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REVIEW REBLOG – Yullippe – Lys

Review courtesy of Yeah I Know it Sucks. This has led to Todays Discovery…

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Yullippe
title: Lys
keywords: electronic, Japan, industrial, new wave, noise, ambient, techno,

Yullippe is born in 1993, Osaka, Japan. And now many years later (what year is it now? 2015?) she released her new album named ‘lys’. It is here that she hits all the self-claimed genre boxes like ‘electronic/industrial/techno/noise/vocal/.. For a big part the tracks seems to cover a sense of darkness, but there are some bright sparkles too. An album with tracks that would do well at a Gothic intended midnight party, as well as something shimmerier; for perhaps a listening session at home.
But there is also ‘Miss You’ which is the surprise on this album.. but let me start with the beginning and walk you through it (in case you want to skip it, you can either click the album cover, or scroll down for a link if interested)

Lys’ gives the right amount of…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Dalot & M.Cadoo – Phantom Strains

This is how I hoped it would work for artists.
Reblog a couple of articles from Headphone Commute​ about the artist Dalot.
I then go an discover more for myself and find this release. After listening to it I made it my discovery for the day.
It is then listened to by Yeah I Know I Sucks, who write a great review of the release, which I am reblogging here and linking to Twitter and Facebook.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: Dalot & M.Cadoo
title: Phantom Strains
keywords: electronic, Greece, London, ambient, electronic, post-rock, United Kingdom

Thanks to a post on the wonderful blog named Feminatronic that is setup to celebrate the eclectic creativity of women in electronic music /an equal share of music information gets passed along. Today I followed their recommendation up and became hopelessly intrigued by a psychedelic work done by Dalot, aka sound artist Maria Papadomanolaki.

The music captured within the production of Dalot is one that comes across as if it’s alive and breathing electronic waves. Slowly the sound of this happening begins to open up, be more present as it becomes more clear and to the foreground. When it reaches the right volume it folds open like a flower of nature, showcasing a rustic field of electric calmness that has an effect on me as a listener that is of a visually pleasing and…

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REVIEW REBLOG – möström ~ we speak whale

Courtesy to A Closer Listen for this review and well worth following the link and looking at the creativity of The Vegetable Orchestra : )

a closer listen

UNREC09_frontThe genre-defying debut of female trio möström is a sparkling original, beguiling in the best sense.  These Viennese veterans of other bands (including Gustav, broken.heart.collector and The Vegetable Orchestra, dedicated to “the exploration of the acoustic properties of vegetables” – really!) have now combined forces to produce music that can’t be imitated, because it doesn’t imitate anything else.  In fact, the only comparison we can make involves the “Emoticon” video, which shares the visual (although not the aural) tone of múm’s “They made frogs smoke til they exploded”.  Simultaneously playful and creepy, the childlike visuals are blended with extremely dark undertones, earning a parental warning without a single lyric.

Still with us?  Good.  Then you’ll definitely appreciate the album.  Perhaps the safest way to approach the music is sideways, so as not to alarm it.  The disjointed feeling of the combined instrumentation (bass clarinet, keyboard, DIY electronics) is mirrored by…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Dalot – Minutestatic (n5MD)

Here is the review of Minutestatic by Dalot..Thanks again to Headphone Commute for the review.

Headphone Commute

It’s been some time since I covered an n5MD release. Mike Cadoo’s Oakland based label has been a favorite for over a decade now. So it’s totally my fault for overseeing its releases in 2012. Here’s how it this usually happens. A promo copy from the label lands in my mailbox. I open the package and think, “Aha! Another n5MD CD! This is going to be fantastic! I need to do a label special soon!” Then I carefully place the disc along with other n5MD releases… and there it stays… for months… I suppose that is how I missed out on the latest from Light Out Asia, Crisopa, Asonat, Aerosol, Ex Confusion, DreisskEleventhfloorrecords, Mike Harris, and of course, Dalot.

Well, the good news is that I didn’t completely forget about any of the above, and that a label special is still in…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Interview with Dalot

Here are a couple of pieces courtesy of Headphone Commute shining a spotlight on the electroacoustic artist Dalot.

Headphone Commute

Hi Maria, what have you been up to lately?
I am still settling down to my new place/neighborhood since my move from NY to London during the summer.

How did you initially get signed to n5MD?
In 2009, I contacted n5MD to ask them if they would be interested in selling some copies of my EP via their mailorder website. They coincidentally liked it and they signed me.

What does your name Dalot mean and where does it come from?
Dalot is the french word for culvert. Back in the golden days of Myspace, I decided to open an account and I needed a username. Next to me there was a French Dictionary. I opened one of its pages by chance and Dalot was the first word I saw. I liked the look and sound of it and I kept it. Recently, I discovered that there are two areas that…

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REVIEW REBLOG – 5 music makers you should know about

I must stop just clicking through, It leads to all manner of wonders…and links to the previous reblog. Thanks Yeah I Know it Sucks.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

^ hail the ugliest artwork in the world! Yeah I know it sucks did it again! hooray! ^ hail the ugliest artwork in the world! Yeah I know it sucks did it again! hooray!

Hello dear reader,

Glad you are here.. I have something to tell you that you probably have no ears for, but that’s why I type it here for your eyes. The listening part comes a little bit later, but trust me.. it’s a thing named ‘save the best for last..’ anyway what I wanted to say…

I had this idea of making a coloring book. I know it isn’t a brand new idea as there are many (perhaps even too much..) coloring books out there. I guess the secret reason that there are so many coloring books being made, is that printing picture books in full color is probably a expensive procedure.

But under the smart disguise of ‘coloring books’ they basically bring color books out only with the big difference that (mostly)…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Furchick – NoizeMachin!!#12

Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for this review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

ballsArtist: Furchick
title: NoizeMaschin!!#12
keywords: balls, noise, ambient, machine, video, performance
words by: Bert Ball

Furchick is on tour, playing at various venues and obviously having a good time. If you are a fan or just want to know what she is been up to, you are free to join her posse over at her official Facebook page. A while ago she posted that after a performance a man came up to her suggesting to bring a laptop next time in order to make something that would resemble ‘music’, this isn’t a quote (as I couldn’t find the actual post back, but it was something along this line..)

I don’t understand this complaint as people who perform live music with the use of a laptop are also bombarded with morons who claim that they are playing a game of cards, or just check their emails. (maybe they do, and…

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REVIEW REPOST – Sara Goodman – Airplanes No Longer Exist

This is getting to be a habit but Yeah I Know it Sucks has done it again with this find. This is the first of my discoveries today and is another example of the huge variety of experimentalism that is out there.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Sara Goodman
title: Airplanes No Longer Exist
keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, glitch, musique concrete, noise, poetry,
label: Poverty Electronicshttp://povertyelectronics.bandcamp.com

Sara Goodman’s ‘airplanes no longer exist’ release on Poverty Electronics is one that is of a kind experimental kind. My ears are drawn in directly by ‘ She Spanks Silver Peacocks’ which sounds to low-bit loving ears like a soft brew of recognizable data loss. The sound is one of a rhythmic, yet muffled kind; as if a microscopic microphone with the ability to record had been placed in a pocket of a coat and the artist added her hand and moving fingers to get this specific sounding audio work to sound like it sounds.

‘The Sideways Market Collapsed ‘skips the low-bit aspect and goes for a soundtrack that has musical aspects, yet it is fully dressed as a experimental of sound in which a listener can apply their…

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p0stm0rtem – My Obsession With Forever (None)

Well this is a find and thanks Yeah I know it Sucks for the review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

p0stm0rdem - My Obsession With Forever In this, the album art for p0stm0rtem’s My Obsession With Forever, the artist stares at us from within a pink circular void, looking as though she were wondering if we were ready to have our ears exposed to enormous waves of destructive and infectious audio frequencies.

Artist: p0stm0rtem
Title: My Obsession With Forever
Label: Raging River Rec
Cat#: None
Keywords: Electronic, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Dream Pop, Emotronic, Experimental, Glitch, Noise, Noise Pop, Piano
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Wow, dear readers, it’s hard to believe it’s another day and another review! And… I promise, it will be a really great review this time. Not like that one time, when I accidentally didn’t review anything at all and we just stood here staring at each other in silence for four hours. This time, there will be a soundtrack!

Through acquaintances on this vast electronic worldscape we have come to know as the internet, some…

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