HEADPHONE COMMUTE – Strië – Struktura (Serein)

I have posted previous reviews of the music of Strie but reading this review has led me to some great sonic discoveries which I will highlight .
Thanks to Headphone Commute for this review.

Headphone Commute

Strië - StrukturaIden Reinhart first appeared on the scene back in 2010, with her Sléptis debut on Soundscaping Records. I finally got a chance to properly cover Reinhart’s second release as Strië on Time Released Sounds back in 2012, and Õhtul was featured on Headphone Commute’s Best of 2012 list, Music For The Frosty Night When I Miss Your Warm Light. The third proper album from this somewhat mysterious artist is released courtesy of Serein records, and this time I must take a moment to allow the curtain of shadowy background remain, while I focus strictly on the music within.

The sound is immediately dear to my ears, with its lo-fi aesthetics, cinematic soundscapes, and noir-fi atmospheres. If the esoterically named hauntology style was indeed a real genre, Strië’s approach at production, composition, and sonic environment shall gain her a worldwide recognition among the purveyors of these moods. Shuffling textures, ringing telephones, somber pads, and, from what…

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