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Pioneering Italian Women in Electronic Music

September 15, 2017
By Johann Merrich


maddalena fagandini

Radiophonic Ladies by Jo Hutton on Sonic Arts Network


Pioneering Canadian Women In Electronic Music

September 29, 2016
By Robyn Fadden


Early Electronic Music in Québec: A Brief History

October 4, 2016
By Roger Tellier Craig



Today’s Discovery – Susan Drone





“Electroacoustic Composition, Graphic Artist and Experimental Composer, who uses field recordings combined with computer processing and electronic sounds, in an attempt to create dreamlike, sensitive hypnagogic states.”

susana lópez



Friday Focus – Emancypacja dźwiękiem / Sound Emancipation

Sound Emancipation


Emancypacja dźwiękiem / Sound Emancipation – workshops, DJ-ing, introductory talks about women in music + concerts/parties, founded by DJ Morgiana in Poznań, PL.




Review Reblog – Sarah Angliss – Ealing Feeder

How could I have missed this ?

Ears For Eyes


If you’ve seen Sarah Angliss play live and wondered how she could capture her rambling, magical suitcase of weirdness in a recording, ‘Ealing Feeder’ goes some way to realising it. Sadly missing the robotic ventriloquist dummy heads and breathing handbag of her performances, this album still retains the eerie magic of Sarah’s music which pitches between spooky and a benign and welcoming oddness. ‘You Taught Me How to See the Crows’ is a pastoral recorder ensemble summer fantasia. ‘A Wren in the Cathedral’ features recordings of birdsong, manipulated by theremin, their pitch and melody bent and swirled; a narration about domes and altars overlays the song, sinister bells drizzling through the sound cracks. ‘The Bows’ is an evocative haunting of backwards whispering and creaking strings. ‘Ventriloquist’ lists the craft and objects of ‘modern Merlins’, the perversions ‘a parliament of monsters’, backed with ghostly operatic theremin and squealing metal…

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Review Reblog – Elizabeth Veldon – ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 3)

Just spent twenty minutes sidetracked by this minimalist piece and was happy to do so.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Elizabeth Veldon
: ten shaker dances for mother ann lee and christian that he may dance (group 3)
experimental avant garde electronic noise United Kingdom

I don’t know about you, but I was really in the mood to hear music that had come out of the mysterious hands & mind of the legendary Elizabeth Veldon. Just when I clicked for ‘experimental’ stuff in bandcamp her name appeared and when I followed it; pretty music followed as well.

Twenty minutes of it, a time period that anyone in need for some fine minimal ambient drone material would be very happy and pleased to find within their ears. The tone that the artist is giving its attention too is ringing like some kind of magic, a vibrant minimalism that felt to me like it’s a morning time that never ends. As if Elizabeth Veldon had captured the morning glory…

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Everything You Wanted to know about I Speak Machine…….



I Speak Machine are an electronic duo described as a ‘vocalist and synth nerd’ (Tara Busch, above) with filmmaker Maf Lewis. They are preoccupied with soundtracks, and specifically the working practices of Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone, who would write scores while the film itself was still under construction. The music of I Speak Machine, […]

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Review Reblog – Leah Kardos ~ Rococochet — A Closer Listen



I thought I had the measure of Rococochet a few minutes into “Let Your Body”, a soothing opener of polyrhythmic ivories, mallets and skins that slowly unfurls to reveal increasingly vivid jazz-infused colours. Even as other, unexpected timbres join – mellotron, synth and backing vocals, the tone and atmosphere hold steady, and I assumed charted […]

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