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Mirum Mulier

If you are a lover of IDM, Ambient, Glitch, Dark Ambient, Experimental, Modern Classical , even if you are not, give this a listen.

REVIEW REBLOG – Mirum Mulier – Metaphysical Spectra

So here is another great find courtesy of Yeah I Know it Sucks and Mirum Mulier is Todays Discovery.

Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Mirum Mulier
title: Metaphysical Spectra
keywords: ambient, IDM,
label: GV Sound

Just because we came back with commercial shit,
I thought it is nice to also have something to celebrate with a free downloadable thing. A freely downloadable release by Mirum Mulier named ‘Metaphysical Spectra’. It contains 7 tracks and a cover that fits the uprising of the rainbows that we have seen spiraling out of control on social media. Rainbows here, rainbows there but no leprechaun or pots of gold to be seen… Let’s get to the pointless point and tell you a bit about what to expect when hearing this album…

Think something slippery like an jellyfish or perhaps a drill pudding that shivers itself forward over a wet, but still  a bit dirty professional  kitchen floor, and add some weirdo humble mumble singing in the background and you’ll probably get something similar as what ‘Ancient…

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