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An Album a Day pt1

For the past couple of years I’m Gary (@noyokono) on twitter has a challenge for February – MWE
“Music Writer Exercise: Each day in February, listen to 1 full album you’ve never heard, from start to finish. Write one tweet about it. #MWE
Ok, I’m no writer but I did this last year and I’ attempting it again and here are the first 6 –

#MWE 1 – Sundrowned – Lykanthea and Savage Sister
Dreamlike vocals that drift – Recommend headphones

#MWE2 – Moons of Pluto – Maria G
Resonant minimalist electroacoustic combining classical, jazz and electronic experimentalism.

#MWE 3 – About a Girl – Blessa

Lo fi, low key sparse experimentation from Blessa

#MWE 4 – Ten Love Songs by Susanne Sundfor

Anthemic, melodic, danceable with a classical tinge –

MWE # 5 –
Estórias para Voz, Instrumentos Acústicos e Eletrônicos” (Fermata Indústria Fonográfica, (1981) by Jocy de Oliveira

A mystical touch of Noh

MWE #6 – Aquator System by Eva Geist

Quirky, fun and filled with ideas, combining old and new





I thought it might be an idea to highlight a collection of tracks available to listen, download and buy, by female electronic artists. Music Box is just like a box of chocolates – varied and sometimes not to everyone’s taste but overall, demonstrating the eclectic nature of music creation. Dive in and sonically eat more than one…