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SYRPHE has a new website with articles, gig lists and this piece –

Feminism in electronic and experimental music, the failure of most Westerners.


Interesting perspective here and a wonderful insight into what artists are creating in other parts of the World, namely Africa and Asia. I have cited Syrphe on many occasions as a site that tirelessly promotes the creativity of artists in the electronic and experimental fields and the original playlists that I had on 8Tracks were based on the discoveries that I came across via Syrphe. The 8Track playlists I am in the middle of replicating on SoundCloud but this exhaustive list will add to the roster of artists I have linked with from not only Africa and Asia but also South America.
Finally, I recommend you read this article and discover for yourself. It’s great that there is an index of many of the under represented artists as well as the more known.

Here is a recommendation from last year but it still stands –

Todays recommendation from the Syrphe label is this wonderful sampler of  Far East Asian  experimental electronic artists and I shall be discovering more in the coming season but in the meantime –



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As the About page states,

“A Closer Listen was founded on the principles of kindness, communication, and partnership.  We also aim to be a resource for the discovery of new music.  Here at A Closer Listen, a bedroom artist is just as likely to get reviewed as a major label artist.  We hope that if you enjoy a particular release on our site, you’ll click on the category (for example, “Field Recording and Soundscape”) to find related releases.  You may be surprised to find new names and amazing underground sounds; your next favourite album may be only a click away.  In addition, we’ve prepared a steady stream of exclusive mixes for your listening pleasure.  We love doing what we do, and we hope you’ll love what you see and hear!”