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REVIEW REBLOG – The Femme-Mynistiques – Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room

Something a bit different for this Monday. I had been saving this review and then someone sent me an article about Women in UK Hip Hop and it all came together.
As usual many thanks to Yeah I Know It Sucks for this review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: The Femme-Mynistiques
title: Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room
keywords: hip-hop, rap, experimental, electronica, jungle,lyrical,spoken word,poetry,tribal house,vocals, Philadelphia
reviewer: Esther Langendorf

some info from The Femme-mynistiques bandcamp account:
In January 2011, at the behest of the Plum Dragoness (founder/hostess of Poet-tree-En-Motion), the three artists (Alexa Gold, Lady Omni Mc & Plum Dragoness) decided to collaborate, performing as The Femme-mynistiques and blending their respective skills in dance, music production, theater, poetry and song into an illuminating blend of musical performance celebrating the spirit of freedom, femininity and love.

Now in Augustus 2015 we are listening to this trio’s E.P. named ‘Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room’ a release consisting of four tracks recorded from a live performance that is of an excellent audio quality.
When hearing the first track named ‘she walks among us’ I can’t ignore that there is ‘music and vocal wise’ something very…

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Continuing with the theme of poetry in sound this weeks Soundcloud playlist includes tracks that use text, voice and electronics –


Although not a new discovery thought I would shine a spotlight on Marie Davidson. Well worth checking out her music. In the meantime –



REVIEW REBLOG – Marie Davidson – Un Autre Voyage

Feminatronic favourite, Marie Davidson and thanks to Yeah I Know it Sucks for the review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Marie Davidson
title: Un Autre Voyage
keywords: electronic, experimental, ambient, avant-garde, drone, uncategorizable, Austin
Label: Holodeck Records

within an instant Marie attaches synthesized music with an electronic beat to the brain of the lucky listener. With perfect skill and will to thrill the music explores a journey infected by the story telling voice of Marie who merged perfectly on the bubbling strangeness that is this music. We are all burning’ the story goes; and I can only say that this music is worth to burn for! But wait,(don’t burn up straight away) it’s getting even better!

With ‘Excès de vitesse’ the electronic music becomes very groovy, with a infectious baseline and a rocking steady beat which gives the voice of Marie the right amount of flavor to go all French on us. It’s like rocking out on commodore bleep rock from a time that we all would smoke freely…

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SO! Amplifies: Feminatronic

Honoured to be asked to contribute to SO! Amplifies. Getting the word out and enabling more people to discover the huge range of creativity in music and sound.

Sounding Out!

Document3SO! Amplifies. . .a highly-curated, rolling mini-post series by which we editors hip you to cultural makers and organizations doing work we really really dig.  You’re welcome!

FEMINATRONIC began with a simple idea : link with other women who were–and are–creating electronic music, particularly in the Ambient / Space community and then spur each other on by being part of an all-female electronic artist podcast.

I quickly realised that there were more women creating electronic music out in the aether than I had known—and I was shocked by the lack of visibility on my part. If I didn’t know these artists—someone who follows the scene closely–how was our music getting to listeners?  especially with the lack of wider publicity?

After a short while, I quickly concluded that this perceived invisibility occurred in all genres of electronic music creation by women. At best, the electronic music scene is fractured and comprised of…

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Marlo Eggplant



REVIEW REBLOG – Yullippe – Lys

Review courtesy of Yeah I Know it Sucks. This has led to Todays Discovery…

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Yullippe
title: Lys
keywords: electronic, Japan, industrial, new wave, noise, ambient, techno,

Yullippe is born in 1993, Osaka, Japan. And now many years later (what year is it now? 2015?) she released her new album named ‘lys’. It is here that she hits all the self-claimed genre boxes like ‘electronic/industrial/techno/noise/vocal/.. For a big part the tracks seems to cover a sense of darkness, but there are some bright sparkles too. An album with tracks that would do well at a Gothic intended midnight party, as well as something shimmerier; for perhaps a listening session at home.
But there is also ‘Miss You’ which is the surprise on this album.. but let me start with the beginning and walk you through it (in case you want to skip it, you can either click the album cover, or scroll down for a link if interested)

Lys’ gives the right amount of…

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REVIEW REBLOG – möström ~ we speak whale

Courtesy to A Closer Listen for this review and well worth following the link and looking at the creativity of The Vegetable Orchestra : )

a closer listen

UNREC09_frontThe genre-defying debut of female trio möström is a sparkling original, beguiling in the best sense.  These Viennese veterans of other bands (including Gustav, broken.heart.collector and The Vegetable Orchestra, dedicated to “the exploration of the acoustic properties of vegetables” – really!) have now combined forces to produce music that can’t be imitated, because it doesn’t imitate anything else.  In fact, the only comparison we can make involves the “Emoticon” video, which shares the visual (although not the aural) tone of múm’s “They made frogs smoke til they exploded”.  Simultaneously playful and creepy, the childlike visuals are blended with extremely dark undertones, earning a parental warning without a single lyric.

Still with us?  Good.  Then you’ll definitely appreciate the album.  Perhaps the safest way to approach the music is sideways, so as not to alarm it.  The disjointed feeling of the combined instrumentation (bass clarinet, keyboard, DIY electronics) is mirrored by…

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