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“For decades, Maggi Payne has quietly lingered in the realms of avant-garde and experiential music, laying influence just out of view.” 

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Review Reblog – Barberic Slapton – tonne

….and is also Today’s Discovery – Lo fi experimental noise.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Barberic Slapton
title: tonne
keywords: experimental crunchy noise rage weird Hamilton

Barberic Slapton has brought the music that you ought to hear, material that Stockhausen would masturbate too and Einstein would pulls his nose hairs out with. With a strong pass in the legs the first one named ‘naptonne’ steps fiercely in. It’s like psychedelic fireworks to my ears, heels clicking on the terrain while rockets gets launched into the ether and submarines bubble around in electrified water… In other words; it’s abstract! But oh so mentally challenging the sensible corners of a person’s intellect… But wait, it gets even weirder… pardon, I mean; it gets even intensively better!

A track named ‘live at doors pub’ will pop in like a instant hellfire in which a panicked panic shouts at the hairs of your neck to stand up and bow to the noise! Barberic Clapton pushes us all to…

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Event / News

Wednesday 1 February 2017, 18:00 – 21:00 Upper Street Gallery, London College of Communication, Elephant and Castle, London SE1 6SB. Directions. Free, please RSVP to A listening event organised in conjunction with the publication of Colloquium: Sound Art and Music published by Zero Books September 2016, edited by Thomas Gardner and Salomé Voegelin, with […]

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ARTICLE REBLOG – Alyx’s Favorite Albums of 2015

Whatever your musical tastes there is much to agree with and discover here and some time left before Christmas to add to wish lists…

Recommended reading – Not just any old Best of List.

Feminist Music Geek

On Monday, I discussed some of the TV show music cues I liked from this year. Today I’m providing a list of my favorite albums. I’m not really one for hierarchies. There is a top three (kinda), but after that it’s unranked because what does it mean to be the seventh-best record of the year really? That said, it’s no accident that many of these entries interrogate citizenship in a year profoundly defined by malevolent structures and forces that unequally restrict and allocate who gets to be a citizen and under what conditions. It’s also quite deliberate that many of these albums were self-produced by women resisting the pressure to justify themselves. It’s not a comprehensive list, as undoubtedly soon I’ll unearth a treasure or someone will recommend something. Year-end lists are comforting narratives we craft about our own tastes to cope with the passage of time and I always like…

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REBLOG – In Spirit of Her – Soli Tii & Crystal DJ Kwe Favel Sound Art Collaboration

Says everything itself – just read and listen 🙂

Crystal DJ Kwe Favel

Soli Tari – I am posting this special edition track to WWP because this track has the wonderful voice of my audio sista Crystal DjKwe Favel along with my vocals brought together to celebrate the growth of WWP. Please have a listen because this is really what the World Women Project is about.

This is a special collaboration track with the voice of Crystal djkwe Favel together with me as we reflect on our relationships with our mothers and celebrate the development of the World Women Project

First part of track with words from Crystal:

“In spirit of Her, the voice of reassuring Darlings.

This project grows and flows with the power of Her love.

As Women, we draw from that bloodline, to create musical memories.

In spirit of Her, the voice of our Mothers.

When we were born, the drum beat like no other because our story will become…

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“When you can’t find the light within yourself, as you believe, you search for it in others instead, totally forgetting about yourself… no matter how ominous this situation sounds, eventually you find your way back, through growth and experience. To your own light within you…” (Ars Sonor)

REVIEW REBLOG -Ars Sonor – Sjöarna (Eg0_149)

Finally have got around to reblogging a few of the Yeah I Know it Sucks reviews of Ars Sonor : ))

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Staring upon the album art for Ars Sonor's Sjöarna, it at first appears as though obviously an image of snowfall in a cold forest, but as the eye is drawn to the detailing, things become less clear, like arrangements of fog in strange hues. The different shades along a line suggests distance and horizon, but we can't be certain it isn't a mirage. Gazing with folded arms and clenched buttocks in appraisal of the album art for Ars Sonor’s Sjöarna, it at first appears as an image of snowfall in a cold forest… but, as the eye is drawn to the devilish detail things become less clear. The image appears as peculiar arrangements of color, like the motion of air, in hues that evoke our imagined subject. The different shades form an horizon, suggesting distance, but we can’t be certain it isn’t a mirage upon a flat plane. In fact, I seem to have trouble passing through, hitting only solid canvas where I’d expected a portal to the open air and the smell of chilly pine.

Hey, reader… it appears you’ve found another wing of the outrageously humongous YIKIS museum! This installation caught my eye as well. It’s by one of my favourite artists, Ars Sonor, and is presented for display by eg0cide…

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