Review Reblog – Moor Mother x Mental Jewelry – Crime Waves (Don Giovanni)

Moor Mother – An artist in ascendance who is not afraid to tell it as it is.
” File with Clipping as fellow noise-rap geniuses; both making some of the most dense and exciting music currently being released.”

Ears For Eyes

a0013465926_10Moor Mother follows her amazing 2016 album, ‘Fetish Bones‘, a collection of home-recorded protest songs that are as fierce as they are strange, testaments to troubling time, with this, her second release on the Don Giovanni label. ‘Crime Waves‘ is a collaboration with producers Mental Jewelry. Continuing with the subject matter of ‘Fetish Bones’: racism and police violence, ‘Crime Waves’ packs an avalanche of sound and words into its shorter EP-length duration.

Coiling bass and echoing sonar-ping beats erupt from opening track, ‘Hardware’, Moor Mother repeating “is anybody out there?;” police brutality, blood and taser guns described with a pixelated noise-eroded voice. The vocal delivery is anguished and desperate: “how dare I exist?”; the music is an uneasy combination of sick-step rhythms, queasily pitching sound-levels and industro-scrape atmospherics bouncing off a brick-wall background. ‘Death Booming’ is a woozy low-key nightmare; low, slow and sparse; claustrophobic can-clack…

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Review Reblog – Ziúr ~ U Feel Anything? — A Closer Listen



Is it too early to declare that 2017 has been a great year for women in electronic music? Berlin’s Ziúr is only the latest to release a stunning debut album. The beauty of what we’ve been hearing is that each of these artists has a signature sound, and follows her own muse. U Feel Anything? is a […]

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Review Reblog – Sarah Angliss – Ealing Feeder

How could I have missed this ?

Ears For Eyes


If you’ve seen Sarah Angliss play live and wondered how she could capture her rambling, magical suitcase of weirdness in a recording, ‘Ealing Feeder’ goes some way to realising it. Sadly missing the robotic ventriloquist dummy heads and breathing handbag of her performances, this album still retains the eerie magic of Sarah’s music which pitches between spooky and a benign and welcoming oddness. ‘You Taught Me How to See the Crows’ is a pastoral recorder ensemble summer fantasia. ‘A Wren in the Cathedral’ features recordings of birdsong, manipulated by theremin, their pitch and melody bent and swirled; a narration about domes and altars overlays the song, sinister bells drizzling through the sound cracks. ‘The Bows’ is an evocative haunting of backwards whispering and creaking strings. ‘Ventriloquist’ lists the craft and objects of ‘modern Merlins’, the perversions ‘a parliament of monsters’, backed with ghostly operatic theremin and squealing metal…

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Review Reblog – Elizabeth Veldon – ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 3)

Just spent twenty minutes sidetracked by this minimalist piece and was happy to do so.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Elizabeth Veldon
: ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 3)
experimental avant garde electronic noise United Kingdom

I don’t know about you, but I was really in the mood to hear music that had come out of the mysterious hands & mind of the legendary Elizabeth Veldon. Just when I clicked for ‘experimental’ stuff in bandcamp her name appeared and when I followed it; pretty music followed as well.

Twenty minutes of it, a time period that anyone in need for some fine minimal ambient drone material would be very happy and pleased to find within their ears. The tone that the artist is giving its attention too is ringing like some kind of magic, a vibrant minimalism that felt to me like it’s a morning time that never ends. As if Elizabeth Veldon had captured the morning glory…

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Review Reblog – Eva Bowan – Ringwoodite

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Eva Bowan

Title: Ringwoodite

Keywords: electronic ambient ambient electronic experimental electronic Brighton

Let me introduce you to this wonderful album by Eva Bowan; maybe you heard it already and maybe you didn’t, but I’m over the moon to share it here with you. It had been keeping me companionship in difficult times & thought you might experience comfort or joy within these tracks too. On before hand, please excuse me if this write up / review thing sounds a bit too serious; it’s just that kind of thing… it’s important to me & feel it deserves to be treated with the same respect as it had been treating me in it’s comforting & empowering audio ways…

It started with one piece named “Regression To The Mean”, which comes across as a mysterious sounding recording, one in which a intense magically sounding vocal immediately puts a spell on the listener…

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Review Reblog – On the reissue of Maggi Payne’s Crystal by Aguirre — The Hum Blog


“For decades, Maggi Payne has quietly lingered in the realms of avant-garde and experiential music, laying influence just out of view.” 

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Review Reblog – Dendera Bloodbath – Inanna at the Gates

I’m a great believer in giving lesser well known artists a bit of a spotlight and many I find via Yeah I Know it Sucks.
Today’s Discovery, Dendera Bloodbath’s Inanna at the Gates is an experimentation in visceral noise.
Currently she performs both experimental darkwave sets with autoharp and noise sets with electronics of her own design. For more info, visit:

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Dendera Bloodbath
Title: Inanna at the Gates
Keywords: experimental female artist noise music usaworld Finland
Label: United By Chaos
Artist Website:

At first Dendera Bloodbath squeaks her ultimate power sounds in your ear like it’s a metal chainsaw going in full (but precise) overdrive! It feels like your head had been split in two, leaving it exposed for her other (more reasonable?) sounds-to-come,material that she will spill into your skull like a liquid brutal attack of Experimental origin. It’s all for the sake of science and experiment! How far can Dendera Bloodbath go? And what will drive you over the edge or please your ears tremendously? This artist seems to seek both extremities and wants to apply them both at the same time! Is that a pretentious project? It might be, but listening to her release it seems like this experiment works in full force!

She pours…

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