Sonic Women — The Future of Music One Record at a Time

Toneshift on Mixcloud presents a special edition of its history-defining and defying sub-series Origins: Sonic Women. And there are some fourteen exquisite nuggets to contemplate here. When designing a weekly podcast for our readers to listen to, I felt it necessary to offer some context and background, however diverse, as possible. I dug into the […]

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Meredith Monk, Laurie Anderson, Nina Hagen, Wendy Carlos, Björk and more.


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Reblog – Apophenia by Ale Hop





The Future of Music One Record at a Time

Ale Hop | Apophenia
Buh Records (LP/DL)

Ale Hop (Alejandra Cardenas) is a Peruvian composer, based in Berlin and Apophenia (her sophomore effort after 2017’s Bodiless) is my second-look introduction to her work. Much of what Cardenas brings to the table are intriguing a/v eye of the mind processed through video and performance. What comes through as strictly audio should, in fact, be the soundtrack (or motto) for what we always strive to capture at Toneshift, a pure experimental spirit that abridges many genres and by-passes many more, in temporal vignettes that are 100% exploratory and fearless.

There are gentle, fleeting passages to Augury (as seen above) which starts these eight tracks with a heck of a moody ground. The percussion is sparse and spacey at times, the springing, bending effects play atop a near black backdrop, like counting stars. This is not a drone record, but manages to…

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pyr279 heavy lifting – thanks for watching

Lucy Cheesman aka heavy lifting – live coded music


12 weightless techno trax from the bog, the abyss and many other unique zones……..

Electronic, abstract, ambient, experimental, hardcore, house, nightcore, outsider house, techno

Review – Various Artists – Noise Bombing – Local Time | Green

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: various
Title: Local Time | Green by Noise Bombing
Keywords: experimental noise Indonesia
Label: Noise Bombing

Are you ready to have your imagination stimulated by a diverse group of artists that knows exactly how to pickle your senses through sound and music? All willing to take you into multiple adventures, escapades and unknown sceneries normally reserved for real life adventurers? Well, this is your chance as this compilation is dropping you off in multiple settings that you probably did not think to be finding yourself in!

It all starts with SARANA who comes at us like a low lying tiger that reaches slowly but surely towards its prey. In this case this must be us; clearly completely unaware with whatever it is that awaits when SARANA strikes. With the slippery ease of a snake and the industrialism of a mechanic on a respective job this comes closer and closer…

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Reblog – The Burning sessions — Christine Webster

An eagle with two heads : Camille Escudero Cinetics /// Christine Webster Modular synthesis A tryptich /// brûlures aux cendres apaisées, conçues et rêvées /// 1 2 3 ///

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Review Reblog – Shadow of a Shadow by Cyanching —

Shadow of a Shadow by Cyanching
By TJ Norris – Toneshift – August 10, 2019


Cyanching | Shadow of a ShadowBezirk Tapes (CS/DL) From London-based Taiwanese composer Cyanching comes an ear-catching debut. Her work, at least at first, comes off subtle with a shroud of harmony slowly emerging from a quiet space. Perhaps Shadow of a Shadow is the sonoric equivalent to mise en abîme, as it transmits what sound […]

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” “I try to redefine sampling,” she explains. “If I like a sound, I don’t just record it, I try to recreate it. If I love a bassline on a track for example, I try to play it myself and capture the qualities that attract me. By doing that you create a new sound within an old pattern.”

Celebrating the eclecticism of Electronic Artists who identify as female

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