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Things are not going well here in real life, so posts are a bit hit and miss but here are some of the new releases that I’ve come across for the past couple of weeks.

Sounding good : )


technology, voice, languages, field recording

ambient, electronic, background music, drone, electronic, electronica, ethereal, meditation, meditative, minimal ambient, soundscape, spacemusic,

electronic, experimental, ambient, soundtrack

experimental, ambient, avant-garde, drone, drone ambient, experimental, noise


Firstly, I would like to wish you all the best for the New Year. A bit belated, I know, due to unforeseen circumstances but let’s hope that 2023 is better than last year for many.

On the positive side, there have already been some new and interesting releases and let’s hope that this continues, especially as 2023 also marks 10 years of Feminatronic. I’m not sure how to mark this milestone but for now I’m carrying on .

So, on with the New Year… and the new releases

experimental, ambient, avantgarde, drone, electronic, contemporary music, new release 2023

electronic, ambient electronic, dance music, hip-hop, techno, new release 2023

experimental, new release 2023

electronic, drone droneambient, field recordings, industrial, ambient, drone noise, white noise for sleep, new release 2023


Phew, so many great releases this year…

ambient, experimental, electronic, field recordings, musique concrète, soundscapes

electronic, therapeutic music, ambient, electronic music, healing, healing music, synth, therapeutic

electronic, abstract avant-garde dance experimental, electronic, techno



experimental, ambient, drone

experimental, avant-garde, composition, drone, horns, strings, tape, woodwind

ambient, experimental, drone, field recording, lowercase

hip hop, jazz, south indian music, world, ambient, beats, dance, electronic, experimental, instrumental, production

electronic, experimental,idm, ambient, dark, meditative, minimal

experimental, acousmatic, electroacoustic, electronic, experimental, musique concrète

ambient, ambience, ambient electronic, background music, drone, electronica, ethereal, meditation, meditative, minimal, ambient, soundscape, spacemusic

electronic, experimental, ambient, dark, ambient, drone, minimal, noise, synths, techno

experimental, shamanic, drone, ambient, psychedelic, pop

experimental, persistent, repetitive, sound art


Here is the third part of my year in listening concentrating on releases from 2022. As ever, no positions, favourites, best of…. that, dear listeners and followers is for you to decide.

electronic, shamanic, electroacoustic, electronica, esoteric, experimental, powerful, psychedelic, ritual, techno, transcendental

electronic pioneer

experimental, avant-garde, contemporary, contemporary, classical, electroacoustic

experimental, aleatoric, ambient, drone, electroacoustic, electronic, field recording, modular synth, synth

experimental, electroacoustic, field recording, field recordings, musique concrete, sound art

experimental, ambient, avant-garde, cello, classical, electronic, experimental, field recordings, improvisation, neo-futurist, pop

experimental, acousmatic, ambisonics, binaural, electroacoustic, experimental, electronic

experimental, experimental electronic

experimental, electro-acoustic, electronic, improv, sound art

ambient, electro, electronic, experimental, glitch, pop, techno

experimental, ambient, drone, electronic, industrial, noise

electronic, experimental, cellphone, databending, experimental, field recordings, glitch, hex, noise, reaper

experimental, avant-garde, elektron, fm, glitchy, idm, live pa

sequencers, berlin school, ambient electronic, electronic, progressive, synth, synthesizers


Despite it being a very difficult year for many, there certainly hasn’t been a paucity of music being released. Maybe out of adversity, great art is produced?

Here is the second part of my year in listening concentrating on releases from 2022. As ever, no positions, favourites, best of…. that, dear listeners and followers is for you to decide.

devotional, ambient, deep listening, electroacoustic, experimental, field recordings, folk, improvisation, sound collage

electronic, dark, experimental, electronic, female vocals, synth, techno

experimental, ambient, ambientelectronic, country, rock, fieldrecordings, soundtrack, spoken word, poetry, world fusion

electronic, experimental, postclub, samples, soundart, synths

edm, electronic, chill, chillwave, dance, trap

experimental, acousmatic, electroacoustic, electronic, experimental, musique concrète, rerelease

experimental, ambient, avantgarde, drone, experimental, noise

electroacoustic, experimental, musique concrète,

experimental, compilation, deep listening, dronemusic, noise, soundart

classical, electronic, experimental, kenyan, avant-garde, classical contemporary, composer, electronic,

club, drum & bass, electronic, jungle, swana, techno, ambient, club house, techno, New York


Well, it’s coming towards the end of 2022, and this is the time that many of us will sit and look back and wonder where it all went.

I used to do a thing called I Don’t Do Lists, but someone pointed out that technically they were, even though I have never had placings, best of, worst etc, so this year I am just putting out my end of year listening’s from 2022.

As ever, no positions, favourites, best of…. that, dear listeners and followers is for you to decide.

Here are a few from the beginning of the year.

electronic japan kyoto ambient field recordings healing industrial noise ambient seawave soundscape techno

alternative avant-garde industrial modular synth modular synthesizer new wave obscure electronics strange Japan

experimental ambient electroacoustic experimental electronic field recording minimal sound art Sydney

electronic electronic experimental industrial opera pan daijing performance soundtrack tate tissues vocal Berlin

electronic electronic listening music dub techno Ely

electronic experimental neo-soul ambient de colonial drone healing sound industrial liberation new age noise queer electronic Oakland

experimental noise electro electronic techno London

electronic experimental soundtrack music ambient electroacoustic experimental experimental electronic musique concrete orchestral video game music Oslo

electronic Uppsala

experimental idm oberpöbel acoustic ecology ambient electroacoustic electronic environment field recordings non-activity silence soundscape storytelling water Czech Republic

ambient computer music max msp sine waves Oakland

dark trap electronic experimental dark ambient dark electronic sci-fi techno tribal witch house Illinois

Reblog – Loraine James ~ Building Something Beautiful for Me — a closer listen

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Loraine James ~ Building Something Beautiful for Me — a closer listen

I have loved Julius Eastman’s Femenine since first hearing it earlier this year and this release by Lorraine James is indeed building on something beautiful, taking the essence of Julius Eastman’s art and making something reflective, minimalist and new.

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Physical Reality as Processed Spirituality ~ An Interview With Fire-Toolz — a closer listen


Autumn is here and the time seems to be passing very quickly, helped, of course, by the following listening.


Aleksandra S​ł​yż – Human Glory
by Pointless Geometry

alternative, electronic, experimental, ambient, avant garde, contemporary, drone, improvisation, noise, tape