Reblog – The Top Ten Sounding Out! Posts of 2017!

I don’t like lists but this is an exception – thoughtful and wide ranging .

Sounding Out!

For your January reading pleasure, here are the Top Ten Posts of 2017 (according to views as of 12/28/17). Visit this brilliance today–and often!–and know more fire is coming in 2018!


10). Unlearning Black Sound in Black Artistry: Examining the Quiet in Solange’s A Seat At the Table

Kimberly Williams

On May 18th, 2017, Solange Knowles took viewers on an expedition as she glided, danced and “agonized” in a “joyful praise break” on the floor of New York City’s Guggenheim museum. Drawing from the museum’s narrative of introspection and multi-sensory connection, Solange’s performance of “An Ode To. . .” prompted viewers to relearn and reorient the melodies of A Seat at the Table (2016). Solange’s performance in this setting hearkened listeners to new concepts and emotions in the record they didn’t catch before as they consumed it. This begs the question– what other sonic elements have we neglected to identify in A Seat…

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Reblog – The Women of Latin American Electronic Music — Bandcamp Daily


Seven artists changing the game within the predominantly male-dominated genre.

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New Release – Algobabez – Burning Circuits






New on tape and digital, a two-trrack album from live-coding duo, Algobabez. Burning Circuits is a pair of 20 minute algorithmic jams using both SuperCollider and hardware, creating abrasive, jacking and disconcerting dancefloor music. Preorder from 28th March, released 15th April. This tape is released for Dismantle Yourself, a night of deconstructive rave in the Deadhouse […]

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Friday Focus – Pink Noises


“Pink Noises promotes work by women who are DJs, electronic musicians and sound artists, make information on music production more accessible to women and girls, and encourage critical thinking about audio technologies and cultures.

The website was founded in 2000 by musician and writer Tara Rodgers (Analog Tara). It was supported by a large community of contributors and participants in online discussions and occasional events. The site was updated for a few years and has remained online as an archive since then. This page continues its mission with links to info and videos of inspiring artists, gear, and audio esoterica.”


Today’s Discovery – Ludmila Frajt


Ludmila Frajt (December 31, 1919 – March 14, 1999) was a Yugoslav and Serbian composer. She wrote choral, orchestral and chamber works, music for films and radio-dramas, electro-acoustic works, as well as music for children.

A pioneer of female writing in the domain of Serbian music, she often wrote ‘female’ vocal genres such as lullabies and threnody (music for mourning the dead) .


Friday Focus – WISWOS


“The Women in Sound/Women on Sound network seeks to redress a growing knowledge gap concerning the impact women have in the field of sound studies.”


Website –

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Today’s Discovery – Diary#1 by Christine Webster

This week the playlist is a starting point for Artists beginning with the letter W.
Today’s Discovery is Diary#1 by Christine Webster – Experimental electroacoustic modular textures.

Artist statement –
“The content of Diary #1 is a selection of 12 patches/compositions carefully sorted among hours of recordings produced during 2015. They came out from the everyday exercising, following my mood on the creativ path. All the tracks are one takes, composed and performed in real time on my modular synth mixed with the Doepfer A 138, and recorded on Protools. No additional DAW mixing or editing. High resolution audio files 48/24.
Released February 5, 2017

Website –