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I have previously highlighted Susan Matthews’ music, namely Shadow Wraiths and because it is hauntingly lovely I am reposting it together with the newest release.

REVIEW REBLOG – Susan Matthews – SirenWire69

Finally reblogging this review and making Sarah Matthews , Todays Discovery.
Courtesy to Yeah I Know it Sucks for the review.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Susan Matthews
title: SirenWire69
keywords: ambient, classical, experimental, other, avant-garde, industrial, United Kingdom

The first track ‘Hegemony’ comes in like a thrilling piece in which a possessed typewriter types by itself to create a panicky disturbing horror story. This kind of audio story is quite unique; the story telling, the chapters and the thrilling end certainly speaks to the imagination; turning the sounds in a short exciting movie that goes in the ears to create a unforgettable disturbing scene in the visual parts of the brain.

Botanical Rite no.1′ brings the sound of a piano that drops like a muffled memory; slowly and politely in a soft Lo-fi layer of pleasant dust. The sounds of a pleasant noise switches it’s place and confirms that both sound entities are pretty much the sane, even though them being different.

With ‘Bruised Letter’ we can hear a bruised letter being spoken out…

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