Review Reblog – Agnès Pe – Tremble Passion

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Agnès Pe
Title: Tremble Passion
Keywords: devotional experimental radiohead source extreme sound forum data shit madrigals midines tremble soundLleida

Agnès Pe is back and this time she brought some trembling-worthy music experiments with her. I can’t report on them all as that would not only be considered ‘spoilers’ to everyone who enjoys exploring the newest Agnès Pe release without pre-knowledge of what to expect & how things will sound like BUT still have some things to write about the things that are important: for example how it starts!

The start is always important as it lures people in, wether it’s a cinema experience or in this case a audio-kind of entertainment. The story with this brand new release sets a clear setting of ambient & electric shaving. The right word might be a electric hair trimmer with ambience included. Everyone might be able to get a haircut by scissors…

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