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Phew, so many great releases this year…

ambient, experimental, electronic, field recordings, musique concrète, soundscapes

electronic, therapeutic music, ambient, electronic music, healing, healing music, synth, therapeutic

electronic, abstract avant-garde dance experimental, electronic, techno



experimental, ambient, drone

experimental, avant-garde, composition, drone, horns, strings, tape, woodwind

ambient, experimental, drone, field recording, lowercase

hip hop, jazz, south indian music, world, ambient, beats, dance, electronic, experimental, instrumental, production

electronic, experimental,idm, ambient, dark, meditative, minimal

experimental, acousmatic, electroacoustic, electronic, experimental, musique concrète

ambient, ambience, ambient electronic, background music, drone, electronica, ethereal, meditation, meditative, minimal, ambient, soundscape, spacemusic

electronic, experimental, ambient, dark, ambient, drone, minimal, noise, synths, techno

experimental, shamanic, drone, ambient, psychedelic, pop

experimental, persistent, repetitive, sound art


Here is the third part of my year in listening concentrating on releases from 2022. As ever, no positions, favourites, best of…. that, dear listeners and followers is for you to decide.

electronic, shamanic, electroacoustic, electronica, esoteric, experimental, powerful, psychedelic, ritual, techno, transcendental

electronic pioneer

experimental, avant-garde, contemporary, contemporary, classical, electroacoustic

experimental, aleatoric, ambient, drone, electroacoustic, electronic, field recording, modular synth, synth

experimental, electroacoustic, field recording, field recordings, musique concrete, sound art

experimental, ambient, avant-garde, cello, classical, electronic, experimental, field recordings, improvisation, neo-futurist, pop

experimental, acousmatic, ambisonics, binaural, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic

experimental, experimental electronic

experimental, electro-acoustic, electronic, improv, sound art

ambient, electro, electronic, experimental, glitch, pop, techno

experimental, ambient, drone, electronic, industrial, noise

electronic, experimental, cellphone, databending, experimental, field recordings, glitch, hex, noise, reaper

experimental, avant-garde, elektron, fm, glitchy, idm, live pa

sequencers, berlin school, ambient electronic, electronic, progressive, synth, synthesizers


Well, it’s coming towards the end of 2022, and this is the time that many of us will sit and look back and wonder where it all went.

I used to do a thing called I Don’t Do Lists, but someone pointed out that technically they were, even though I have never had placings, best of, worst etc, so this year I am just putting out my end of year listening’s from 2022.

As ever, no positions, favourites, best of…. that, dear listeners and followers is for you to decide.

Here are a few from the beginning of the year.

electronic japan kyoto ambient field recordings healing industrial noise ambient seawave soundscape techno

alternative avant-garde industrial modular synth modular synthesizer new wave obscure electronics strange Japan

experimental ambient electroacoustic experimental electronic field recording minimal sound art Sydney

electronic electronic experimental industrial opera pan daijing performance soundtrack tate tissues vocal Berlin

electronic electronic listening music dub techno Ely

electronic experimental neo-soul ambient de colonial drone healing sound industrial liberation new age noise queer electronic Oakland

experimental noise electro electronic techno London

electronic experimental soundtrack music ambient electroacoustic experimental experimental electronic musique concrete orchestral video game music Oslo

electronic Uppsala

experimental idm oberpöbel acoustic ecology ambient electroacoustic electronic environment field recordings non-activity silence soundscape storytelling water Czech Republic

ambient computer music max msp sine waves Oakland

dark trap electronic experimental dark ambient dark electronic sci-fi techno tribal witch house Illinois


Autumn is here and the time seems to be passing very quickly, helped, of course, by the following listening.


Aleksandra S​ł​yż – Human Glory
by Pointless Geometry

alternative, electronic, experimental, ambient, avant garde, contemporary, drone, improvisation, noise, tape


During this long hot summer, like many, I have been preoccupied with other seemingly more pressing things than my website. Indeed, I am still trying to work out what to do with this site and also how to continue with Feminatronic.

That aside I have had a month of listening to music at night-time when it’s been cooler and often watching the sun set.

Here is Augusts listening, mostly (but not all) introspective, meditative and go well with the setting of the sun –


It’s been a bit quiet here at the moment. Having a rethink about this site and how to continue with Feminatronic but here are some recent releases and listening I have come across in the past month.

I have been concentrating on Night Listening on Twitter, so some of the releases are quiet and reflective but not all.

ambient atmospheric dark ambient drone electronica ethereal meditation soundscape soundscapes spacemusic

experimental electronic pioneer

electronic chillout creative commons downtempo hypnagogic drift post-vaporwave renoise synth pop vaporwave

experimental electronic music experimental electronic free jazz improvisation improvised music jazz

experimental ambient drone environment field recordings sea soundscape water music

experimental alternative pop ambient electronic electronic music experimental electronic field recordings radio art sound art

electronic algorithmic composition field recording laptop music music concrete supercollider

ambient electronic atmospheric deep drone meditation

ambient deep listening dreamwave drone environment experimental instrumental new age synthesizer

experimental acousmatic electroacoustic field recordings musique concrete

electronic experimental dance electronic hip-hop techno


ambient experimental idm spoken word abstract ambient electronic analogue electroacoustic experimental electronic lyre vocals

experimental afrofuturism avant-garde free jazz noise



I seem to have missed a whole month here but to be honest there are far more important things on my mind at the moment and I’m sure yours.

I have been highlighting some SoundCloud pages on twitter and thought it would be good to post them here too. As usual no preferences and literally just random…

Martyna Poznańska


For a short while I wrote for the No Audience Underground zine TQ

For the past couple of years I put together playlists for the zine to introduce to a wider audience some of the artists that I had listened to since starting my Feminatronic journey. These lists were specific to the zine readership in that the music I selected was deemed to be more challenging, underground , experimental and not always solely female identifying artists. My aim was purely to get a predominantly male readership to consider things maybe outside their comfort zone and mine too.

Due to the natural development of the zine, my article was no longer required and so I thought that I would continue them here, starting with my very first –

My Listening 8 Tracker #1

I’m at the age where I spend a lot of time thinking about the past, some good and some not so good but the simple concept of my listening 8Tracker is based on happy hours of music discovery.
In case some of you don’t know, many years ago as a bored teenager a family acquaintance let me use her 8Track. Do you remember them? Huge cartridges that you fed into the front of a large wooden box, and with giant headphones on, you were transported to new sonic realms, in my case it was Roxy Music ‘Stranded’.
Taking this simple concept, I thought I would put together an 8 Track of my recent listening of musicians from around the world together with links. These artists create music that fits loosely into the NAU sound (there may be some leeway with this) but I think it’s always good to expand your listening horizons and after all this is my personal listening.
Oh, and they mostly also just happen to identify as female, unless otherwise stated ; )
No order. No preferences. Links where available .

Happy Listening.

Suzanne Bedlam et les Herbes Folles

furiosa aa

diy, electronic, experimental,noise

Taxidermia for Solo Cello and Electronics
Katarina Gryvul

electroacoustique, electronic, experimental, ambient, avant-pop, cello, classical contemporary, ethereal vocals,experimental electronic

Wanna SEE

Experimental, shamanic, drone, ambient, psychedelic pop

Breadwoman and Other Tales
Anna Homler and Steve Moshier

Experimental drone, electronic music, improv, sampling  sound art,sound collage, turntablism

To Vo
Excerpt by Luong Hue Trinh
Viet Nam


Isama Noko
Isabel Nogueira and Maia Koenig
Brazil / Argentina

Alternative, electronic, experimental, chiptune, noise

Eva Van Deuren aka
Orphan Fairytale

Self made electronics, toy instruments, cassette loops, small keyboards