SOUNDING OUT – Misophonia: Towards a Taxonomy of Annoyance

Every Monday I look forward to the Sounding Out posts as they are very thought provoking and interesting. Todays is no exception and kind of fits with the Experimental season here at Feminatronic. By the way, I am writing this listening to Yoko Onos’ ‘Cough Piece’ which has an aura about it through headphones. Courtesy to Sounding Out for the article.

Sounding Out!

chewingWorld Listening Month3This is the second post in Sounding Out!’s 4th annual July forum on listening in observation of World Listening Day on July 18th, 2015.  World Listening Day is a time to think about the impacts we have on our auditory environments and, in turn, their effects on us.  For Sounding Out! World Listening Day necessitates discussions of the politics of listening and listening, and, as Carlo Patrão shares today, an examination of sounds that disturb, annoy, and threaten our mental health and well being.   –Editor-in-Chief JS

An important factor in coming to dislike certain sounds is the extent to which they are considered meaningful. The noise of the roaring sea, for example, is not far from white radio noise (…) We still seek meaning in nature and therefore the roaring of the sea is a blissful soundTorben Sangild, The Aesthetics of Noise

When hearing bodily sounds, we often react with discomfort, irritation…

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