REVIEW REBLOG – The Femme-Mynistiques – Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room

Something a bit different for this Monday. I had been saving this review and then someone sent me an article about Women in UK Hip Hop and it all came together.
As usual many thanks to Yeah I Know It Sucks for this review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

artist: The Femme-Mynistiques
title: Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room
keywords: hip-hop, rap, experimental, electronica, jungle,lyrical,spoken word,poetry,tribal house,vocals, Philadelphia
reviewer: Esther Langendorf

some info from The Femme-mynistiques bandcamp account:
In January 2011, at the behest of the Plum Dragoness (founder/hostess of Poet-tree-En-Motion), the three artists (Alexa Gold, Lady Omni Mc & Plum Dragoness) decided to collaborate, performing as The Femme-mynistiques and blending their respective skills in dance, music production, theater, poetry and song into an illuminating blend of musical performance celebrating the spirit of freedom, femininity and love.

Now in Augustus 2015 we are listening to this trio’s E.P. named ‘Here She Comes… Live @ The Boom Room’ a release consisting of four tracks recorded from a live performance that is of an excellent audio quality.
When hearing the first track named ‘she walks among us’ I can’t ignore that there is ‘music and vocal wise’ something very…

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