Today’s Discovery – Paper Moon by Anda Volley


Released June 1, 2017

tags: alternative, dark ambient, dream pop,  electro gothic, indie rock, Boston.


Today’s Discovery – Jessica Moss – Pools of Light

“Pools Of Light is elegiac durational music at the intersection of neo-classicism, soundtrack, electronic, art-punk and avant-folk – a decidedly organic, non-academic, profoundly searching and emotive work, guided by Moss’s liner note mantra: “FEELING LOVE IN A MELTING WORLD”. 

Review Reblog – Tattered Kaylor ~ Sombre nay Sated

This week’s playlist #102 is Artist Alphabet letter E and it gives me a good reason to catch up and discover new artists. This lead me to this older review from ACL regarding the sound artist Tessa Elieff / Tattered Kaylor.

a closer listen

cover_1000Australian sound artist Tessa Elieff (Tattered Kaylor) has created and curated many workshops, festivals and sound installations over the past few years, but her recorded discography (including last year’s debut album Selected Realities) is expanding her reach to a global audience.  Sombre nay Sated, released on World Listening Day (July 18), gives listeners a metaphorical window into the rooms of some recent installations.

Elieff’s fascination with perception as it pertains to “sonic realities” was put to the test on this recording, as none of the three pieces were meant to be confined to the studio.  As frequent visitors to performances and installations can attest, depth, space and movement are key factors.  In many cases, a sound cast in one room is meant to be echoed in another.  How then does one translate such an environment to a stereo experience – one that will itself be…

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Now Listening: Sue Ann Harkey via Many Many Women

Today’s listening via Many Many Women is….

Many Many Women

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Revisiting Review Reblogs- Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart – Her Her Hers (None)

Revisiting some reviews that you may have missed over the next few weeks.

If you like deep immersive atmospheric soundscapes then this is for you. Also much of the music is Free Download.
Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for the reviews.


Yeah I Know It Sucks

Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart - Her Her Hers The artwork for Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart’s Her Her Hers is simple, basic, pure, refined, minimal, greyscale, typographic, elementary, opaque, lowercase, just to name a few adjectives that apply in a relative way.

Artists: Elizabeth Veldon, Ars Sonor And Sean Derrick Cooper Marquart
Title: Her Her Hers
Label: Black Circle Records
Cat#: None
Keywords: Experimental, Computer Music, Drone, Electronica, Guitar Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Wanted to take a moment to thank those of our readers who lent their signatures to the petition to help Laetitia (Ars Sonor, iky iky) keep from being deported to Russia — something that would be a veritable death sentence, and surely is an institutionalized hate crime. For those of you haven’t had the chance to sign yet, that link will take you to the petition. The fight is not over, so I’m intending to write more reviews of Laetitia’s work…

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ASTMA and JELENA GLAZOVA – Medea’s Disco

This month is ICYMI 2016 for Feminatronic on all platforms and so I am pleased to see this release has been reviewed as it gives me an excuse to reblog it again, thanks to YIKIS : )

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Title: Medea’s Disco
Keywords: experimental germany latvia disco droneelectronica experimental electronic experimental rockfree improvisation live electronics noise Russia

If you want to jump in and get hooked on electronic experimental music with pure rhythmic qualities that will make your muscles twist in various positions of pure appreciation; Medea Disco is for you! I came across it thanks to Feminatronic and since then ever so addicted to these fine modern tracks. The sounds and pleasant noises used are strange, weird even, a kind of shimmering future music that knows how to injects itself into your system in order to get you moving and grooving.

The sound textures are mechanic but super smooth, filled with artifacts that makes these sessions interesting. It’s music for cool rulers, science fiction robot dancing while still keeping the humanity by making it finger snappingly friendly.

Description wise it let us know…

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Article Reblog – 1957 improvisations by pauline oliveros & terry riley (with loren rush, laurel johnson, robert erickson, and bill butler)