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Jessica Tucker (1989, USA), aka FETTER, is an Amsterdam-based multimedia artist, musician, and producer. With her intimate and layered vocal/electronic music, together with her surreal and playfully strange animation videos and poetry, Tucker’s work expresses a kind of optimistic melancholy. In her recent installation work she deals with themes such as narcissism, insecurity, and the concept of ‘maintaining potential.’ In the past Tucker has also explored through sound, video, installation, and performance, topics such as the paradoxical simultaneity of presence and absence in distanced forms of self-expression, the vulnerability and power of the voice, and the human tendency to conceptualize ‘self’ in terms of abstract spatial relations. 

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Wanted for some time to post something about Fetter aka Jessica Tucker and now I can thanks to Yeah I Know it Sucks. Try to visit her site as it has much of her creative sound, video and installation work on it.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: FETTER
title: FETTER (The Ego Album)
keywords: electronic, experimental, floating, singer-songwriter, tripping, melodic, amsterdam

Jessica Tucker produced, composed, played and sang for you to create a very ear pleasing lovely album under her moniker named ‘Fetter’. It starts very pretty with a melody and all-round sound full of love, warmth and it really works as a lovely welcome. You automatically feel at home and slipped off your shoes at the front door even without someone asking for it.

Settled in a comfortable comfort ‘Fetter’ continues to impress with a well balanced dreamy mixture of trip rhythm and her vocal mixed through each-other to form a clone of Jessica Tuckers to create the perfect glow to tuck yourself away in.

From here it’s time to do something in return, and it’s kind of our task to provide Fetter with what she is singing about in her next song. ‘Feed my…

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