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REBLOG – Yuko Araki ~ End of Trilogy — a closer listen

Sunday reading and one of the best overviews of Yuko Araki’s work –

End Of Trilogy
by Yuko Araki

dark ambient, electronics, noise, noizu

It is common to read about the mind-obliterating qualities of noise and its negative paths towards selfless meditation, but there is another undercurrent in its stark associations with bodily harm and the possibility to access some sort of outside within: a psychic reality that does not flow into oneness, but that violently multiplies every time […]

Yuko Araki ~ End of Trilogy — a closer listen


Luu’s Strange Visions
by Elisa Luu

Electronic, pop, acoustic, ambient, ambient electronic, electroacoustic, electronica, experimental folk

” An EP born while confined within four walls at home during lockdown.
Four tracks that represent an intimate gaze on such a “visionary” time “


Thing Music
by Erin Demastes


I came across this new release via A Closer Listen, where you can read the original review here

REBLOG – Furchick – Morning Call — Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: FurchickTitle: Morning CallKeywords: experimental, love, The feeling of opening the door on a pleasant  calm warm day… One with a sunny breeze in which vibrant magpies are gathered for kind chats as they  inspect their own feathers. The kind of morning in which you immediately know that you can keep your slippers on all […]

Furchick – Morning Call — Yeah I Know It Sucks

Experimental, ambient, experimental field recordings

We all need calm…and this is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Thanks YIKIS for the heads up : )