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ARTICLE REBLOG – Reflections on music technology & gender

This is how it should work.
Set up a tiny website about an important issue and eventually one or two people like what you are doing and follow you. I visit their blogs and discover sites , articles and organisations of interest to me (and hopefully others). New connections and getting the voices heard to a wider audience. Here is my Discovery Today – Attack / Decay website. Will be posting more in the future : ))


An early morning cup of tea with a couple of my female co-workers – one of whom is a trained sound engineer – ended up turning into a deep and lengthy discussion about the gender politics of the music industry; specifically why women tend to be under-represented in the world of electronic music production and technology. It’s a question I’ve been reflecting on lately, (in the gaps between writing posts), noticing the patterns within my own writing, and the dominance of men in many of the events I write about.


The proliferation of relatively cheap music production software, as well as the ease of distributing music through online platforms, should represent a democratisation of music-making. The days of requiring large amounts of expensive analogue equipment and access to studios to produce an album are long gone. With even the most rudimentary studio set up, it is now possible…

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NEWS – Dreamtime Collection Releases

Magnetic Wind

I’ve put together an album, rereleasing some of the tracks I love that I feel are perfect for an album that helps put you to sleep.  I’m calling it the Dreamtime Collection.  On it you’ll find tracks like Asleep Next to You, Entering the Shell and Falling.  While it could be argued that most of my music could put you to sleep, these tracks have been put together with that purpose in mind.  The plan is to have several editions of the Dreamtime Collection, volumes, that include new material.  This is the new project.  Dreamtime Collection.  We’ll see how many volumes we come up with.  Enjoy!


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NEWS – YSWN / Knowledge sharing ideas

Source: Knowledge sharing ideas

Do you have an idea for a workshop that you could deliver to YSWN members? Or is there a workshop that you’d love to sign up for and join in with if it was offered?

We value and promote mentoring and knowledge sharing.

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REBLOG – Fractured Air 46: Moon Ate the Dark ‘Moon Over Blood Mountain’

Courtesy to Fractured Air for the reblog and suggest you listen to Moon Ate the Dark, who I have featured previously on Feminatronic. Great playlist : ))


Moon Ate the Dark is the neoclassical-infused drone collaborative project between Welsh pianist Anna Rose Carter and Canadian producer Christopher Brett Bailey. The London-based artists’ two full-length releases – 2012’s self-titled debut and this year’s highly-anticipated follow-up (‘Moon Ate The Dark II’), both released on the prestigious Berlin-based imprint Sonic Pieces – forges a deeply affecting experience for the heart and mind: the rich, dense textures of Bailey’s production is masterfully interwoven with Carter’s stunningly beautiful piano-based compositions.


Fractured Air 46: Moon Ate the Dark “Moon Over Blood Mountain”

To listen on Mixcloud:


01. Emily Hall ‘Scream’ [Bedroom Community]
02. Laurie Spiegel ‘Drums’ [Philo, Unseen Worlds]
03. Jenny Hval ‘Blood Fight’ [Rune Grammofon]
04. Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind ‘Rocky Mountains’ [Warner Bros.]
05. Ikue Mori ‘Musashi Plain Moon’ [Tzadik]
06. Joanna Newsom ‘The Book of Right On’ [Drag City]
07. Eliane Radigue ‘Kyema’ (excerpt) [Experimental Intermedia Foundation]

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Today is Feminatronics’ second Birthday and I decided to put together a short and sweet playlist as a celebration.

This week I will be looking back at some of the posts and artists who I first highlighted and will be saying a few thanks to people who have been gracious in letting me reblog articles and reviews.


So in light of the review from Pondewaywayway, here are a couple of tracks from Imogen Heap