REVIEW REBLOG – Dalot – Minutestatic (n5MD)

Here is the review of Minutestatic by Dalot..Thanks again to Headphone Commute for the review.

Headphone Commute

It’s been some time since I covered an n5MD release. Mike Cadoo’s Oakland based label has been a favorite for over a decade now. So it’s totally my fault for overseeing its releases in 2012. Here’s how it this usually happens. A promo copy from the label lands in my mailbox. I open the package and think, “Aha! Another n5MD CD! This is going to be fantastic! I need to do a label special soon!” Then I carefully place the disc along with other n5MD releases… and there it stays… for months… I suppose that is how I missed out on the latest from Light Out Asia, Crisopa, Asonat, Aerosol, Ex Confusion, DreisskEleventhfloorrecords, Mike Harris, and of course, Dalot.

Well, the good news is that I didn’t completely forget about any of the above, and that a label special is still in…

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