Review Reblog – Stag Hare – Velvet And Bone — Yeah I Know It Sucks

Artist: Stag Hare title: Velvet And Bone keywords: ambient drone electronic faery fantasy folk love magic pop psychedelic storytelling Oakland label: Inner Islands Stag Hare knows how to massage our ears with a buildup that even the most painful stiffest muscle cannot resist to become flexible with. With smooth ambiance the hearing receptors are […]

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Great to see this new project – Stag Hare – has been picked up. When I first heard this album, recommended by Sean Conrad of Inner Islands records, I was blown away by the sound, partly New Age and also what some term Now Age. It was so good to my ears , I made it my Album of the Week – 8/11//16 and was also going to be a Todays Discovery but pleased to post this YIKIS review instead.