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NEWS – Rhythms and Song / Reductive book launch at Hundred Years Gallery

en abîme

Rhythms and Song is a new text published in the Reductive Four book . It’s in five parts: 1 and 5 are recordings of inner voices as well as prompts/scores for reading, 2, 3 and 4 were born out of very specific moments and materials: remembering a statue of Martyr Saint Vittoria in Rome during a gig (bones and wax), counting/listing some books of mine that got burned in a fire earlier this year (paper and fire), mixing the voices of Twin Peaks’ Nadine and Breton’s Nadja (silence and voice).

I will read from the texts during a performance in collaboration with Ryoko Akama on Friday 27th November at Hundred Years Gallery in London , as part of the Reductive Four book launch.

Rhythms and Song

1. That listening feeling.

2. The murmurs of Saint Vittoria, martyr.

3. The silences of Nadine and Nadja.

4. After the fire. A litany of…

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NEWS – Kaleidoscope to release Nov. 27th

I first came across the music of Magnetic Wind right at the very start of this project, when our music was featured along with other women electronic musicians on an all female playlist. For a while I thought that she had given up music but so glad to see that the muse is still there and pleasantly surprised to see this new release after a hiatus.

Magnetic Wind

Magnetic Wind’s newest album Kaleidoscope will release November 27th on CDBaby, ITunes and Bandcamp as well as CD Baby sponsored retailers (Spotify ect).Kaleidoscope is a collection of space driven ambient that has come to be Magnetic Wind’s musical signature.  Like a kaleidoscope, sounds and textures are patterned pieces organized into one work.  “Life is like a kaleidoscope too”, says Jess Waters of Magnetic Wind.  “You have pieces of memories and experiences and they are put together to create this unit of a whole experience of you.”xk9Ed61448155801

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EVENT – Introduction to Live Coding Performance with Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage

Source: Introduction to Live Coding Performance with Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage

 Via YorkshireSoundwomen YSWN

When and where
University of Huddersfield
December 5th
10am to 4pm

EVENT – Live in session: Shiva Feshareki & Jack Jelfs

Fractal Meat

Joining me in the studio on 27th November, Shiva Feshareki & Jack Jelfs will perform live with turntables and homemade instruments. Tune into from 8-10am.

Born in London in 1987 Shiva Feshareki is a composer, DJ and turntablist working closely with the physicality of sound. With electronics, she focuses on analogue and bespoke electrics that generate ‘real’ and pure sounds of electricity, over computer products. With acoustic instruments, she is concerned with the interaction of tone, texture, and space. Since 2013, Shiva works mainly as a collaborative composer, and uses either deep improvisation or chance events, to create her collaborative teams, and often works with children and young people in educational environments.

Jack Jelfs is an artist working in London. Much of his work lies between musical composition and sculpture and uses wood, steel, video, electromagnets, plastic and analogue electronics. He has recently undertaken several collaborations with Shiva Feshareki, including…

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REVIEW REBLOG – See Pereria – On(e)

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: See Pereria
title: On(e)
keywords: electronic, experimental, instrumental, Sheffield

See Pereria is the one delivering the ‘On(e)’ in its electronic coat of coolness & perfection. See Pereria’s EP begins with ‘Ceres’ which features a bubbled up baseline, funky acid looniness and a sensual voice that sings as if she is one human synthesizer that keeps the humanity within this midnight groove of a tune.

The second track named ‘Eris’ has a very nice moving baseline, and spiritually fitting vocals. At times I feel like its having a similar effect on my ears as the big ‘I feel Love’ hit by Donna Summer, but then something more celtic, mystical… something that wouldn’t be out of place heard through a valley blasted from the top of a large hill with lookout.

The last track is ‘Leda’ which uses a nice dubby scene to fly away on. It has a relaxing vibe…

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Here’s an opportunity some artists may be interested in : )

Demerara Records

Demerera Records plan to put out a compilation in 2016 focused on ethereal, otherworldly soundscapes. So if you have tracks that are maybe harmonically modal and unconventional or which utilise strong evocative sounds in a surreal or dreamlike way, please submit them using one of the following methods:

  • create a dropbox folder and add
  • put the track(s) on a Soundcloud page & email details to us
  • attach file(s) to a WeTransfer file with a covering message

Please do not use any other method to submit tracks. Tracks selected will be used on an informal license basis whereby the composer/artist allows Demerara Records to use the track(s) on the album but the composer/artist retains full ownership of both the track and recording and can use it/them again for separate release in the future.

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REVIEW REBLOG – Madl Qurina – Don’t Make a Sound

This is lovely in its strangeness with a darker underside. Found Madl on Soundcloud if you are interested. Thanks to  Yeah I Know it Sucks for tracking this down and the review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Madl Qurina
title: Don’t Make a Sound
keywords: electronic, confusing, cute, electronic, experimental, Vancouver

If you go for this release you might experience the music gracefully swimming in like a full grown swan from the local mystery park. You might hear its Soft and calmness,  you might be aware of it slightly being confused as it follows the pleasant stream right into the pleasure receptors that are also known as ‘ears’. You might hear lo-fi waves that go from watery flow into another, bringing elegance and pleasantness wherever they go in a dreamy music way. You might hear this all, but you have to be quiet so not to destroy or miss out on the hidden elements within this atmosphere.

You might experience this as the place in which you might meet angelic sleepy melodies, greeting you like fairy tales in which a secretive voice kindly whispers a flattering…

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