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This week end is Sound Reveil 2021, a 24 hr broadcast tracking sunrise around the earth with live audio feeds from streamers around the world at daybreak, so today’s ambience reflects this with what I can say is one of my all time favourite field recording releases…

Soundscapes of spring
by Izabela Dłużyk

experimental, birdsong, field recording, nature

Various closeup recordings of blackbirds, mistle thrushes, golden orioles and many others are joined by natural ambiences of endangered Bialowieza primeval forest, Siemianowka lake or Biebrza marshes.

“As I am blind since birth, I have always been particularly sensitive to sounds. When I was a child, I became interested in bird voices, which soon led me to discover nature recording. I started with a noisy, hissing tape recorder, but what treasures those recordings seemed to me at that time! Now, sixteen years later, I am still following my passion, but with a fully professional equipment. Through recording the natural world, I try to capture its beauty, its subtle music, its gentle voice. I try to understand its mystery: the mystery of life – this indescribable treasure we share with all the creatures, the mystery of fleeting moments, of sadness and hope brought by changing seasons… It is through observing nature that I have received perhaps the greatest lessons regarding the meaning of life in general and the meaning of my own life. Through my recordings, I hope to share with you some glimpses of wisdom and beauty of the natural world.” – Izabela Dłużyk


This is one way to try and shine some light on the many many female identifying artists past and present, in case you were wondering : )

Stay Gold
by Neon Bunny

future pop, chill, electro, electropop, indie, kpop, synthpop

Early Morning§tar WerQ
by ‡Starving Poet§

electronic, experimental, noise, psychedelic, sound art

This Is Fine
by Belisha Beacon

experimental, tech, house, algorave, algorithmic, drone, electronic music, improv, ixi lang, live coding, livecoding, minimal, minimal techno, sound art, techno

Music For Candy Shops LP
by Poly C

electronic, ambient, beats, dance, electronica, house

Discovery (Experimental Ambient)
by Magnetic Wind

ambient, drift, ethereal, meditation, meditative, new age, space

Photogenic EP
by Ryo Utasato

world, ambient, electronic, electronica, ethnic, ethnic fusion


Eclectic as ever…

MNQ 120 Doris Norton – Personal Computer LP

Electronic, cold wave, ebm, electro, minimal, synth techno

The Role of Purity EP (Mundus001)
by Sapphire Slows


Louis and Bebe Barron – Forbidden Planet
Original motion picture soundtrack 1956

Eclipse by Pril Smiley

by Analog Tara

Electronic, ambient, dance, dub, electro, electronic jazz, house, supercollider, techno

Iceberg the Drift
by Christine Webster

Experimental, darkambiant, drone, electroacoustic, minimalist, modular

REBLOG – RARO 13: Ale Hop (Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America) — female:pressure

Source: RARO 13: Ale Hop (Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America)

RARO 13: Ale Hop (Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America) — female:pressure

Full details here, which I will be exploring more in future weeks –

‘Female Pioneers of Electronic and Electroacoustic Music in Latin America’, with pieces from the twentieth century (mainly 60s-80s)’

Beatriz Ferreyra – Echos (1978)
Hilda Dianda – Después del silencio (1976)
Jacqueline Nova – Creación de la tierra (1972)
Jocy de Oliveira – Wave Song (1981)
Oksana Linde – Mariposas acuáticas (1985)
Vânia Dantas Leite – L’Indien et L’Ovni (1986)
Nelly Moretto – Composición 9b (1966)
Marlene Migliari Fernandes – Espectros Cromáticos (1967)
Graciela Paraskevaídis – Algún sonido de la vida (1993)
Graciela Castillo – Y así era (1982)
Olga Pozzi Escot – Three Poems of Rilke (1959)
Alicia Urreta – Dameros I (1984)

REBLOG – Yuko Araki ~ End of Trilogy — a closer listen

Sunday reading and one of the best overviews of Yuko Araki’s work –

End Of Trilogy
by Yuko Araki

dark ambient, electronics, noise, noizu

It is common to read about the mind-obliterating qualities of noise and its negative paths towards selfless meditation, but there is another undercurrent in its stark associations with bodily harm and the possibility to access some sort of outside within: a psychic reality that does not flow into oneness, but that violently multiplies every time […]

Yuko Araki ~ End of Trilogy — a closer listen


Spirit Trance
by Constance Demby

Ambient, healing, contemplative, electronic, meditation, space, space music, synthesizer, trance


It’s been a bit of a strange week…but here’s an eclectic collection of releases to bring balm to the ear –

Five Cadences
by Sarah Davachi

Experimental, ambient, drone, electroacoustic, minimal, neo-classical, tape

by Sofie Birch

Ambient, downtempo, electronic, experimental, synthwave, analog, avant-garde, instrumental, lofi, soundscapes, synthesizer, tape

Spellbound! (mode199)
by Lydia Kavina


Feminoise Uruguay
by Feminoise Uruguay

Electronic, experimental, electroacoustic, soundscape

Women in Electronic Music – 1977
by Laurie Anderson, Ruth Anderson, Johanna M. Beyer, Annea Lockwood, Megan Roberts

1970s, 1977, electronic, synthesizer


A Quietus Interview
Earth, Wind And Fire: An Interview With Annea Lockwood

Jennifer Lucy Allan talks to the New Zealand born composer about love letters on quarter-inch tape, piano gardens and doll shops, and the physical effects of sound upon our bodies

7704A – Tiger Balm
by Annea Lockwood

Experimental, chants, folk, meditation, traditional

REBLOG – Else Marie Pade – Electronic Works 1958-1995 — Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Else Marie PadeTitle: Electronic Works 1958-1995Keywords: electronic, avant garde, experimental Else Marie Pade brings us on a journey through her electronic works made in 1858 to 1995. I guess we could ask uncle Google to spot out more information about this artist, but let’s be an alternative in the information age and just be […]

Else Marie Pade – Electronic Works 1958-1995 — Yeah I Know It Sucks

As usual a different take on the works of Else Marie Pade but this is one of the best descriptions of her music…

Dangling on the fine line of enjoyment and captivating interest. Things ploink and plink like smooth lines of water drips with enough sparkles to widen up your iris. Things play like electronic breaths that give life to the silence, that shovel around the furniture of vibrating sounds with great expense, leaving you in a state of mind that is equally reached when listening to the soundtrack of a strange movie in which you feel disoriented and yet firmly at home.“…


and finally…

Constance Demby –

It’s with sadness that I write that one of my long term heroines has died. Constance Demby was an important pioneer of electronic New Age and Spacemusic, a composer, multi instrumentalist and instrument builder.