Review Reblog -Izabela Dłużyk ~ Soundscapes of summer

As you all know I have a great love for the synthesized sound and electronics but NOTHING compares to the sonic beauty of the real world and to more than prove the point, this release is exquisite.
Even without her personal backstory, this is a field recording album that is surely the top of my list and is a beautiful record of a day in Summer that we can all appreciate.

a closer listen

Soundscapes of summerThis is perhaps the sweetest story we’ve heard all summer, and it arrives as the season is starting to slip away.  It’s the story of a young woman born blind who falls in love with the sounds around her, begins to record them, and pursues her childhood dream.

Under these conditions, Izabela Dłużyk‘s physical challenge becomes her gift.  She has an extraordinary ear for unique and startling sounds, which makes her an excellent field recordist.  Her writing also shows great sensitivity, and provides readers with an entry point as she describes “the mystery of fleeting moments, of sadness and hope brought by changing seasons”.  The sounds on this album were recorded this summer in Polish forests, but as the flocks prepare to migrate, the sonic field has already begun to change.  Given the date of release, it’s impossible to avoid comparisons to the human experience, as we trade the soundtrack…

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