REVIEW REBLOG – Dalot & M.Cadoo – Phantom Strains

This is how I hoped it would work for artists.
Reblog a couple of articles from Headphone Commute​ about the artist Dalot.
I then go an discover more for myself and find this release. After listening to it I made it my discovery for the day.
It is then listened to by Yeah I Know I Sucks, who write a great review of the release, which I am reblogging here and linking to Twitter and Facebook.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: Dalot & M.Cadoo
title: Phantom Strains
keywords: electronic, Greece, London, ambient, electronic, post-rock, United Kingdom

Thanks to a post on the wonderful blog named Feminatronic that is setup to celebrate the eclectic creativity of women in electronic music /an equal share of music information gets passed along. Today I followed their recommendation up and became hopelessly intrigued by a psychedelic work done by Dalot, aka sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki.

The music captured within the production of Dalot is one that comes across as if it’s alive and breathing electronic waves. Slowly the sound of this happening begins to open up, be more present as it becomes more clear and to the foreground. When it reaches the right volume it folds open like a flower of nature, showcasing a rustic field of electric calmness that has an effect on me as a listener that is of a visually pleasing and…

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