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p0stm0rtem – My Obsession With Forever (None)

Well this is a find and thanks Yeah I know it Sucks for the review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

p0stm0rdem - My Obsession With Forever In this, the album art for p0stm0rtem’s My Obsession With Forever, the artist stares at us from within a pink circular void, looking as though she were wondering if we were ready to have our ears exposed to enormous waves of destructive and infectious audio frequencies.

Artist: p0stm0rtem
Title: My Obsession With Forever
Label: Raging River Rec
Cat#: None
Keywords: Electronic, Experimental, Avant-Garde, Dream Pop, Emotronic, Experimental, Glitch, Noise, Noise Pop, Piano
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Wow, dear readers, it’s hard to believe it’s another day and another review! And… I promise, it will be a really great review this time. Not like that one time, when I accidentally didn’t review anything at all and we just stood here staring at each other in silence for four hours. This time, there will be a soundtrack!

Through acquaintances on this vast electronic worldscape we have come to know as the internet, some…

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Many thanks to Yeah I know it Sucks for leading me to Todays Discovery – p0stm0rtem