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TODAYS DISCOVERY – Hyaena Fierling

Hyaena Fierling

Develops work in the field of sound action since 1999 as composer and investigator in the field of sound structuring; dedicates herself to experimental/improvised music since 1996.

Her work is based on improvisation and exploration, involving the capture of sounds and soundscapes (field work) as well as programming and editing (based on the canons of film sound) of sound sequences originated from unorthodox sound sources – wood and metal objects, stones, different instruments (prepared bass guitar, Hexluth – electrified luth, Moog and Micro Korg synths) or the exploration of sound possibilities in spaces with uncanny acoustic characteristics – the same sound sequences at a later time edited and sequence according to soundtrack assemblage composition, breaking the borders of experimental sound and music in cinematic space.

REVIEW REBLOG – Hyaena Fierling & Comrades – Emissaries

Strange ethereal wonder this and thanks to this review, Hyaena Fierling is Todays Discovery.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artists: Hyaena Fierling & Comrades
title: Emissaries
keywords: experimental, soundscape, sound art, poetry, sound poetry, electroacoustic,
label: suRRism-Phonoethics

Hyaena Fierling’s ‘madrigal for sugar dogs’ begins with an atmospheric soundscape that comes across warm and mysterious. It feels natural and yet unnatural at the same time; something human made with the moving sounds similar to a damp propellor from a helicopter and rare daft firework explosions in the deep backdrop. Then voices appear as if they are sirens of first aid ambulances making their noises in the warm atmospheric surreal darkness. Somehow these sirens are not the sounds of an emergency response as they seemingly come across as if they actually quite enjoy themselves.

With ‘Sunrise in Utopia’ Hyaena Fierling gets joined by MUTATE to deliver a fierce and yet roaming track of warrior-like awakening. It’s as if the grainy color on the artwork is being penetrated by glorious hand drumming…

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Here is a sublime piece that sonically fits the day from my Artist of the Week

Sharon Gal



Todays Discovery is slightly different, in that this is a premiere of a new track by the artist, Aphir. She first came to my notice via the Oneiric Escapism Vol 1 release  from A Lonely Ghost Burning, where her track Delta is the opener. You can find out more about Aphirs’ releases on her Bandcamp site.

Aphir  has written a short accompanying release statement that explains her methods and the background story to the track –

” Tanabata grew out of a tiny poem I wrote while I was working on my first album, Holodreem. At the time I didn’t know how to expand on it but when I started working on my next release, I remembered and sat down with it and all of a sudden it was a full song. 

The song owes its name to the Japanese festival of Tanabata, and more specifically to a story that I was told in Japanese class when I was a little kid that follows the relationship between the goddess Tanabata and a farmer called Mikeran. I must have only been 7 or 8 years old when I first heard the story but this one part has stuck with me ever since.

Tanabata’s father is angry that his daughter is in love with this mere mortal, so he forces Mikeran to watch over a melon field for three days and nights without touching the melons. Of course Mikeran caves in and takes a melon thinking to quench his thirst. But the melon cracks open and out spills an enormous river, separating Mikeran from Tanabata. It’s pretty much the perfect allegory for the way our weaknesses can separate us from the people we love.    

Regarding the production of the track, last year I worked on a project with some beatmakers who were really adept at turning vocal samples into synthesizers in Ableton and it was an inspiring experience. I’ve wanted to experiment with this technique for ages, and this track gave me ample opportunity. I wanted this song to have more energy than any work I’ve done before now while still feeling coherent with the previous electronic choral work I’ve done for Aphir. I’ve included some FM synths and drums but, other than these elements, Tanabata is all vocals. 

Even though I engineered and produced this track myself, it feels very collaborative because the artwork that Simone Thompson made for it fits with it so perfectly. Tanabata was inspired in part by her recent short film, Warrior, and I love her digital artwork, so it made sense to work with her to create a visual face for the music. 




Listen to the sounds…



REVIEW REBLOG – Birds of Passage & I’ve Lost ~ I Was All You Are

What a Todays Discovery – Maybe it’s the way I’m feeling this afternoon but the electroacoustic ambience of Alicia Merz aka Birds of Passage, is quite a find….and yes I agree with ACL, it is like watching a film in extreme slow motion, a beautiful film at that.

Courtesy to A Closer Listen for the review.

a closer listen

The cover of I Was All You Are says it all: blinding sunshine, dried weeds, a woman walking alone.  Alicia Merz (Birds of Passage) seems to have been raised in haziness, forever existing just a bit out of focus.  When she sings of “sunny garden places”, it’s easy to picture her lying in a meadow, catching the clouds between her fingertips.  On I Was All You Are, she also sings of water; the elements are beginning to coalesce.

I’ve Lost is a downbeat name for a recording artist, bearing poetic associations: it’s not you I’ve lost, but the world.  The art of losing isn’t hard to master.  The ambient settings of I’ve Lost are slow beyond slow; there’s no way to measure them, but 4 b.p.m. seems a reasonable estimate.  Listening is like watching a film in slow motion, then filming it and watching that film in…

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MIXCLOUD SPOTLIGHT – Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone with Ingrid Plum

Due to technical stupidness ( probably on my behalf) Here is the show –

REBLOG – Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone with Ingrid Plum

I haven’t gone mad but posting this for two reasons. Firstly it links in with some items about Ingrid Plum and gives Fractal Meat a plug as it is a radio show that gives space and promotes experimental, noise and sound music being created today. Well worth visiting.

Fractal Meat

On Friday 18th September Ingrid Plum will join me in the studio to perform live and play some tracks from her forthcoming album, Plangent. Tune into NTS from 8-10am.

Using extended technique and improvisation, Plum combines her voice with field recordings and electronics to create layered soundscapes blending spoken word and song. Her recordings and live performance have the honesty and intimacy of a confessional alongside the sonic scope of the forests and open coastlines of her native Denmark, a landscape that inspires much of her music.

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Jessica Tucker (1989, USA), aka FETTER, is an Amsterdam-based multimedia artist, musician, and producer. With her intimate and layered vocal/electronic music, together with her surreal and playfully strange animation videos and poetry, Tucker’s work expresses a kind of optimistic melancholy. In her recent installation work she deals with themes such as narcissism, insecurity, and the concept of ‘maintaining potential.’ In the past Tucker has also explored through sound, video, installation, and performance, topics such as the paradoxical simultaneity of presence and absence in distanced forms of self-expression, the vulnerability and power of the voice, and the human tendency to conceptualize ‘self’ in terms of abstract spatial relations. 

from artists’ own site