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SYRPHE has a new website with articles, gig lists and this piece –

Feminism in electronic and experimental music, the failure of most Westerners.


Interesting perspective here and a wonderful insight into what artists are creating in other parts of the World, namely Africa and Asia. I have cited Syrphe on many occasions as a site that tirelessly promotes the creativity of artists in the electronic and experimental fields and the original playlists that I had on 8Tracks were based on the discoveries that I came across via Syrphe. The 8Track playlists I am in the middle of replicating on SoundCloud but this exhaustive list will add to the roster of artists I have linked with from not only Africa and Asia but also South America.
Finally, I recommend you read this article and discover for yourself. It’s great that there is an index of many of the under represented artists as well as the more known.

Here is a recommendation from last year but it still stands –

Todays recommendation from the Syrphe label is this wonderful sampler of  Far East Asian  experimental electronic artists and I shall be discovering more in the coming season but in the meantime –

ARTICLE REBLOG – Resounding Silence: Learning to Hear the Hysteric’s Voice

Some may wonder why I reblog articles like this on Feminatronic, when it is a site about Women Electronic artists but that is precisely the point. Just as I felt that the artists I highlight were not really visible or heard, this article covers the history and underlying theories that have contributed to that perceived invisibility. It fits with the previous post about Alternative Electronic Histories and the aim to readdress the imbalances. Also, if you are interested in sound creation, the silences are also valid.

Sounding Out!

Hysterical Sound3

This week we are pleased to welcome Guest Editor Karly-Lynne Scott kick off the last Thursday Series that Sounding Out! is running in 2015. Over the last ten months, this stream has reconsidered historical figures from radio preacher Elder Michaux to folklorist Alan Lomax, found new ways to tune in the weird voices in literature from Joseph Conrad to H.P. Lovecraft, and featured unsettled soundscapes from Vancouver to Havana.

All year, our Thursday authors have been challenging sonic archives and remaking historical and contemporary problems. That trend continues with Scott’s exciting work and that of her authors in Hysterical Sound.

— Special Editor Neil Verma.

Hysteria, the infamous and now-discredited psychological disorder that was a common diagnosis for women during the 19th century, has important sonic dimensions that have often been overlooked. Indeed, sound holds a prominent place in both the symptoms and treatment of hysteria: from the…

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Feminatronic has been putting together playlists for some time on different platforms. At first, I used the 8Track format but with the recent changes on that platform, I found that I couldn’t continue to put together the eclectic and wideranging playlists any more. Unfortunately, I had to close that account.

Over the past weeks I have been replicating and creating new playlists directly on Soundcloud. I post these each Monday on Twitter and Facebook, where they are pinned for the week. Here is this weeks playlist inspired by a message I received from the artist Alma Laprida, who provided me with a great list of South American electronic musicians. There is a rich heritage of electronic music creation in that part of the world and this is the first part of my exploration. More to come soon.


Feminatronic is focussing on Noise music in all its variants.

Here is the most recent playlist that demonstrates some of the huge variety of sound and genres ( but there are many more) that I will be exploring.

REVIEW REBLOG – Various Artists – Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II

 This is the review –

Various Artists – Italian experimental underground 015 survey – volume II.

Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for this find.

As always, the review is quirky and to the point, which is refreshing and led me to these explorations into experimental electronic music, with some familiar names and some I am going to look up.

Here are a couple of artists on other compilations that you may be interested in –


As part of the season highlighting the huge variety of experimental electronic artists I came across this piece by Elizabeth Veldon and it connects well with a pioneer of experimental electronic muisc – Eliane Radigue.


elizabeth veldon  –  “Eliane Radigue is one of the finest living composers”



Live in session: Phantom Chips

Spending an afternoon looking through the Experimental artists as part of the season I am doing on Experimental Electronic Music and Fractal Meat on Spongy Bone is a good place to start.
Here is someone that is on my radar – Phantom Chips

Fractal Meat


Phantom Chips plays live this Friday 28th November – tune in via NTS, 8-10am

Phantom Chips performs with an array of home made electronic instruments, samplers and wearable noisemakers. Concocting rhythms from manipulated found and recorded sounds Phantom Chips invites the audience to wear and play her costumes and join in with the audio. The costumes create sound through movement and allow audience members to experiment with a brand-new form of musical expression. The deliberately clumsy and awkward interfaces invite playfulness and improvisation.

Australian-born Tara Pattenden works in the field of analog electronics, noise performance and soft circuitry. She has been making noise and mess for over 15 years performing with kunt, monster zoku onsomb and as schmelfhelp.

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