REVIEW REPOST – Sara Goodman – Airplanes No Longer Exist

This is getting to be a habit but Yeah I Know it Sucks has done it again with this find. This is the first of my discoveries today and is another example of the huge variety of experimentalism that is out there.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Sara Goodman
title: Airplanes No Longer Exist
keywords: dub, electronic, experimental, glitch, musique concrete, noise, poetry,
label: Poverty Electronics

Sara Goodman’s ‘airplanes no longer exist’ release on Poverty Electronics is one that is of a kind experimental kind. My ears are drawn in directly by ‘ She Spanks Silver Peacocks’ which sounds to low-bit loving ears like a soft brew of recognizable data loss. The sound is one of a rhythmic, yet muffled kind; as if a microscopic microphone with the ability to record had been placed in a pocket of a coat and the artist added her hand and moving fingers to get this specific sounding audio work to sound like it sounds.

‘The Sideways Market Collapsed ‘skips the low-bit aspect and goes for a soundtrack that has musical aspects, yet it is fully dressed as a experimental of sound in which a listener can apply their…

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