Today’s Discovery – Feed Goals by Enchanted Lands


“…assemblages, showing intricate weaving and arranging of sound materials. Her tracks form strange scenes or frames where just when the sound seems to settle down a turnover point is reached and a delicate change of balance results in a whole new plateau. Receiving cues from ASMR, impact blasts, and natural phenomena, these elements become sound ingredients that add microscopic texture, sensuality and depth to their complementary sounds. Moving beyond any high or low fidelity, the nature of the sounds blend together into a space where compression artefacts, phone mic’ing and high-tech sound design mingle fluently. From weeping wind harps to whispered confessionals to immense trance reveries, the result is a sound that eludes itself and forces the ear to expect some curious inversion around every corner.”

Couldn’t attempt to describe this any better – A sonic delight.


Enchanted Lands a project by Prague-based artist Barbora Polcerov


International Women’s Day 2017



Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes
Today is International Women’s Day (March 8th 2017) and I put together this playlist of electronic music creators to celebrate as part of a week of Feminatronic overload on all platforms : )
This is in no way an exhaustive list. I’m just skimming the surface of creativity and as ever it’s just a starting point…

Artists are Truus, Anne Gillis, Bjork/Katie Gately, Marie Davidson, Ann Southam, Laetitia Sonami, Ikue Mori, Holly Herndon, Maja S. K. Ratkje, Lucrecia Dalt, AGF, Lily Greenham, Annette Peacock, Gudrun Gut, Constance Demby, Elodie Lauten, Doris Norton, Suzanne Doucet, Adina Izarra, Ruth White, Berengere Maximin, Laurie Anderson, The Space Lady and last but never least, Pauline Oliveros.



Now Listening: Courtesy to Many Many Women

A couple of Spotlights courtesy of Many Many Women

Shelley Knotts – Excerpt from Algorave set with UIAESK! (me + Holger Ballweg) at Power Lunches, London, UK. All sound live coded in SuperCollider




Elsa M’bala –



Many Many Women

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Todays Discovery – Now Listening: Bleie — Many Many Women

via Now Listening: Bleie — Many Many Women


Todays Discovery via Many, Many Women is Sarah Bly aka Bleie.

This piece uses “Moog Mother 32, x0xb0x, Elektron Analog Keys, Kaoss Pad, Ableton Live, and some random pedals. Vocal sample at 22:00 is from Don Hertzfeldt’s “World of Tomorrow.” Find it here:”


Weekly Theme – Latin American Electronic and Electroacoustic

There is a rich history of Electronic and Electroacoustic music in South American and Latin American countries with some of the greatest pioneers  including Jacqueline Nova and Beatriz Ferreyra. This rich culture of experimentalism has been built upon by modern artists. Below are two playlists that are the starting points to discovering more.

Jacqueline Nova


This Weeks Theme is – Minimalism doesn’t mean Nothing

Feminatronic #70 is a playlist of “minimalist” tracks but that does not mean they that have little going on sonically,(sound , noise or voice), you just have to listen for the nuances and there is a lot more going on under the surface. Possibly, you might like to listen with headphones to get the full effect.
Artists on this playlist are –
Hyaena Fierling, Patrizia Mattioli, Miniature Zebra, Queef, Ola Saad, Crys Cole, Rachel Lancaster and Christine Webster.

 Artist of the Week is Jo Thomas

“Jo Thomas is an award winning London based composer who choses to work through sculpting electronic sound into an aural tapestry of technological,biological and emotional states. Her work is based around human fallibility, she chooses to represent the human in sound with a discourse of delicate and detailed sonic failure using a sophisticated combination of micro sound, micro tonal and glitch material.

She creates organic complex and beautiful music’s which are written specifically for spaces and different formats of music release.Her works exist in the extreme of large scale and miniature, striving to work with momentary engagement and long listening continuums.”


Weekly Theme – Rhythms

The theme this week Rhythm and Playlist #37 is a diverse collection of rhythmic tracks, using a whole array of electronic processes. The artists are Pilocka Krach, Andrea Parker, Sarah Badr / FRKTL, Madoka, Leah Kardos, Elodie Lauten, Deena Abdelwahed and Sabina Covarrubius.