Focus – A Closer Listen – The women of pan y rosa discos


This warms my heart. –
” The percentage of women on the pan y rosa discos label is equal to the percentage of women in the world. This makes the label a true find: their dedication is impeccable, their selection superb. Stay tuned as the next release is never far away.”


a closer listen

Many labels make an effort to raise the profile of female electronic musicians, but pan y rosa discos goes all out.  Of their fifteen releases so far this year, eight are by women.  Their music demonstrates an incredible variety of styles and is drawn from a wide variety of countries.  Incredibly, all of the downloads are free!  Our respect for label head Keith Helt continues unabated as quality music comes our way multiple times each month.

When listening to the first few seconds of attractive synthesis by Latvia’s Līga Smirnova, one thinks, “oh, it’s just another club-based synth track.”  But listen just a little longer, and all preconceptions will be destroyed.  The five-part piece eradicates all traces of club culture on its way to becoming a thick, drone-based suite.  Part two alone begins like a cyclone and ends like a forest fire.  By the fourth segment, the cycle has…

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Review – Daylight Dreaming by Liz Helman — The Future of Music, Today.



From the top of Interzone there is an instant sublime rush of rippling static and vibration. Liz Helman‘s Daylight Dreaming on Montreal-based K o h l e n s t o f f Records is off-running. In her second release London time-based artist Helman incorporates what sounds to be rainy day field recordings with an […]

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Review Reblog – Emergence — Fluid Radio



“Emergence” is a compilation of experimental music from Vietnam. Curated by Vietnamese artist Nhung Nguyen, it collects work by Vietnamese-born musicians living either at home or abroad, and also includes a contribution from a foreign-born artist living in Hanoi. In her liner notes, Nguyen writes that although there is not much awareness of experimental music…

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Album of the Day on Bandcamp Daily: Aïsha Devi, “DNA Feelings”


The electronic artist’s latest LP imagines the synthesis of human and machine.

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Review Reblog – Jessica Grant – Salt the Roots

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Jessica Grant
Title: Salt the Roots
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental eclectica minimalism neoclassical triphop United Kingdom

Let this delightful EP of Jessica Grant be the lighthearted kindness to fill up your heart and ears. With a lovely melodic showcase she brings us the nightly sleepy pleasantness of a electronic composition called ‘cascade’, which feels like the experienced touch of a feather, while at the same time being tightly programmed for a bright energetic friendly future. I heard this as the clock hit 4:00 AM as just opening my eyes from a fantastical dream & instead of walking all over it (like most music does) it became a lovely collider that kept my dreams intact & functioned as a bridge between this reality and the one as experienced as dreamland. I expect that children would be appreciative of this form of music too; I might have to test it out…

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Reiew Reblog – Anne Guthrie ~ Brass Orchids

a closer listen

Brass Orchids is a dense and unusual album, whose outer darkness disguises an inner light.  On the surface, it’s a set filled with field recordings, drones and danger.  Below the surface is Anne Guthrie‘s ancestry, apparent in piano pieces from the artist’s deceased grandfather.  “Spider” includes a segment of tap dancing that would brighten the heart of even a hauntologist.  The project challenges our ideas of the past: is it something to be exhumed, feared, celebrated or a mixture of all three?  While Guthrie declines to settle on a single answer, she underlines a common theme: that whatever lies in the past is worth excavating.

“Bellona” recalls the work of debris artist Tarab, whose soundscaping often takes place in abandoned buildings and includes scraping, drips and a tone of brokenness.  But there’s that piano, throwing everything off.  Usually when one hears such a thing, one thinks of “The Shining” or…

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Reblog – DECAYCAST #037: DECAYCAST Premiere: FIRE -TOOLZ Video for “PASSAGEWAYS TO MEETING AREAS” Plus Interview — D E C A Y C A S T

DECAYCAST Premieres: Fire – Toolz Premieres Video for “PASSAGEWAYS TO MEETING AREAS” Plus Interview with Angel Marcloid Angel Marcloid makes music and art under the Fire – Toolz moniker as well as other active projects such as MindSpring Memories , Angelwings Marmalade , and the now defunct Power Windoze, runs two imprints, Rainbow Bridge, a long standing physical editions label […]