Today’s Discovery – Are Euphoria by Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa


“…dreamlike technicolor tapestries their songs have always explored, blossoming forward with each cycle of loops. Completely characteristic of their style, Wong and Minekawa achieve a density of textures, timbres, beats, and harmonies while remaining totally weightless, suspended in the air.”

Today’s Discovery – Angelina Yershova – Piano’s Abyss

Angelina Yershova – Pianos Abyss

Thanks to Aural Aggravation for leading me to Today’s Discovery – Not just playing the keys but the whole Piano as instrument and yes, some electronic processing.

A special care was devoted to the spectral analysis, the resonances and the possible superimpositions of the frequencies of the sounds chosen as starting points for the sonic manipulations.

Aural Aggravation

Twin Paradox – TPR003

Christopher Nosnibor

You might be forgiven for thinking that everything that could possibly be done with a piano has been done. Played, played harder, played drunk like a percussion instrument until the fingers begin to bleed a bit, stood on, worked from the inside, dropped from a high window, freewheeled down stairs, digitised and manipulated in every conceivable way by digital and analogue means, prepared, choked, treated, mistreated in every way imaginable. And then along comes composer, pianist, producer, sound artist and improviser Angelina Yershova. Classically trained, and with a degree in Electronic Music from Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome, she’s discovered a ne avenue of exploration for this timeless instrument.

Piano’s Abyss is described as ‘a vertical and progressive immersion within the “abyss” is the piano, an exploration of the expressive soul of the instrument through electronic synthesis, towards the discovery of an evocative…

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Today’s Discovery –

I’ve been thinking for a while about these posts. What do I mean by Today’s Discovery?

I don’t want to come across all knowing because I am not.

When I post my Today’s Discovery’s they are releases or artists that I just happen to stumble across and I like what I hear. It’s a personal choice and not an expectation that everyone will like my choices.

Like everything on Feminatronic, it’s just a small way to try and show how much is being created in a multitude of ways….and it never ceases to amaze me.


So Today’s Discovery is this split release of experimental noise –


Side A – Jelena Glazova –
Rīga based artist and poet Jelena Glazova has been producing music since 2010 and regularly performing live since 2012, playing many different festivals including Sound around Kaliningrad, Noise and Fury, Poetronica (Russia), Vilnius Noise Week (Lithuania), Skaņu Mežs (Latvia), Art’s Birthday (Sweden) and Vienna Art Week (Austria), and resided as a guest composer at EMS Stockholm and WORM Rotterdam.

Side B – Marta SmiLga
Marta SmiLga is the project of Līga Smirnova, a Rīga based musician who lives for electronic music. Using her collection of modular synths and electronic instruments she generates deep and immersive cosmic soundscapes that drag you into their gravitational field, like matter to a black hole. Although a newcomer to the Rīga scene she has already participated in a number of shows around the city and also the Zyklon Mannaz festival. This is her debut release.

released May 31, 2017


Today’s Discovery – Lego 10 Evas


A diverse and eclectic collection of 16 Latin American artists creating experimental electronic, voice and chiptune tracks. ‎

Reblog – a meeting of remarkable minds, a live radio discussion between annea lockwood and pauline oliveros from december 1972

Review Reblog – Furchick – Postcards from the Antipodes

Finally, reblogging this review and ICYMI.
Wonderful sonic postcards that demonstrate “field recordings are worth the exploration as Furchick shows”

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Furchick
Title: Postcards from the Antipodes
Keywords: experimental furchick avant-garde field recordingsPerth
Label: Dog Park
Reviewer: Audio Hater

I remember once reading a negative review on a humble and honest blog named ‘yeah I know it sucks’ for a release done by a field recording artist who recorded all these city courtyards. It resulted in the artist writing a angry email why it was presumed boring, which of course nobody in our humble office had the will to reply; after all the audio on the album spoke for itself.

Courtyards in the city, some children playing, a bit of sunshine and all of the tracks could be only separated from the track title that corresponded to the place the track was recorded; these courtyards might have been beautiful in real life, a great walk for the recording artist himself but the actual audio recordings had been frankly boring and…

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ICYMI – Review Reblog – Flaer Smin – IRA

There is so much music!, so I’m trying to revisit some artists and releases with ICYMI.

Here’s an artist I discovered via Yeah I Know it Sucks.

Flaer Smin is from Kazakhstan and if you are a fan of expansive New Age / Chillout / Downtempo then her music is for you and can be found at

She has a brand new release – In Search of…..

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Flaer Smin
title: IRA
ca: o2 label 05 – 06
keywords: new age,instrumental
label: o2 label
reviewer: Willem van O.

Imagine a piano on the beach, being played by a person with the urge to sing a song that sounds a bit like ‘holy night, silent night’ in a way as if the voice was a humming violin.  It’s a tiny bit odd as you can imagine that the little waves of the sea are softly splashing against the piano and slip back against the toes of the musician that is responsible for it. Nonetheless this is a bit what the first track seems to sketch in the mind. The piano music is very nice and fits quite nicely with the little waves and the soft beach background sounds; as if it is complimenting the scenery with every note of the key.

Than the weather seems to change…

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