NEWS – Kaleidoscope to release Nov. 27th

I first came across the music of Magnetic Wind right at the very start of this project, when our music was featured along with other women electronic musicians on an all female playlist. For a while I thought that she had given up music but so glad to see that the muse is still there and pleasantly surprised to see this new release after a hiatus.

Magnetic Wind

Magnetic Wind’s newest album Kaleidoscope will release November 27th on CDBaby, ITunes and Bandcamp as well as CD Baby sponsored retailers (Spotify ect).Kaleidoscope is a collection of space driven ambient that has come to be Magnetic Wind’s musical signature.  Like a kaleidoscope, sounds and textures are patterned pieces organized into one work.  “Life is like a kaleidoscope too”, says Jess Waters of Magnetic Wind.  “You have pieces of memories and experiences and they are put together to create this unit of a whole experience of you.”xk9Ed61448155801

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