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The Shimmering Land
by Meg Bowles

ambient, ambient electronic, ambient orchestral, atmospheric, space music


A day late but what’s a day?

by Lyra Pramuk

Electronic, experimental, folk, future music, vocal, avant-pop, choral, electroacoustic, folk futurism, modern classical vocal


Moon Drip
by Electric Sound Bath

ambient, cosmic, drone, electro-acoustic, experimental, head music, meditation, micro, outsider, stillness, transcendental


To All Frequencies I Can Not Sense for Quartet
by Marta Forsberg

electronic, drone, experimental, installation art, jazz, minimal


A bit late…

Black Gate
by Kali Malone

electronic, experimental, dungeon synth, minimalism, modern classical


Oceanic Space
by Lucette Bourdin

ambient, atmospheric, electronic ambient, new age


Les Chants de Milarepa
by Éliane Radigue
Songs of Milarepa (1983), 139’24

experimental, acousmatic, electroacoustic, electronic experimental, musique concrète

Éliane Radigue (1932-)

Éliane Radigue was born in Paris. She studied Musique Concrète techniques at the “Studio d’Essai” of the RTF under the direction of Pierre Schaeffer and Pierre Henry (1956-57). She was married to the painter and sculptor Arman and devoted ten years to their three children. She then worked with Pierre Henry, as his assistant at the Studio APSOME (1967-68). She was in residence at the New York University School of Arts (1970-71), the University of Iowa and the California Institute of the Arts (1973) and Mills College (1998). She has created sound environments using looped tapes of various durations, gradually desynchronising. Her works have been featured in numerous galleries and museums since the late 60s and from 1970, she has been associated to the ARP 2500 Synthesizer and tape through many compositions from “Chry-ptus” (1971) up to “L’Île re-sonante” (2000). These include: “Biogenesis”, “Arthesis”, “Ψ 847”, “Adnos I, II and III” (70s), “Les Chants de Milarepa” and “Jetsun Mila” (80s) and the three pieces constituting the Trilogie de la Mort (1988-91-93). Since 2002, she has been composing mostly acoustic works for performers and instruments. Her music has been featured in major international festivals. Her extremely sober, almost ascetic concerts, are made of a continuous, ever-changing yet extremely slow stream of sound, whose transformation occurs within the sonic material itself.


by Ellen Fullman & Theresa Wong

experimental, contemporary classical, long string instrument, minimal, new music

“… shifting drones, aberrant melodies and glistening atmospheres.”


Ancient Memories
Lucette Bourdin


This week end is Sound Reveil 2021, a 24 hr broadcast tracking sunrise around the earth with live audio feeds from streamers around the world at daybreak, so today’s ambience reflects this with what I can say is one of my all time favourite field recording releases…

Soundscapes of spring
by Izabela Dłużyk

experimental, birdsong, field recording, nature

Various closeup recordings of blackbirds, mistle thrushes, golden orioles and many others are joined by natural ambiences of endangered Bialowieza primeval forest, Siemianowka lake or Biebrza marshes.

“As I am blind since birth, I have always been particularly sensitive to sounds. When I was a child, I became interested in bird voices, which soon led me to discover nature recording. I started with a noisy, hissing tape recorder, but what treasures those recordings seemed to me at that time! Now, sixteen years later, I am still following my passion, but with a fully professional equipment. Through recording the natural world, I try to capture its beauty, its subtle music, its gentle voice. I try to understand its mystery: the mystery of life – this indescribable treasure we share with all the creatures, the mystery of fleeting moments, of sadness and hope brought by changing seasons… It is through observing nature that I have received perhaps the greatest lessons regarding the meaning of life in general and the meaning of my own life. Through my recordings, I hope to share with you some glimpses of wisdom and beauty of the natural world.” – Izabela Dłużyk