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REVIEW REBLOG – Ars Sonor and the Reviews of Caffeinate

Great overview again of a very eclectic artist.

REBLOG – Watch: Julianna Barwick – ‘Nebula’ — Notes On Sounds

Image: Derrick Belcham Fans of atmospheric ambient music rejoice! Queen of all things epic Julianna Barwick is back with a new album, Will, which is out soon and it can’t come too soon after the release of her last LP Nepenthe. As most fans of Barwick will know, she spends much of her time touring […]

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Some of you may know that I like a bit of noise but it has to be creative and have atmosphere and timbre. This is the brand new release from Puce Mary and it has all of this. See what you think. Also below is a short review from Heathen Harvest that sums it up really well.


On The Spiral, Puce Mary’s third LP for Danish underground titans Posh Isolation, Frederikke Hoffmeier fine-tunes her craftsmanship without forsaking her trademark unrest or perversity

Courtesy to Heathen Harvest

REVIEW REBLOG – Voice – Sculpting Sound with Maja S. K. Ratkje (a Film)

Voice – Sculpting Sound with Maja S. K. Ratkje is a feature documentary by IJ. Biermann and Kai Miedendorp, which tracks the life of Maja S. K. Ratkje—improvisational vocalist, sound artist and composer—between 2010 and 2014….

Courtesy to Dalston Sound for the reblog and  the great collection of reviews regarding Maja S.K.Ratkje recently.


_____on Sound


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ARTICLE REBLOG – SP 010: Christina Vantzou

This is everything you ever wanted to know about Christina Vantzou and then some. Recommended long read.

a closer listen

whale card

Sound Propositions is an ongoing, semi-regular series of conversations with artists exploring their creative practices and individual aesthetics, conceived of as a counter-narrative to a dominant trend in music journalism which fetishizes equipment and new technologies. Rather than writing copy that can just as easily have come from a press release or a catalog, this series tries to take the emphasis away from the ‘what’ and shine light on the ‘how’ and ‘why.’ You can find the previous nine interviews, as well as additional articles and features, here.

It’s a feeling not a learning/
it’s a knowing and believing

Christina Vantzou released her debut solo record No. 1 on the august Kranky label, just a few months before we launched  ACL in early 2012, and we’ve followed her career carefully since. Though we knew her as one-half of the audio-visual duo The Dead Texan (alongside Adam Wiltzie), we were…

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International Womens Day 2016

Parity pledge 500



Eclectic Electronic Soundscapes for International Womens Day 2016
Just skimming the surface of creativity. A starting point.
Artists are –
Beatriz Ferreyra, Doris Norton, Cosi Fanni Tutti, Lucrecia Dalt, AGF / Tujiko Noriko, Pia Palme / Eliane Radigue, Wendy Carlos, Ikue Mori / Maja S.K.Ratkje, Sarah Davachi, Iris Garrelfs, Adina Izarra, Joan La Barbara, Annette Peacock, Lena Platonos, JLin / Holly Herndon, Pharmakon / SEEMING, Elysia Crampton, Marie Davidson, People Like Us, voicesoundtext.

Also here are a couple of playlists that you may enjoy –

ARTICLE REBLOG – yoko ono’s first musical work – a grapefruit in the world of park (1961) – original hand typed script

Always interested to read different slants on artists and their work and this is a good example…thoughtful piece.

The Hum Blog

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 16.14.54

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REVIEW REBLOG -Björk: Biophilia

Lovely long and in-depth read courtesy of ECM Reviews.

Between Sound and Space: ECM Records and Beyond

The 2004 Summer Olympiad was an unprecedented event for its host city of Athens. Under the motto “Welcome Home,” 10,625 athletes representing 201 nations competed in 28 distinct sports: a veritable sea of bodies representing the human form at its finest. All the more appropriate that, following the Parade of Nations, Björk should fill the stadium with her anthem, “Oceania”—a homecoming of a different sort, concerning currents more powerful than all those bodies combined. “You have done good for yourselves since you left my wet embrace and crawled ashore,” she sang, Mother Nature presiding over her children before they ran, leapt, and tumbled their way through hundreds of demanding events. Here, conspicuous yet perhaps unnoticed, was the deeper origin story of the games: somewhere within, at the mitochondrial level, proliferated feats of prowess that we could only dream of replicating without. As Björk stood rooted, her dress unfurled to cover…

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REBLOG – Part 2 Radio Survivor Interview

Magz Hall

We’re happy to return to the second part of our interview with radio scholar and radio artist Magz Hall. In the first part of the interview, Hall detailed the many ways in which we can understand radio, in both a contemporary and historical context, through the lens of radio art. She introduced us to a number of fascinating projects that she has been involved with and discussed the connection between her practice and community radio broadcasting.

In this second half, Hall picks up on these themes and takes us into the future by explaining how she imagines alternative trajectories for FM broadcasting. She ends our interview by pointing to some of the projects she is currently working on, including one which calls attention to the important environmental aspect of radio.

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REBLOG – An Interview with Dani Mari of Female Frequency

Two great Organisations well worth checking out and supporting : ))