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Reiew Reblog – Anne Guthrie ~ Brass Orchids

a closer listen

Brass Orchids is a dense and unusual album, whose outer darkness disguises an inner light.  On the surface, it’s a set filled with field recordings, drones and danger.  Below the surface is Anne Guthrie‘s ancestry, apparent in piano pieces from the artist’s deceased grandfather.  “Spider” includes a segment of tap dancing that would brighten the heart of even a hauntologist.  The project challenges our ideas of the past: is it something to be exhumed, feared, celebrated or a mixture of all three?  While Guthrie declines to settle on a single answer, she underlines a common theme: that whatever lies in the past is worth excavating.

“Bellona” recalls the work of debris artist Tarab, whose soundscaping often takes place in abandoned buildings and includes scraping, drips and a tone of brokenness.  But there’s that piano, throwing everything off.  Usually when one hears such a thing, one thinks of “The Shining” or…

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Reblog – DECAYCAST #037: DECAYCAST Premiere: FIRE -TOOLZ Video for “PASSAGEWAYS TO MEETING AREAS” Plus Interview — D E C A Y C A S T

DECAYCAST Premieres: Fire – Toolz Premieres Video for “PASSAGEWAYS TO MEETING AREAS” Plus Interview with Angel Marcloid Angel Marcloid makes music and art under the Fire – Toolz moniker as well as other active projects such as MindSpring Memories , Angelwings Marmalade , and the now defunct Power Windoze, runs two imprints, Rainbow Bridge, a long standing physical editions label […]


Review Reblog – Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Electronic Series Vol 1 : Abstractions

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Title: Electronic Series Vol 1 : Abstractions
Keyword: experimental

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith comes back with a wonderful eclectic world in which the oddest cartoonish creatures made out fantasy sounds are meeting up with incredible dense synthetic music. This scenery opens up gradually, yet almost instant. As if you had crawled out of the rabbit’s hole instead of in as this fantasy place must surely enough be above ground, playing respects to the sun and all that lives within its realms of light.

When I went for a musical stroll within these so called abstractions, I could actually see this pleasant place and it odd but friendly looking characters as clear as possible. They will explore the fantasy trees, ski on watery pools, jump around like children on jumpy toys, speed away on self engineered speedy vehicles, fly around the elves trees like magical fairies that must…

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Review Reblog – Stephanie Merchak – Eine Frage

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Stephanie Merchak
Title: Eine Frage
Keywords: dark minimal dark techno electronic dubtechno experimental electronic Montreal
Label: D.M.T. Records

With a mysterious veil of electronics Stephanie Merchak aims straight at the knee caps, making them spas out involuntary rhythmic ways. It’s like a doctor hitting these special muscles with a cute little hammer to see and measure the response rate of the muscle. Maybe if you are paralyzed this trick might not work, but in all other cases the new music of Stephanie makes one dance with it without consent. The rhythms are simply irresistible and the ghostly ambient artifacts that surround them are like the spirits that make sure to pull you in a deep dancing trance.

They are deep and to the point, aiming directly to the most effective areas with baselines that will pull even the biggest resister into this dazed fancy state of body & mind…

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Review Reblog – Me, Claudius: Back To The Sweat-Out Tower

“Static and debris. Skronk and wail. This is music?”


We need no swords

sweat outLinear Obsessional CDr and download

The machines are taking over. But not in the way you think. Instead of the sleek digital overlords of sci-fi films – Skynet, the Matrix and so on – what if there was a grass roots mechanical revolution, in which the distributed intelligences of our everyday devices decided to fuck us up on a very basic level? What if, by refusing to do what we expected them to do, these microchip servants enacted a classic switcheroo, skipping from servant to master via a passive aggressive withdrawal of cooperation, thus breaking down the machine-human compact in a blunt but profound manner?

This is the scenario envisaged by ‘Back To The Sweat-Out Tower’, the sophomore release from dub-glitch guru Me, Claudius. Its sparse, repetitive soundscapes present visions of a planet where humanity has been elbowed out of the picture by encroaching automation, its post-Fordist advancement so gradual…

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Review Reblog – France Jobin – scènes — Fluid Radio


The various interlocking scenes of experimental and ambient music are geographically dispersed but nonetheless close-knit, and the effects of significant events in these genres ripple out far and wide. 285 more words

via France Jobin – scènes — Fluid Radio


New review: France Jobin’s “scènes” is a beautiful and moving tribute to her friend Mika Vainio