Review Reblog – Nomadic Female DJ Troupe ~ Mix One

a closer listen

We’re going on a picnic, yay!  Do we have everything?  Walkman?  Check.  Amplifiers?  Check.  Microphone?  Check.  Circuit board?  Check.  Turntable?  Check.  Wires?  Check.  Okay, looks like we’re set!  *walking, walking, walking*  Hey Francine, this looks like a great spot!  *unpacking*  Click, click, hum, hum, buzz, buzz.  I’m hungry!  Ruthie, did you bring sandwiches?  “…”  Uh oh.  Lisa?  A water bottle?  Anything?  “…”

The women of Nomadic Female DJ Troupe risked everything to bring us creative music: starvation, dehydration, public fine.  To the regular visitors of the park, they are strange women making strange music.  This is not Chicago’s “Saturday in the Park” or The Doobie Brothers’ “Another Park, Another Sunday”.  There is singing, albeit warped, mangled and distorted.  Although Lisa loves karaoke, few would recognize this as song.  Tapes are rewound and abused.  The needle drops and is snatched away.  What in the world is going on?

Separately, the…

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