field recordings

Affection in a Time of Crisis
by Carmen Villain

Electronic, experimental, ambient, cosmic, deep listening,

Drone, electronic, ambient

IWD 2021

So, It’s IWD tomorrow and the theme is #ChooseToChallenge. Well, I’m choosing to challenge the norm and not getting involved with anything on the day.


Hello👋 – we’re here everyday

In the meantime, here are some playlists I put together for 2018 of about 150 artists but as I keep saying, this is just the tip of the iceberg –

It Wouldn’t Be Christmas here without…

Finally, made it to Christmas eve and probably, like many, I feel that it’s been a hard slog of a year, more so for some, especially those working in the Entertainment and Hospitality sectors. If you are able, and I know it’s hard, try and buy someone’s’ music this Christmas. Many artists are struggling and a ka=ching, however small, could mean more than you will ever know.

I’m going to post a couple of usual suspects, an old playlist that’s still good, and also a crazy happy new release from Xylitol that made me smile : )

Signing off now for a few days. Wishing you ALL, whoever you are, wherever you are, hopefully, a Peaceful and Happy Christmas. O / Feminatronic

Around the world in 8tracks

Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes

In March 2020, TQ zine ( ) put out a call for music related things for an upcoming special edition in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. I thought it might be a good chance to get the word out there to a wider audience that there are many female identifying artists creating ” left field, NAU – No Audience Underground “music. To be honest, some of us have had no audience at all and is one of the original reasons why I began Feminatronic 8 years ago.

That aside, I decided to take one of the playlist themes I use here and create an 8Track list with links to tracks and artists based on my then recent listening, from some of the Covid -19 hit countries around the world. Of course, we all know that now in September 2020, this list could be so much larger and would probably include everyone I follow here. In lieu of that here’s the link to who I am following on Soundcloud, which I add to regularly –

As with all the playlists there are no preferences. They are jumping off points to discoveries. They are not meant to be definitive. Just let some of the tracks play onto the next….follow up on “sounds like”….see who’s following, many artists follow other artists….

Artists on this playlist are Poulomi Desai (UK / India), _blank [also known by human alias: Blanca Rego] (Spain ), Marta Zapparoli (Italy / Germany), Lương Huệ Trinh (Viet Nam), Todas Las Anteriores (Mexico / USA ), Laughing Ears (China ), Ch. Webster (France ) and Yuko Araki(Japan).

As a final note, I was asked if I would continue to contribute 8Track playlists to TQ for both publication and online and agreed to do it. The playlists are primarily but not wholly electronic artists, as I listen to so much that doesn’t quite fit the genre. I do try and include as much as I can on Feminatronic but some things stretch the general criterias I work to. This is where creating my 8Track choices for TQ has been liberating, because there I can include these artists and sounds, although I am sticking with two general rules. Firstly, to focus on artists that create music who mostly, but not exclusively, just happen to identify as female. Secondly, my listening suggestions fit loosely into the NAU soundworld, although there may be some leeway with this, but I think it’s always good to expand your listening horizons.