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Not all Sunday’s have a quiet drift. Sometimes Sunday can sound like this and be challenging in a good way…

GOL, Ana-Maria Avram, Iancu Dumitrescu And Members Of Ansamblul Hyperion – Musique Directe (Full)

Volume 1, hence the title “Musique Directe”, shows the band facing the leaders of Roumenian spectralism Ana-Maria Avaram and Iancu Dumitrescu. Electric and intense spontaneous experiments, on the edge of electroacoustic music and primitive avant-garde.” – Soundohm


Spirit Trance
by Constance Demby

Ambient, healing, contemplative, electronic, meditation, space, space music, synthesizer, trance

Sunday Ambience…

This week I’m posting a couple of releases…

Songs from the Omega Point
by Gail Priest – Metal Bitch Recordings

Ambient, experimental, experimental electronic, industrial, dark ambient, drone, ecstatic, electronica, experimental electronica, sci-fi

Test Transmission
by Various artists

Every penny of revenue from this compilation will be donated to The Trussell Trust, a charity whose vision is for a UK without the need for food banks –

Electronic, ambient, electronica, experimental, field recordings, modern classical


Isolated Bliss
by Amy Reid

Ambient, environmental, minimal, synth


Luu’s Strange Visions
by Elisa Luu

Electronic, pop, acoustic, ambient, ambient electronic, electroacoustic, electronica, experimental folk

” An EP born while confined within four walls at home during lockdown.
Four tracks that represent an intimate gaze on such a “visionary” time “


by Haco

Ambient, avant pop, dream pop, electronica, experimental, new age, progressive, soundart, vocals


by NAKATANI / CHEN DUO with special guest SUSAN ALCORN

Experimental, electronic, folk, improvisation, new music, noise, voice, cello, percussion, pedal steel guitar

and finally…

Sad news about the premature death of Sophie and her sounds have been today’s ambience –

If you want to listen to more and read about this extraordinary creative human being here is a good introduction –

Sophie: 10 of the greatest tracks by a genius of pop’s expressive power
From productions for Charli XCX and Gaika to Sophie’s emotionally shattering solo works, we celebrate a truly singular artist who has died aged 34
Ben Beaumont-Thomas
The Guardian 30th January 2021

Sunday Ambience

Eliane Radigue – Born 24th January, 1932

by Helene Breschand / Eliane Radigue / Kasper T. Toeplitz

Experimental, avant-garde, classical, electronic, improv, postmodern

Reblog – Martina Bertoni ~ Music for Empty Flats — a closer listen

Lush is the word and a beautiful Sunday ambience…

Music for Empty Flats may have been recorded before the pandemic, but the conditions of its genesis are so fitting that the album now seems prescient.  While alone in an undecorated flat in Reykjavik, Martina Bertoni spent a good amount of time listening to her favorite music while watching the snow through the window.  To the outside world, […]

Martina Bertoni ~ Music for Empty Flats — a closer listen