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REVIEW REBLOG – Various Artists ~ Tiny Portraits

Here is another review of the Tiny Portraits project from Flaming Pines, courtesy of A Closer Listen.

a closer listen

Tiny PortraitsThe always creative Flaming Pines label has just launched its third 3″ series, arriving on the heels of the successful Birds of a Feather and Rivers Home sets.  Tiny Portraits is a year-long series in which artists are invited to reflect on place, in particular “somewhere small, overlooked or obscure”.  It’s also a broadening of concepts first explored on Flaming Pines’ Australia-based 2013 compilation of the same name.  The first four singles (released concurrently) come from Siavash Amini (Iran), Yuco (Japan), Zenjungle (Greece) and Sound Awakener (Vietnam).  Arash Akbari’s sound map helps the listener to position the recordings in space.  Yet while the inspirations may be international, the tone is similar; these singles sound like home.

Given the theme of the last series, it’s appropriate that the new series includes the sound of birds.  Siavash Amini‘s Luminous Streams of Dawn (Doostan Boulevard, Tehran) isn’t what most people think…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Susan Matthews – SirenWire69

Finally reblogging this review and making Sarah Matthews , Todays Discovery.
Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for the review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Susan Matthews
title: SirenWire69
keywords: ambient, classical, experimental, other, avant-garde, industrial, United Kingdom

The first track ‘Hegemony’ comes in like a thrilling piece in which a possessed typewriter types by itself to create a panicky disturbing horror story. This kind of audio story is quite unique; the story telling, the chapters and the thrilling end certainly speaks to the imagination; turning the sounds in a short exciting movie that goes in the ears to create a unforgettable disturbing scene in the visual parts of the brain.

Botanical Rite no.1′ brings the sound of a piano that drops like a muffled memory; slowly and politely in a soft Lo-fi layer of pleasant dust. The sounds of a pleasant noise switches it’s place and confirms that both sound entities are pretty much the sane, even though them being different.

With ‘Bruised Letter’ we can hear a bruised letter being spoken out…

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REVIEW REBLOG – Tomoko Sauvage – Ombrophilia

Courtesy to Dalston Sound for this review.

Here is a link to an earlier post on Tomoko Sauvage.

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I clicked on the link from the Fractured Air article below and this is what I discovered –