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Things are not going well here in real life, so posts are a bit hit and miss but here are some of the new releases that I’ve come across for the past couple of weeks.

Sounding good : )


technology, voice, languages, field recording

ambient, electronic, background music, drone, electronic, electronica, ethereal, meditation, meditative, minimal ambient, soundscape, spacemusic,

electronic, experimental, ambient, soundtrack

experimental, ambient, avant-garde, drone, drone ambient, experimental, noise


Firstly, I would like to wish you all the best for the New Year. A bit belated, I know, due to unforeseen circumstances but let’s hope that 2023 is better than last year for many.

On the positive side, there have already been some new and interesting releases and let’s hope that this continues, especially as 2023 also marks 10 years of Feminatronic. I’m not sure how to mark this milestone but for now I’m carrying on .

So, on with the New Year… and the new releases

experimental, ambient, avantgarde, drone, electronic, contemporary music, new release 2023

electronic, ambient electronic, dance music, hip-hop, techno, new release 2023

experimental, new release 2023

electronic, drone droneambient, field recordings, industrial, ambient, drone noise, white noise for sleep, new release 2023

Reblog – Chra & Méryll Ampe “Sleepwalkers” — Tsuku Boshi Records

More information below –

Following the INCLUSIVES project, the Fair_Play network and Tsuku Boshi Recordshave decided to continue their joint adventure through a temporary collection presenting female and non-binary composers from various backgrounds: ]FairTsuku[ Each split album features two artists with a carte blanche. For this news realease, we are very pleased to present: Chra & Méryll Ampe “Sleepwalkers” Out : 21.06.2022 – – – Chra Chra is the Alter […]

Chra & Méryll Ampe “Sleepwalkers” — Tsuku Boshi Records

Reblog – Drum & Lace ~ Natura — a closer listen

After a run of acclaimed singles, EPs and film and TV scores (“Dickinson,” “Good Girls,” “I Know What You Did Last Summer”), Drum & Lace (Sofia Hultquist) is finally releasing her debut album.  Natura is confident and catchy, the artist’s vast experience giving her an advantage over most debut appearances. In 2019, we placed the artist’s semi songs in […]

Drum & Lace ~ Natura — a closer listen

Thanks A Closer Listen for the review and my listening today –

Reblog – Nyokabi Kariũki ~ peace places: kenyan memories — a closer listen

The first major release from Kenyan sound artist Nyokabi Kariũki follows a beguilng pair of videos and a number of works for everything from choir to marimba trio.  peace places: kenyan memories is not only a reflection on her home, but on all homes, echoing the writings of Pico Iyer.  Travel restrictions locked her in Maryland, unable […]

Nyokabi Kariũki ~ peace places: kenyan memories — a closer listen


experimental, electro-acoustic, electronica, experimental electronic, fieldrecordings

experimental, audiovisual, extreme computer music, frame synthesis, generative, micropop, phonemic pulsar, pulsar scramble


electronic, metalcore, electro-industrial experimental, experimental electronic, fusion, jazz fusion, metal, new age, noise, prog, progressive, sound design

electronic, ambient, deep techno, hypnotic, nature, techno

electronic, experimental, turntablism, noise, sound design, theatre, turntables


by Francesco Cavaliere & Tomoko Sauvage

experimental, ambient, electroacoustic, electronic, modern classical

Francesco Cavaliere and Tomoko Sauvage embody a tactile audio visual display, radiating the colour green into sounds and painting meditative music…For their installation and performance, Cavaliere and Sauvage assemble a green cabinet of curiosities – an instrumentarium combining water, glass, clay, bamboo xylophones, metallophones and synthesizers. Tomoko describes in an interview: “When you are actually surrounded by green musical instruments, it has a calming effect as if you were looking at a forest or mountain.”


pyr313 dirty electronics ensemble, jon.ogara, and anna xambó – dirty dialogues

Free music improvisation, analogue and digital instruments, acoustic and electronic materials, live coding and DIY sound-making techniques.

experimental, acoustic, alternative, ambient, asmr, contemporary classical, electroacoustic, electronic, field recordings, immersive, improvisation, instrumental, musique concrète, noise, post-industrial, soundtrack

electronics, experimental, field recordings

experimental, ambient, deep listening, electroacoustic, electronic, environmental, experimental. ambient, field recording


Apologies if I’ve forgotten anyone’s release

ambient, electronic, experimental

art pop, classical, experimental, expiremental new club, post-industrial, composition, contemporary, electronic, microtonal, orchestral, sound design

experimental, ambient, avant garde, musique-concrete, noise

electronic, house, deep techno, techno

experimental, ambient, dance, electronic

experimental, electronic, techno

electronic, ambient, electronica, experimental, improv, improvised music, lo-fi, loops, noise

electronic, experimental, choral, electroacoustic, folk, vocal

experimental, experimental, no-wave, blues, techno

experimental, afrofuturism, avant-garde, free jazz, noise

alternative, electroacoustics, experimental, radio, sound art

experimental, electronic, live looping, modern classical, pipe organ

electronic, algorithmic composition, field recording, laptop music, music concrete, supercollider

electronic, tech, house, ambient, techno, deep techno, industrial, tribal

ambient, electro-acoustic, minimal, piano

experimental, ambient, field recordings, sound art, soundscape

Sonae ~ Summer — a closer listen

Summer may not sound like summer, but that’s okay, because the season has just ended in the Northern Hemisphere.  Instead, Sonae‘s album is an ode to a lost summer ~ the summer of 2020 ~ and a warning that future summers may head in the same direction. COVID is nothing compared to climate change, which is the […]

Sonae ~ Summer — a closer listen

Slowly catching up but here’s one that nearly got away but didn’t thanks to ACL : )