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Technically Inaccurate
by Skoddie

Electronic, ambient, dark ambient, drone, experimental, generative

Hidden’ by Myristica. Music to meditate to.

Electronic, piano, chill, meditative

Cosmic Bliss by Suzanne Doucet (music doucet & miraz)

Electronic, New Age

Orbit Beyond
by Dawn Tuesday

Electronic, ambient, drone, ambient space,


Here is another of my occasional posts about articles you might be interested in –

Excellent overview from an oft overlooked pioneer of electronic music on Sound Art Zone, which is itself a mine of information about all things sound art related.

Radiophonic Ladies by Jo Hutton – Sound Art Network

Arushi Jain on Identity, Indian Classical Music & Modular Synthesisers
Words by Chal Ravens

Pauline Anna Strom’s Music Created Portals to New Worlds by Robert Ham · February 17, 2021 on Bandcamp Daily

BJörk on ‘Biophilia’ and Making Music Interactive – The Icelandic icon speaks to Hans Ulrich Obrist about her revolutionary interactive LP ‘Biophilia’ in this interview from 2011.- Electronic Beats

#Throwback 18/2/2021

Here are this weeks tracks that are older than last year : )

by Ryoko Akama/Anne-F Jacques

Contemporary, drone, electronic, experimental, minimal, modern, sound art

Silence Resounding

Ambient, electronic, experimenta, microsound, minimalism, sound art

Burning Circuits

Electronic, experimental, algorave, livecoding

Maddalena Fagandini | Interval Signal – Sound Art Zone

I Don’t Do Lists pt6

This is the final look back to releases of 2020, at least those I have listened to and posted elsewhere and is not exhaustive, so apologies if I left your release out of the 6 part series.

pyr300 jenn kirby – being time

Ooops..forgot to post this : /

#Throwback Tracks 28/01/21

This week spans listening from electronic pioneers to space…

No One Is An Island, 2nd album (2012)
by Berangere Maximin

Electronic, abstract, contemporary, electroacoustic, experimental electronic

Interstellar Travel
by Joanne Gabriel

Alternative, neoclassical-darkwave, soundscape, soundtrack

Throwback Tracks 22/01/21

Here are this weeks’ throwback tracks –

The Early Immersive Music of Joan La Barbara (mode298)
by Joan La Barbara

Original recordings from 1976 to 1981

voice, tape, experimental

i mi dragon
by Phantom Chips

electronic, experimental, handmade instruments

Theremin, pioneer

I Don’t Do Lists pt5

Last year was a strange year and that is probably an understatement but there were many great releases despite all the difficulties. I usually post throughout December as many as possible however due to the situation I thought I would extend it throughout January and I’ve still only barely scrapped the surface. These 20 have been posted on twitter this month…there may be more : )

#Throwback 14 /01/2021

Here are last weeks throwback releases and again very different from each other.

by Lara Sarkissian

Ambient, armenian, dance, electronic, experimental, techno

by Audrey Chen

Experimental, electronic, folk, improvisation, new music, noise

#throwback 10/1/20

Catching up…

Trickling Light
by Anda Volley

alternative, ambient, electronic, new age, dark ambient, dream pop, electro, gothic, indie rock

Pril Smiley
Pioneer of Electronic Music 2006

Daphne Oram
Electronic Sound Patterns
Remastered 2013

MNQ 116 Doris Norton – Nortoncomputerforpeace LP
by Doris Norton
Released 1983.
Re Released 2018

electronic, cold wave, ebm, electro minimal, synth, techno

by Compilation
Released 2018

electronic, african, ambient, asia, asian, drone, east, electroacoutsic, electronic, electronica, experimental, improv, industrial, mideast, noise

It Wouldn’t Be Christmas here without…

Finally, made it to Christmas eve and probably, like many, I feel that it’s been a hard slog of a year, more so for some, especially those working in the Entertainment and Hospitality sectors. If you are able, and I know it’s hard, try and buy someone’s’ music this Christmas. Many artists are struggling and a ka=ching, however small, could mean more than you will ever know.

I’m going to post a couple of usual suspects, an old playlist that’s still good, and also a crazy happy new release from Xylitol that made me smile : )

Signing off now for a few days. Wishing you ALL, whoever you are, wherever you are, hopefully, a Peaceful and Happy Christmas. O / Feminatronic