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Reblog – We Need No Swords podcast 27: Elizabeth Veldon

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We need no swords


With a new work released on her Bandcamp almost every day, the Scottish sound artist and poet Elizabeth Veldon has amassed a vast and almost overwhelming discography. But those releases, ranging from immersive drones, free improvised piano jags and tough scrubs of noise, are rarely less than compelling. In this episode, Elizabeth and I discuss creativity, political music and a whole lot of other stuff. We also premier two new works – a series of piano improvisations and a long-form slice of ominous drone.


Elizabeth Veldon interview runs throughout

Three drum machine improvisations, 1 (self-released, 2015)
At low tide the witches grave pool is flooded with the song of herons (self-released, 2017)
A reflection on the history of radio astronomy (self-released, 2015)

For those characters treated less sentimentally, the disease is viewed as the occasion finally to behave well (unreleased, 2017)
In the plague-ridden England of the late 16th…

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Reblog – Fractured Air x Blogothèque – S02E07 | July mix

If you like mixes there’s a lot of new and interesting releases from a wide range of artists on this one, including Kara-Lis Coverdale, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Mary Ocher and the more electronic shift in sound for artist Colleen.



July saw the highly-anticipated return of world-renowned French composer Colleen (aka Cécile Schott) with her achingly beautiful new single “Separating”, taken from the forthcoming “A flame my love, a frequency” out October 20th via Thrill Jockey. On her new album, Schott’s viola da gamba – used on her last two records “Captain of None” and “The Weighing Of The Heart” – is replaced by solely electronic instrumentation: Moog pedals and Critter and Guitari synthesizers. The result is yet another otherworldly, far-reaching sonic odyssey from this visionary solo artist.

Following on from last year’s exceptional debut mini-album “Shady & Light”, Hamburg-born and Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Martyn Heyne has unveiled his stunning new single “Carry”, taken from the forthcoming solo debut album (coming out later this year on the neo-classical imprint 7K!). The divine guitar-based compositions crafted by Heyne carves out a ceaselessly rich listening experience for the…

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Reblog – We Need No Swords podcast episode 24: Andie Brown

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We need no swords


Andie Brown is a sound artist and composer from London. She often performs as These Feathers Have Plumes, working primarily with glass and electronics.

I was honoured to hang out with Andie and talk to her about how she conjures up the rich sonic textures that characterise her amazing work. Andie also guided me through the set-up she uses for her live shows, and treated us to a wonderful improvisation to bring the episode to a close.

Cheers Andie!

Original Andie Brown photo by Dawid Laskowski.


Glass Heart, from Of Endings and Beginnings (Period Tapes, 2009)

Duet for Road Compactor, from These Feathers Have Plums/Isnaj Dui split (Was Ist Das? 2016)

All Cats Are Grey, from All Cats Are Grey By Night (Cae-Sur-A, 2011)

Vortex, from Corvidae (Tartaruga, 2010)

Don’t Wish Your Life Away, from Untitled (Sheepscar Light Industrial, 2013)

Soho Living Room (featuring Dale Cornish)…

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Focus – Mixcloud Podcasts

Here are some Mixcloud Podcasts that I have enjoyed listening to recently –


Today’s Discovery – We Need No Swords podcast 14: Marlo Eggplant

We Need No Swords podcast Episode 14: Marlo Eggplant

We need no swords


Musician and researcher Marlo Eggplant tells us about the noisy scrim of her work and sheds some light on the fascinating ideas underpinning it.

She also shares some treats from her discography and briefs us on the fantastic Ladyz In Noyz and Rhinoceritis projects that she has helped curate.



Talugung: 02 from Talugung / _blank (Power Moves Library, 2017)

Skyjelly: Two Hawks, from Góst Rock (Eggs in Aspic, 2017)

Petridisch: J. S. BACH- Prelude and Fugue in C Minor, from Classical Vocaloid (self-released, 2017)

Jeph Jerman/ Tim Barnes: Karst, from Jerman-Barnes (Astral Spirits, 2017)

Benjamin Finger: Batting an Eye, from Ghost Figures (Oak Editions, 2017)

Missing Organs: Livin’ Off Wi-Fi, from Old Speakers (Umor Rex, 2017)

Marlo Eggplant interview

Interview runs throughout. Tracks by Marlo Eggplant unless otherwise stated.

Roots, from Callosity (Fractal Meat Cuts, 2016)

Chump Change, from Crisis As Opportunity (Corpus Callosum Distro, 2012)

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Todays Discovery – Sounding Out Podcasts

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD: H. Cecilia Suhr’s “From Ancient Soul to Ether” SUBSCRIBE TO THE SERIES VIA ITUNES ADD OUR PODCASTS TO YOUR STITCHER FAVORITES PLAYLIST Cecilia Suhr’s sound art piece, From Ancient Soul to Ether, reflects on how sound can describe beings from the past, present and future in simultaneous coexistence. From the vibrational level of the earth to the futuristic murmurs […]

via Sounding Out! Podcast #53: H. Cecilia Suhr’s “From Ancient Soul to Ether” — Sounding Out!


“So please explore our panoply of podcasts… abandoning your eyes, and letting us guide you to the limits of our audible world”

REBLOG – Sounding Out! Podcast #48: Sound and Sexuality in Video Games

As ever thought provoking…


Sounding Out!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOADSound and Sexuality in Video Games



This week’s podcast questions how identity is coded into the battlecries shouted by characters in video games. By exploring the tools that sound studies provides to understand the various dynamics of identity, this podcast aims to provoke a conversation about how identity is encoded within the design of games. The all too invisible intersection between sound, identity, and code reveals the ways that sound can help explain the interior logic of the games and other digital systems. Here, Milena Droumeva and Aaron Trammell discuss how femininity and sexuality have been coded within game sounds and consider the degree to which these repetitive and objectifying tropes can be resisted by players and designers alike.

Milena Droumeva is an Assistant Professor of Communication at Simon Fraser University specializing in mobile technologies, sound studies…

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