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Annette Vande Gorne –

This month’s rolemodel is an electroacoustic and acousmatic composer from Belgium, Annette Vande Gorne.

Exploring sonic and audio-visual practice

Annette Vande Gorne

electroacoustic, experimental, musique concrète

Elizabeth Anderson; An Interview with Annette Vande Gorne, Part One. Computer Music Journal 2012; 36 (1): 10–22. doi:

Elizabeth Anderson; An Interview with Annette Vande Gorne, Part 2. Computer Music Journal 2012; 36 (2): 10–22. doi:

electroacoustic, experimental, musique concrete

Listening to…

Kaija Saariaho – Petals for solo cello and electronics [1988] | International Contemporary Ensemble from ICE on Vimeo.

Performed by:  Katinka Kleijn, cello

Spotlight On…

I have been having a giant clear-out and I found loads of scraps of paper accumulated over the last 8 years with artist names on them.
So I’ve decided that for 2020 I will post a few here at a time and add them to the artist directory, as well as posting on Twitter and Facebook.

There are many…

As usual, no order – no preference

Alina Maldonado

Alina Maldonado

Violinist, composer, improviser.

Photo by Bradford Bailey




Also a member of AnaTrizas –

A women artists collective conformed by Alina Hernández, Daniela Falcón and Shanttal Saad, who explored through sound and transmedia the meaning of femininity and the dissolution of identity. Concerned about the empowerment of women in the improvisation and experimental music scenes they look up to collaborate with other women in order to create a stronger community in which they support each other.

  • Violin + electronics

Ka Baird

Ka Baird

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer

Feature Interview with Bandcamp Daily

Madalyn Merkey

Madalyn Merkey

Experimental, computer music, max msp, sine waves,

Bandcamp Website –

In 2015, Merkey translated the pioneer electronic music text, Due scuole di musica elettronica in Italia (1968) by composer Enore Zaffiri (b. Turin, 1928), from Italian to English. 


Madalyn Merkey on Sound as Material  – Creative Independent  –

Reblog – International Women’s Day 2019 — MAKING WAVES

There is always just so much posted on IWD and increasingly I feel overwhelmed by all the sheer amount of articles and playlists. However, here’s one that covers mostly Classical artists, some who use electronic processes but also covering several platforms such as Vimeo, Bandcamp and SoundCloud, all in one post. Concentrating on Australian composers – Really worth checking out.

Website  –  Making Waves – Discover New Australian Music


The theme for International Women’s Day in 2019 is #BalanceforBetter. Happy International Women’s Day! The team would like to acknowledge that lists such as these invariably exclude more composers than they promote. However, we embrace the opportunity to reflect on the striking music featured by female-identifying composer in Making Waves playlists and the Making Conversation […]

via International Women’s Day 2019 — MAKING WAVES


Web Focus – Between Air and Electricity

Several of the loudspeaker sculptures used in Huba de Graaff’s opera Lautsprecher Arnolt. © Huba de GraaffIn her opera Lautsprecher Arnolt (2004) Huba de Graaff decided to have most roles played by loudspeakers. Only the main character—the writer Arnolt Bronnen (1895-1959)—is played by a human actor, Marien Jongewaard. Arnolt himself is literally a “loud speaker”, screaming…

via Loudspeakeroperas by Huba de Graaff — Between Air and Electricity


Highly recommend this site – –

Cathy van Eck
This site documents examples discussed in my book Between air and electricity – Microphones and loudspeakers as musical instruments. Although most of these pieces and performances are best experienced live, these audio and video documentations might be helpful to get a better understanding of the music.”

Friday Focus – Ladyz in Noyz

Ladyz in Noyz

It is an ongoing series that celebrates experimental/fringe/noise/sound artists/musicians who are women. The projects represented span the globe and aim to increase gender diversity, visibility, and representation within music and sound arts.

It has further developed into an international inclusive collective network that furthers organizations and individuals with similar missions/interests.

Links to Ladyz in Noyz releases can be found here –
LIN Australia

Happy 80th Birthday Delia Derbyshire



On the 3rd of July 2001, British composer of electronic music and musique concrète (a form of electroacustic music) Delia Derbyshire died in Northampton, England. Alongside Daphne Oram and Maddalena Fagandini, she was one of the key female figures in the development of electronic music in the twentieth century. In 1962, she joined the BBC […]

via Delia Derbyshire’s Dr Who: Feminism in Electronic Music? — A R T L▼R K

Focus – Teresa Rampazzi


Teresa Rampazzi

Pioneer of Italian Electronic Music

The long and mesmerizing single piece of analogue electronic music that develops over the two sides of the latest Die Schachtel “silver series” LP is a soundscape composed by Teresa Rampazzi for the artist Diana Baylon’s 1972 exhibition at the modern art gallery “Il Fiore” in Florence (Italy).

Review Reblog – Nomadic Female DJ Troupe ~ Mix One

a closer listen

We’re going on a picnic, yay!  Do we have everything?  Walkman?  Check.  Amplifiers?  Check.  Microphone?  Check.  Circuit board?  Check.  Turntable?  Check.  Wires?  Check.  Okay, looks like we’re set!  *walking, walking, walking*  Hey Francine, this looks like a great spot!  *unpacking*  Click, click, hum, hum, buzz, buzz.  I’m hungry!  Ruthie, did you bring sandwiches?  “…”  Uh oh.  Lisa?  A water bottle?  Anything?  “…”

The women of Nomadic Female DJ Troupe risked everything to bring us creative music: starvation, dehydration, public fine.  To the regular visitors of the park, they are strange women making strange music.  This is not Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park” or The Doobie Brothers’ “Another Park, Another Sunday”.  There is singing, albeit warped, mangled and distorted.  Although Lisa loves karaoke, few would recognize this as song.  Tapes are rewound and abused.  The needle drops and is snatched away.  What in the world is going on?

Separately, the…

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Reblog – Visual Noise 15: Cinechine and Nibiru by Mariska de Groot

Always learn about and discover new artists via and here is another in the series on visual noise, the artist being Mariska de Groot.

Intrigued by optical sound, Mariska de Groot [NL] makes and performs comprehensive analog light-to-sound instruments and installations which explore this principle in new ways. Her work often has a reference to media inventions from the past, with which she aims to excite a multi-sensorial and phenomenological experiences in light, sound, movement and space.


In CineChine you experience in physical proportions the phenomenon optical sound – an invention of the 1920’s applied in celluloid and synthesizers – where light and sound are a similar. Objects that remind of a disassembled movie machine are positioned in the room. For every exhibition a new side-specific composition is made:


Nibiru is a mechanical performative installation wherein simple rhythmical body movements activates a squeaky pendulum drawing machine, that on its turn creates complex mathematical images. Noises of friction are amplified and sound patterns are created by light-sensitive speakers that scan the changing projected…

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