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Here is the video I mentioned in my Instagram post


This year to try and cover as much as is possible for a single person, I am dedicating each month to a specific area of interest or platform and just by chance February is Longlisten month.

Sometimes tracks are just too long for the usual playlist I put together so I decided to put together bite sized playlists for longer tracks.
Bite sized in number of artists but not scrimping on the length and quality of the listening : )
Take some time and immerse in the sound waves.

Artists are Leden / Angusdei, Alina Kalancea, Katrine Amsler, Mia Zabelka, Marta De Pascalis, Sophie Delafontaine and Pauline Oliveros.

Following the INCLUSIVES project, the Fair_Play network and Tsuku Boshi Records have decided to continue their joint adventure through a temporary collection presenting female and non-binary composers from various backgrounds: ]FairTsuku[

Each disc will feature two artists, both of whom have “carte blanche”.

The first collection is from Audrey Poujoula & Maria Costa and the following collection will be between Limpe Fuchs & Valérie Vivancos

Here are a couple of other long listens that I have enjoyed this week –


Kelly Ruth


electronic, dark ambient, experimental, experimental electronic, ritual, ritual music, sound art, sound poetry, soundscape

ICYMI 2021

Here’s the final collection of 2021 releases I shall post here as the new 2022 are already being released, such is the merry go round –


Pamela Z –


Ha ha…I don’t do lists except on here🤣🤣

OK, I do do lists but not in the sense I started this a coupe of years ago. I post things individually on twitter and Instagram to give the releases space in their own right but I suppose when I put them together in an overview here, they consist of a list 😂😂

…but there’s no preferences, order, rank and that’s what is important to me.

Right…now I’ve got that out of the way here’s the next collection and due to other comitments I am going to continue the icymi non lists for this month of January.

Which brings me to the important bit – Happy New Year and all the Best for 2022 and thanks for sticking around.

Reblog – ACL 2021 ~ The Top 20 Albums of the Year — a closer listen

And if you can’t find anything on the I Don’t Do Lists , try this collection from A Closer Listen-

If 2020 was the most surreal year in recent memory, 2021 was the runner-up.  A rollercoaster of emotion was supplanted by a mountain of malaise.  And yet, many artists broke through with the finest albums of their careers.  Some of these were direct responses to the world as it was, while others were simply written […]

ACL 2021 ~ The Top 20 Albums of the Year — a closer listen


So, I’ve just had a little look at some of the Electronic History pages on Instagram and you wouldn’t have thought that there were any women in electronic music / instrument development but did find a few nice posts via Synth History –


Actually, despite being in the middle of a pandemic maelstrom there have been some wonderful releases in 2021 as this next round up shows : )