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I’ve been looking through some of my drafts in a bit of a tidy up, and have found many that, for some reason, I forgot to post, like this one…Now’s as good as any…

National Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Sept. 14, 2019 –

Laurie Spiegel: (1945- ) A composer whose work appears on NASA’s “Golden Record,” (shipped out on the Voyager spacecraft) Laurie Spiegel is known worldwide for her pioneering work with early electronic and computer music systems. A cutting-edge thinker, her experience with early analog electronic music systems led Spiegel to innovate musically and instrumentally. She has focused largely on interactive software that uses algorithmic logic as a supplement to human abilities, thereby expanding access to creative expression for a far greater number of people than was previously allowed through traditional methods of musical training. The aesthetics of musical structure and cognitive processes have also been a focus of Spiegel’s work. Spiegel’s work has been re-issued, having appeared in the popular Hunger Games movies, highlighted in the 2018 BBC Proms, and featured in various museum settings where the intersection of electronic music compositions, the machines, and software used to create those compositions, and the visual arts have come together in harmony.

Four Electronic Artists Reflect on the Influence of Composer Laurie Spiegel

Laurie Spiegel

Reblog – The Space Lady – greatest hits

You can never have enough of The Space Lady : )


Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: The Space Lady
Title: greatest hits
Keywords: pop, electronic, synthesizer

I know… I know.. and I’m even fully aware of already having discussed this lovely album over here, but sometimes it’s nice to have it ripen in the back of my head and return to it like a fine wine that has stood through the seasons to make all the flavors pop out for the best. When I first heard it I was just fully flabbergasted and surprised about its discovery through a good friend (graham Boosey) who had seen this lady perform in concert. I was fully blown away by just hearing this album so imagine how blown away his enthusiasm was, but now with the time passing gracefully and the music flourishing like a flower over time in my own memory storage system, I thought reviewing it for a second time was a nice little thing to…

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Reblog – Chosen One: Lucrecia Dalt — FRACTURED AIR

“I wanted to explore edges and boundaries in any form; abstract, fictional, material, and by doing so I started to find metaphors I could use from concepts coming from geology like the anticline or the antiform which are ultimately disrupted or distorted hierarchical bodies.” —Lucrecia Dalt Words: Mark Carry On the striking, near-prophetic album opener […]

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Article – Suzanne Ciani: A Lifetime at Electronic Music’s Forefront — Bandcamp Daily




It’s clear from the outset that Ciani was always tireless, but her energy and commitment to artistic excellence has failed to flag.

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Today’s Discovery – Ludmila Frajt


Ludmila Frajt (December 31, 1919 – March 14, 1999) was a Yugoslav and Serbian composer. She wrote choral, orchestral and chamber works, music for films and radio-dramas, electro-acoustic works, as well as music for children.

A pioneer of female writing in the domain of Serbian music, she often wrote ‘female’ vocal genres such as lullabies and threnody (music for mourning the dead) .

Today’s Discovery – Priscilla McLean

Electronic Music Pioneer

Conversation with Priscilla McLean

NewMusicBox 10/5/2006

Review Reblog – Stag Hare – Velvet And Bone — Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Stag Hare title: Velvet And Bone keywords: ambient drone electronic faery fantasy folk love magic pop psychedelic storytelling Oakland label: Inner Islands Stag Hare knows how to massage our ears with a buildup that even the most painful stiffest muscle cannot resist to become flexible with. With smooth ambiance the hearing receptors are […]

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Great to see this new project – Stag Hare – has been picked up. When I first heard this album, recommended by Sean Conrad of Inner Islands records, I was blown away by the sound, partly New Age and also what some term Now Age. It was so good to my ears , I made it my Album of the Week – 8/11//16 and was also going to be a Todays Discovery but pleased to post this YIKIS review instead.

Reblog – Album of the Day: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani, “Sunergy”

Couldn’t really pass this release and review…

Weekly Theme – Between Continents

Some of you who follow Feminatronic on Twitter and Facebook will know that I post playlists based on a weekly theme. Since I have discovered that there are a lot more women creators out there than I realised, this enables me to highlight as much music as possible but also giving a fair hearing to many genres of electronic music.

These seem quite popular as a means of discovering new artists and music, so it’s about time I posted some here.

This week the theme has been Between Continents and has focussed on artists from, working / living  or have connections with Asia and Africa. Below are the two playlists that I have put together so far and  Album of the Week Ombrophilia by Tomoko Sauvage.


Artists on this playlist are Deena Abdelwahed, Kyoka, Liliane Chlela, Tujiko Noriko, Zahra Mani, Midori Hirano, Yoko Ono, Buffalo Daughter.

Artists on this playlist are Mutamassik, _litter, One Man Nation, YTAMO. unii, Yara Mekawei, Applex Twin and Fari B.

Album of the Week

Ombrophilia by Tomoko Sauvage


Here is a sublime piece that sonically fits the day from my Artist of the Week

Sharon Gal