EVENT – Live in session: Shiva Feshareki & Jack Jelfs

Fractal Meat

Joining me in the studio on 27th November, Shiva Feshareki & Jack Jelfs will perform live with turntables and homemade instruments. Tune into NTS.live from 8-10am.

Born in London in 1987 Shiva Feshareki is a composer, DJ and turntablist working closely with the physicality of sound. With electronics, she focuses on analogue and bespoke electrics that generate ‘real’ and pure sounds of electricity, over computer products. With acoustic instruments, she is concerned with the interaction of tone, texture, and space. Since 2013, Shiva works mainly as a collaborative composer, and uses either deep improvisation or chance events, to create her collaborative teams, and often works with children and young people in educational environments.

Jack Jelfs is an artist working in London. Much of his work lies between musical composition and sculpture and uses wood, steel, video, electromagnets, plastic and analogue electronics. He has recently undertaken several collaborations with Shiva Feshareki, including…

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