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Not all Sunday’s have a quiet drift. Sometimes Sunday can sound like this and be challenging in a good way…

GOL, Ana-Maria Avram, Iancu Dumitrescu And Members Of Ansamblul Hyperion – Musique Directe (Full)

Volume 1, hence the title “Musique Directe”, shows the band facing the leaders of Roumenian spectralism Ana-Maria Avaram and Iancu Dumitrescu. Electric and intense spontaneous experiments, on the edge of electroacoustic music and primitive avant-garde.” – Soundohm


Everything here…to space and back…

Water’s Edge
by Future Shuttle


Kissing Infinity
by Mira Martin-Gray

Experimental, noise, ambient, drone, field recordings, glitch, improvised, musique concrete

by Lauren Sarah Hayes


IX Pieces for UPIC
by Christi Denton

Ambient, experimental, experimental electronic, noise

by may hd

Experimental, bootleg, free improvisation, improvisation, mixtape, noise, sound art

Uno todo tres
by Clara de Asís

Drone. electronic, experimental, ambient, concrete, contemporary classical, drone ambient, electric guitar, electroacoustic, minimal, sound art

REBLOG – RARO 13: Ale Hop (Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America) — female:pressure

Source: RARO 13: Ale Hop (Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America)

RARO 13: Ale Hop (Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America) — female:pressure

Full details here, which I will be exploring more in future weeks –

‘Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America’, with pieces from the twentieth century (mainly 60s-80s)’

Beatriz Ferreyra – Echos (1978)
Hilda Dianda – Después del silencio (1976)
Jacqueline Nova – Creación de la tierra (1972)
Jocy de Oliveira – Wave Song (1981)
Oksana Linde – Mariposas acuáticas (1985)
Vânia Dantas Leite – L’Indien et L’Ovni (1986)
Nelly Moretto – Composición 9b (1966)
Marlene Migliari Fernandes – Espectros Cromáticos (1967)
Graciela Paraskevaídis – Algún sonido de la vida (1993)
Graciela Castillo – Y así era (1982)
Olga Pozzi Escot – Three Poems of Rilke (1959)
Alicia Urreta – Dameros I (1984)


A Quietus Interview
Earth, Wind And Fire: An Interview With Annea Lockwood

Jennifer Lucy Allan talks to the New Zealand born composer about love letters on quarter-inch tape, piano gardens and doll shops, and the physical effects of sound upon our bodies

7704A – Tiger Balm
by Annea Lockwood

Experimental, chants, folk, meditation, traditional

REBLOG – Else Marie Pade – Electronic Works 1958-1995 — Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Else Marie PadeTitle: Electronic Works 1958-1995Keywords: electronic, avant garde, experimental Else Marie Pade brings us on a journey through her electronic works made in 1858 to 1995. I guess we could ask uncle Google to spot out more information about this artist, but let’s be an alternative in the information age and just be […]

Else Marie Pade – Electronic Works 1958-1995 — Yeah I Know It Sucks

As usual a different take on the works of Else Marie Pade but this is one of the best descriptions of her music…

Dangling on the fine line of enjoyment and captivating interest. Things ploink and plink like smooth lines of water drips with enough sparkles to widen up your iris. Things play like electronic breaths that give life to the silence, that shovel around the furniture of vibrating sounds with great expense, leaving you in a state of mind that is equally reached when listening to the soundtrack of a strange movie in which you feel disoriented and yet firmly at home.“…



Lov3 & L1ght

Electronic, dance, experimental electronic

Sofia Gubaidulina: Vivente – Non vivente (1970)
ANS Synthesizer

Sounds Of The City
by Maria Teresa Luciani
Original recordings 1972

“…. found sounds, radiophonic samples, tape loops, early electronic music experiments, mechanical folk, cinematic vision, sound design, educated music theory, political pop and high concept art-as-noise…” – finders keepers

library sounds, psychedelic

Constance Demby
Ambrosial Waves (Healing Waters)

New Age, meditative, electronic, space music, pioneer

Sunday Ambience…

This week I’m posting a couple of releases…

Songs from the Omega Point
by Gail Priest – Metal Bitch Recordings

Ambient, experimental, experimental electronic, industrial, dark ambient, drone, ecstatic, electronica, experimental electronica, sci-fi

Test Transmission
by Various artists

Every penny of revenue from this compilation will be donated to The Trussell Trust, a charity whose vision is for a UK without the need for food banks –

Electronic, ambient, electronica, experimental, field recordings, modern classical


There’s something quite satisfying setting aside some time to immerse yourself in a deeply evolving longer play and Wednesday afternoon has become one of those times for me. Here are a few of my recent suggestions to sit down, sit back and escape into….

Realm of Perfume and Lights
by Anna Peaker

Experimental, drone

2H is Liz Helman and Steph Horak
Electronic, experimental, drone, processed field recordings

Affection in a Time of Crisis
by Carmen Villain

Electronic, experimental, ambient, cosmic, deep listening,

Drone, electronic, ambient


by Haco

Ambient, avant pop, dream pop, electronica, experimental, new age, progressive, soundart, vocals


Here is another of my occasional posts about articles you might be interested in –

Excellent overview from an oft overlooked pioneer of electronic music on Sound Art Zone, which is itself a mine of information about all things sound art related.

Radiophonic Ladies by Jo Hutton – Sound Art Network

Arushi Jain on Identity, Indian Classical Music & Modular Synthesisers
Words by Chal Ravens

Pauline Anna Strom’s Music Created Portals to New Worlds by Robert Ham · February 17, 2021 on Bandcamp Daily

BJörk on ‘Biophilia’ and Making Music Interactive – The Icelandic icon speaks to Hans Ulrich Obrist about her revolutionary interactive LP ‘Biophilia’ in this interview from 2011.- Electronic Beats